Wednesday, December 5, 2012

first everythings

Good afternoon, loyal blog readers!

It's day two of free lunches for Jenny and I am way too excited about it. Ah... the joys of production meetings!  Things are busy around our office-- conference calls, show rundowns, and twinkle lights galore. I love coming into work. The recent office switch also shaved ten minutes off my morning commute-- which is nothing short of a Los Angeles Christmas miracle.

Last night I left work a couple minutes early to see Mason sing with his class! Unfortunately there was a mix up with times... and I missed his performance. Boo. Luckily Jason had recorded all of his delightful five-year-old singing expressions on his phone for us to watch together, as well as a little private performance of one of his songs! But never fear, the fam is coming over this weekend to catch up on Christmas spirit, make cookies and you know, snuggle and stuff.


As promised, a Boston post!

Ahh... Boston. The city of first everythings. Or so they like to think. The first churches, first universities, first clam chowder, first this, first that. It seems like every sign says "You're welcome, world. Boston does it again!"

In fact, it was my first time in Boston!-- and what a week it was. I love going to new cities and experiencing it through the eyes of a local. Even better when that local is your sweet sister and her accommodating boyfriend!

Lovable scamps.
Paul and Jamie were the most generous Thanksgiving hosts. Paul was understandably nervous about having my mom and I there for the week considering... we've never met him. We all got along swimmingly though and he certainly has my sister stamp of approval. Don't blow it, Paul.

Just kidding.

Then we arrived...

Jamie and Paul's little house in Somerville! (Right outside of Boston)
And started venturing!

This is by far my favorite photo from the trip. Not planned. Just Jamie being Neo.

This is legitimate awkward laughter above. I wanted to touch John Harvard's foot for good luck... and so did about twenty Japanese tourist businessmen. I waited for so long to take this picture. Every time I would step forward another man would cut me off. It went on forever. By the time I finally got up on the block, the businessmen started paparazzi-ing and laughing at me. For too long. It was weird. And hilarious. Mostly weird though. 

We spent the first day walking around Harvard, popping into little shops and drinking coffees to keep our LA-time-zone-brains awake. Then Paul got off of work, we had some awkward welcome hugs, and headed out for pizza and candlepin bowling!

Little mini bowling balls! All bowling should be like this. So much fun.
I'm sure Boston was the first to candlepin bowl...
Mums and sisters and a little side of chin.
And then... Thanksgiving was upon us! We started the morning with obligatory parade watching, booing all the lipsynching, and eating yummy swedish pancakes made by my portuguese mother.

And Harpoon IPAs, cheese, and snackies by Jamie! Yum.

Then the cooking began! Stuffing to start... complete with linguica-- the very best sausage Portugal has to offer. Probably. I've never been there so how would I know. But it is especially delicious!

I really wanted to be on turkey duty this year and my wishes came true. Little did I know it would be kind of sad... Poor little bird.

I got over it though.

Halfway through, when we had to check the temperature of the little turkeylady, my mom thought something was wrong. 

"Where's the breast?" she kept saying. 

And then I would try and play a turkey for her so she could visualize the breast location.

"It's not here... where's the breast?! I don't know where to put the thermometer!"
This is an actual action shot.

This went on for a while. It was ridiculous. We made fun of her for hours.

Until we realized that I had put the turkey in upside down. 

Courtesy of Johnny's mad photoshop skills. Seriously, how funny is this.
Well, do YOU know how to put a turkey in a roast pan?

Stop that. No you don't.

I assumed that turkeys wanted to lie on their stomachs while they're roasted. It's just seems more natural. Apparently Thanksgiving turkeys like basking in the oven glow on their backs. Apparently.

This is just silly.
Upside down turkey aside, dinner was a success!

The food was aplenty and the company was great.

Yes I realize this is the worst picture ever. Jamie set up her phone camera timer on a small side table.
You know, so you can visualize what the bottom of the table looked like. Sheesh.
That's one of Jamie and Paul's roommates-- Matt, on the left.

After we stuffed our faces with delicious things, we headed out into the chilly Boston air for a walk around the block. Here I am in Jamie's infamous sleeping bag jacket. I couldn't wait to get in this thing. 

But careful... once you sleeping bag jacket it's hard to stop.

Cozy. And attractive to boot!


The next day we hit the freedom trail bright and early.

The Freedom Trail is a winding path led by red bricks or red paint (as pictured) through Bostonian landmarks. It's a must-do tourist activity. All you need is your feet and a mom who's obsessed with walking tours.

Look. She's so pleased with herself.

We saw all sorts of sights...

iPhone's are a beautiful thing.

The funny thing about Boston is that the city has been built up around all of the history. Like... right underneath it. 

In this photo I'm taking a picture of where the Boston Massacre took place. And guess what the bottom of this building does now? It's a subway station. Yup. Right underneath the building. Commuters and homeless people and reckless visitors literally walk through it's little brick walls all day. Really Boston? What's the deal?! Poor colonial history.

After all that walking we stopped and had the most delicious clam chowder I've ever had, then headed straight to Harpoon brewery for my first beer tour! 

Why. Why have I not been to a brewery yet. It's all I want to do. My mind almost exploded when I found out brewery tours are free. What. 

Harpoon makes the most delicious beer I've ever tasted. Shh-- don't tell Sam Adams or it might ruin our Twitter relationship (more on that later...).

Here's a pictorial representation of why Jamie and Paul are a good fit for each other.

Not planned. Weirdos.

The rest of the evening was spent wandering around the city, eating the most delicious cannolis in the world and splitting hearty pasta dishes in the North End. We worked up an appetite with all the freedom walking! And free drinking!

And looking cute!


Woof. That was a lot of Boston. And that was only three days worth. Hmm.... You know, I'm not feeling especially interesting this week. Maybe I'll really milk this Boston trip for blog purpose's sake. 

Sure, why not.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Boston fun!

Many first kisses-- the best kind! (No not first first kisses. Those are weird). 


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