Friday, December 14, 2012

fickle friend friday : happy 100th

Happy 100th Post, Peas & Queues!

Can you believe it?

100 posts! 

I'm a writing machine. 

It has been a wonderful experience since last May 2011 when I learned that I would indeed be moving to Los Angeles. I wrote maybe once a week. The text was rarely justified. Run-on sentences were abundant. I changed my blog template several times a month-- each time a new color and background when you popped in for a read.

I was working 6 different jobs and living on a couch in West Hollywood. My name was sometimes Natasha and I helped people solve their payday loan debt. I was in a sketch comedy group. There was my first trip to San Francisco. My random job writing for a relationship advice website. I went to Sharks games with Rachel. Worked the SAG Awards. Became an Über at Camp Bravo.

Living. Being happy. Being sad. Or full of cookies. Cuddling. Trying and trying more. Living in Los Angeles. This blog has been through it all!

This is when I say something sappy like, "Here's to 100 more" or "Happy 100th to you too, readers". Or something like that.

But, really. Thanks for all the love. 


Oh the nostalgia! Oh the sweet, sweet nostalgia!

Time for some Fickle Friday fun in Peas & Queues celebration.

Breaking Bad doughnuts. Let's have a BB party. After the holidays though, obviously. 

My sister just recently discovered the joys of Etsy. She's always been a late internet bloomer. For example, when I was out in Boston a couple of weeks ago, my sister saw me on Instagram on my phone, making a little caption for the photo I was posting. We were having dinner at a local pizza place. 

Hey Jens, are you going to 'pound' pizza?
Are you going to 'pound' pizza? (holds her two fingers up on each hand, crosses them into a 'pound' sign) You know, 'pound'! Like on twitter!
Jamie... that is what we call a hashtag. Welcome to 2012.
Ohhhh, sister.

Anyways, she's been adventuring around Etsy nonstop recently and sent me a link to this.

And she was serious. Let's get this straight. I love my cat. But I am not a crazy cat lady. Frasier does not need a yoga mat. He's a cat. 

Silly sister. This is also the sister who made a scarf for Frasier for Christmas one year. Maybe she's the crazy cat lady!

It says "Bizco" on it, which is Spanish for cross-eyed. Thanks, Auntie Jamie.

In unrelated internet news, I got an email this morning that Tammy Curry is now following me on Pinterest. If you're a fan of Drop Dead Gorgeous you can imagine how shocked I was.

I'm glad she's feeling well.

Here's my favorite tumblr site of the week: Kanye Wes---  a delightful combination of Wes Anderson screenshots and Kanye West lyrics.

You get the idea. Frankly, I think it's genius.

Watch this video. Some dancers at DuPage College decided to flash mob in order to pump people up for an upcoming pep rally. But that's not the good part. Watch the man in the gray shirt on the right-- he joins in!! Like, "Oh, I guess life has become a musical! I better adapt!" He's my hero.

I have two songs that I am completely obsessed with this week:

The first is Closer by Tegan and Sara. I have listened to this song on repeat for the last several days. It's. So. Dreamy.

The second is Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz. Viewer discretion advised! There's some naughty words in this song. 

Let it also be known that The Mindy Project is my favorite new television show. I watched the latest episode twice this week. So good.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. Watch two episodes. Mindy Kaling is brilliant.


It's almost happy hour time here at the office.

Then I'm driving to Tucson tonight for a little Christmas weekend with family! I have to work on the 26th of December so I'm making up for it now. Looks like I'll get into Tucson at about 2am... woof. Wish me luck! And cheetohs!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. To be honest I have had a difficult day today, dealing with the tragedy in Connecticut. I debated not posting today, as it's even hard for me to be at work let alone  be cheerful on my blog. But I don't want to let people like that win. So. I hope you had a bit of a smile or two. It's redundant, but love the ones you love.

Happy 100th, Peas & Queues! Thanks for being my little writing home.

Kisses kisses kisses,


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