Thursday, December 6, 2012

boston part deux

Happy Thursday everyone! You've almost made it past the silliness of the week!

I already can't wait for the weekend.

I had a silly/kind-of-awesome morning. Without going into detail, it was regarding all of those orange and blue hues I alluded to before (no, I didn't have Kraft mac 'n cheese today. I did twice this week but that's beside the point).

Weird mornings aside, let's get back to Boston and pretend like I'm still there.

Where did I leave off? Ah yes. We were just on our way to the Cape for the weekend...

Jamie and Paul have a ZipCar membership-- which really came in handy. The public transportation in Boston is great but when you want to escape the city for a little while, a car is a necessary luxury. With their ZipCar membership they can go online, reserve a ZipCar which are parked around various spots in the city, and hit the road. We piled in with our big coats and made the short little drive to the beautiful waterside.

The Mayflower! Well, no. It's not the actual Mayflower. But it looks like the Mayflower. Maybe. They think. This might look like the Mayflower. Yeah no, I'm not paying $18 admission.
But look at that view!

Mom working the Babushka look. With Jamie and the Mayflower Big Colonial Boat.
Look Plymouth Rock! Big whoop! I mean... big rock!
Yes, I might have some pilgrim bones to pick. The Mayflower and Plymouth Rock were... interesting. I think as Americans we have enough cool history that we don't need to enhance these places and items to make us feel important. The Mayflower is gone. It was an old boat-- that's okay! And this rock was deemed Plymouth Rock by a 90-year-old man in one of the first churches in Boston. But. He wasn't even alive when the pilgrims came. So... I guess it makes a good story?

Right near this guy was a small little rock to commemorate the genocide of millions of Native Americans. Behind that? A thirty foot pillar to honor the one hundred pilgrims that died on the Mayflower.

Offered without comment.

Onward! We had a quick thanksgiving sandwich in the cold before continuing our trek. Here's a map of the cape so you can see our path:

We stayed at the Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich which was just delightful. We stopped there, wandered around the town, visited the glass museum (which was about 40% more interesting than it sounds), and stopped by a yummy local diner for a Food Network recommended snack: stuffed quahog!

This also tastes about 40% more delicious than it looks. YUM. Quahog is a type of hard shell clam. 
I don't eat shellfish. Mom always says, 'Don't ever eat nothin' that can carry its house around with it. Who knows the last time it's been cleaned'.
- Amber Atkins, Drop Dead Gorgeous

Let it be known that while I might not love seafood, I love seafood on the east coast. Like, for real. Every bite I had of anything was beyond delicious. Lobster bisque, chowder after chowder, lobster rolls, mmm! Good thing we were walking all day long or else I'd look like that quahog. (...lumpy? Eh.)

After dinner we headed to Sandwich's Festival of Lights-- which was a true Christmas treat. 

Obviously it's hard to capture the holiday spirit of Christmas lights. But it was so festive! There was also a s'mores fire pit, an old car exhibit, a gingerbread contest, and a carousel!

There were a couple sad moments during the trip. This is the first time ever that I will be celebrating Christmas without my sister. She'll be in Virginia with Paul's family-- which will be so fun! He has a big family that already adores her. But... it's still sad. Especially when I love Christmas and my sister as much as I do. It's okay though. We already have plans to open presents together on Christmas morning via skype. It just means that I'll be a little lonely in my Christmas pajamas-- keeping up my diet of coffee, sugar cookies, and fudge all day.

The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and ruined mom's pictures at Dan'l Webster Inn before hitting the road towards Provincetown--- I mean--- P-town. (That's how the cool people say it)

Mom's such a cute poser. Look at her range.

Cape Cod was incredibly quiet. Apparently it's usually bustling with boat loving locals and tourists stuffing themselves with fancy lobster. We got to enjoy the chilly last day of the season-- most of the restaurants were closing until the spring!

Should have taken this photo before we demolished the meal...
Mom, me, and cleaning lady at the beach.

Lobster-cage Christmas tree! Classy.

We stopped into a couple of shops and looked for an open ice cream shop (ha!) before heading back to Boston.

Most of our evenings ended with popcorn on the stove and Christmas movies. Yes, even after large quantities of food. Paul said several times, "It's like having three of you (Jamie)!" That's what you get with Wise women: food, laughs, and cuddling.

...We sound awesome.

Being so similar we also oftentimes coincidentally match. 
Our last day in Boston was perhaps my favorite.

We started at a little cafe called Southend Buttery.

I found Southend several months ago on a blog I frequent called The Everygirl. If you're a twenty-something sassy 'business' lady, check this site out. They cover strong female professionals in all industries, restaurant suggestions, gift guides, you name it. I passed along the link to my sister, she stopped by and loved it, and it's been on my to-do list ever since. 

Then I took this picture... and tweeted it.

...and the Everygirl retweeted...

...and totally made my day. It's like if you read the New York Times every single day and then they posted a picture of you on page 6. Yeah... kind of like that. 

Very exciting. Even more exciting was that I got to meet up with my dear friend Leigh, too!

My brave friend Leigh moved to Boston about three months ago and is living the dream. Teaching writing to high school students and being free and awesome. I'm lucky to have a friend like her.

Leigh had cupcakes and treats with us before walking us to...

Sam Adams Brewery!

(Have I mentioned I love breweries?) 

We all drank way too much, which I suppose is kind of their point. Then we got on a party trolley and headed to the Boston bar-- DOYLE'S. 

You can see the trolley driver at the bottom, forming a fist and saying DOYLE'S. That's delicious Brick Red beer on the right--- only poured in Boston! Yum!

We had nachos and more beer-- just so we could take a free glass home with us!

Then the Twitter fun continued. 

For someone who is pretty lacksadaiscal about Twitter, I got way too much of a kick out of tweeting with Samuel Adams Beer. Clearly.

We wandered back through Boston, stopping by little landmarks and enjoying the brisk Bostonian air.

Then we cuddled up on the couch with The Grinch before calling it a night. 

And then, just like that-- we were headed back to Los Angeles!

Bye little Boston! You are delightful and homey. Thanks for taking care of my sister. And Paul, too. Until next time! Thanks for all the hospitality J & P!


The Boston tales come to an end. Phew! 

I'm watching the Raiders/Broncos score at work right now and it ain't pretty. Boo. This day is OVER.

Hopefully I get home soon. I have fajitas to make.

Hope everyone's December is off to a warm and toasty start!



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