Thursday, December 20, 2012

tebow & baby jesus

Merry Thursday, blog elves.

My goodness! It's already the 20th of December. Time flies when you have EVERYTHING TO DO. It's too bad December isn't two months long-- I could use the extra time to check more things off my Santa-long-list. 

For example-- 
  • I wrote all of my holiday cards in the beginning of December. I put them in the mail yesterday. Just in time for everyone to be out of town. 
  • I bought a gingerbread house kit. It's sitting in its box. Looking 'festive' in the corner of my kitchen. 
  • I have not made a single square of fudge. This is Jenny-Christmas-blasphemy.

I realize all of these things are just for fun-- but there's so much I want to accomplish! I'm working through these perfectionist impulses. (More on that tomorrow for Fickle Friend Friday).

I was up late last night celebrating Nikolai's birthday at the King's Head in Studio City!

Here's the one extra terrible photo I took during pub trivia. Nikolai was called up (only because it was his birthday, let's be real) to answer the final round! One-by-one, they each had to say a capital of a country and then a porn star. He did well the first round (because we whispered to him, BEIJING, SASHA GRAY), and then he was on his own for the second-- in which he said "LOS ANGELES"...which is not even the capital of California... And nothing else. He's a champ! And I love him. Happy birthday, friend!

Ashley, Daniel, and I feigning conversation.

After a couple hours at the bar catching up with my dearest friends, I headed home to whip up a batch of muddy buddies for work. They were a HIT. I was surprised that so many people at work had never had them! My boss indulged in about eight pieces, closed up his goodie bag, and offered me a raise. I wish the world worked like this.

Muddy buddies for everyone!

We had a big fancy holiday party at the office yesterday-- complete with a homemade taco crew, BINGO, and a table of glorious prizes. I love these people.

I won the giant version of this:

Yum! I'm very excited about this especially because Ashley and I are throwing a New Year's Eve party at our new apartment! Pear flavored fancy drinks for everyone!

A New Year's Eve party means I need to get things together in my place. New artwork, maybe, I don't know-- PUTTING MY BED TOGETHER, that kind of stuff. Luckily my dearest friend Aaron is going to be staying with me for almost a week starting the 28th. I can't wait. He'll be on best friend duty and helping-Jenny-do-stuff duty. Hope he's ready. 

This holiday season seems to be quite different in general for everyone. Like I mentioned before, this is my first Christmas without my sister. She'll be in Virginia with Paul and his family. I packed all of their presents up tight and got them there nice and early for them to enjoy. Paul has been complaining though-- I picked lots of sparkly wrapping paper this year and apparently the glitter is all over him, especially in his beard. Sounds like a magical elf to me! (But really, why is there present glitter in your beard, Paul?)

Anyways, Jamie's having crab cakes for Christmas dinner, Alison is on a cruise in the Caribbean, and Spencer is enjoying summer in New Zealand. Little Jenny on the other hand will be in Torrance, California, celebrating with eighteen other family and friends at my sister-in-law's English parents house! How fun! We're having a big English roast and playing a present-swapping game. I love my family-- and different traditions. It's refreshing. 

It will just be me and my precious mama on Christmas morning, in our fancy pajamas-- noshing on some hashbrown quiche and homemade cinnamon rolls. So... I'll be sending lots of long-distance love to all of you on your exotic holiday vacations!

Luckily I got to stop by Tucson this past weekend to see my Gram, Uncle Jack, and Dad to celebrate Christmas early!

Stormy Tucson sky. Ahh home!

I left work at 6:00pm Friday night, grabbed my mum, fought our way through Los Angeles traffic, and drove into Tucson at 4:30am. Woof. A nine-hour drive! ...and losing an hour didn't help, either. But this did:

Slow clap for Tucson.

Saturday morning I headed right over to my dad's for a day of festivities! Trimming the tree, Christmas movies, etc!

Those. U. of. A. Games.
Was that real life?

Uncle Jack and the fancy turkey!

A full holiday dinner! How sweet!

We're really serious about cookie decorating.

My little cookies. 

I spent the later part of Saturday eating Dairy Queen blizzards with Alison and her friend Megan and-- what else?-- falling asleep on the couch. I was exhausted! And really, put on a movie and slap me on a couch and there is no way I'm staying awake. (I meant put me on a couch, not physically slap me. Just to clarify).

Sunday morning Al and I met Connie, Brent, and my mom for breakfast at my favorite Tucson stop-- A Great Location. (Yes that's its' real name. It's actually a terrible location but that's beside the point). We then headed home to make cookies. Cookies, cookies, and more cookies. Delish!

Chocolate crinkles!

Buckeyes and Russian Teacakes!

Al Pal and I then went to her very bizarre work party where I got to meet all of her wonderful friends. Then-- it was straight to Winterhaven, of course! 

Winterhaven is a neighborhood in Tucson that goes all out during Christmastime. In fact, the homeowners sign contracts that outline their participation in holiday decor. True story. It's a perfect way to spend a winter evening-- hot chocolate, wandering around the neighborhoods looking at all of the creative lights and decorations!

Me, Al Pal, Megan, and Connie.

Santa and I love those Wildcats.

The creative lawn displays are my favorite.
These ones are on the Naughty side of the lawn: Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, and General Petraeus sans pants.

Tebow was on the Nice side of the lawn with BABY JESUS TO HIS RIGHT. It was a little extreme.  

Monday morning we stopped for breakfast at Le Buzz, went to the movie theatre and literally only bought popcorn, shopped around a bit at my favorite Tucson shops, grabbed an Eegee to-go-- then we hit the road! Short but sweet trip-- and totally worth it!

I always think Tucson is so close until I have to make the drive. It's tiring! Especially when your mom is navigating. I kid, I kid. But really.

My Grandma Bernie is in town this week! My mom and her have been very busy and out on the town! I've been getting the photo texts to prove it. Here's my favorite:

Grandma Bernie, Scabbers, and Thomas. 

Look at Thomas' face. He is the funniest. Cats run in my genes!

I actually have to wrap things up and head home. I'm having the silly ladies over for dinner tonight! (Ahem. Pizza.)

Thanks for sticking around through that lengthy post. That's what happens when I get sick and don't write. Oy!

Have a lovely evening and be excited that about 40% of you only have one more day of work before a 4-day-weekend. That's nice.

Lots of love to you all, no matter where you are!


Jen Michele

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