Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Wineday

[Okay. So I actually wrote this post last night. And before I got a chance to post it, I fell asleep. Cat and computer in lap. Hot mess. I thought I would post it in its raw organic form though, as it might be amusing. Enjoy!]

I just poured myself a glass of wine. A big glass of wine. I'm sitting in my apartment, on a Friday night, by myself, and I have opened a bottle of Chardonnay. If that doesn't sound like the beginning of a romantic comedy then I don't know what does. And then there's me: hair all over the place, lounging in sweats sans bra, listening to the Strokes, Weezer, and the Shins. I am Bridget Jones in the flesh. I'm just asking for a fantastical, romantic, comedic storyline. I'm sure it all sounds far more kitschy and cool than it looks right now. Cause right now it looks kinda pathetic.

I am exhausted.

I cannot even express to you how happy I am that it is Friday. Really. I've only had a good twenty hours of sleep in the last four days and I am pooped. It's been a good week-- I've been busy and I've been happy. But by golly Friday could not have come sooner.

I just got back from babysitting little baby Julia. We had a blast-- I taught her a dance to Beyonce's new song "Love on Top" (which I am completely obsessed with right now), we watched Ni-Hao Kai-lan and learned how to say "balloon" in Chinese, we cuddled in a blanket on the floor and pretended a big bad wolf was coming to get us, and even shared some apple slices. Such a lovely evening. Until bath time came... then the party was over. Poor little Julia was so overtired and I tried everything. After many tears, Cinderella readings, and rocking her while singing "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson over and over and over, she calmed down. Just in time for Lorelei to come home. Here I was, the baby-whisperer, back at square one. It was a sad way to end our happy evening. Especially because I had been looking forward to it so much! Well, you can't win 'em all. Look how sweet:


I worked my butt off at SOS this week. Here's a little secret I'll let you all in on: working in an office is dumb. No one does anything, and if they find out that you actually accomplish things when you're on the time clock, chances are they will not do their job and then give it to you. Luckily I am only going to be at this job for another month. I am kind of sad about it though. I really love Sarah and Danielle. They make it worth going to work everyday.

We got a new guy this week, too. Allow me to describe him: roughly 65 years old, balding, narrow eagle-like face, warm smile, dressed in black from head to toe including a tucked in shirt, black Skechers, and RED socks. Red socks. Everyday. Without fail. He also has two tattoos on either arm: one of an atom, and another of a cartoon English bulldog. He has a booming voice. The kind that makes your brain completely stop, especially when you're in the middle of leaving a message on someone's machine about consolidating their payday loans.

He's the kind of guy who is so nice and wants to be so helpful but you can't help but be completely annoyed with him the whole time. He talked to Katie yesterday for about an hour about existentialism and the Big Bang Theory. Ahem, during work. Apparently he has a book that's about to be published and it's going to "change the world".

Righttttt. Squid pro ro.

He also says "DEPOSIT ONLY" a million times. Our customers have to close out their bank account in order to secure it from their payday loan lenders, and sometimes it helps to make it DEPOSIT ONLY until they can get a new account. Usually I say this once. But once doesn't cut it for Red Socks. He has to say it MULTIPLE times in a loud, slow, pronounced voice. It drives Sarah and I crazy.

Hey guys, remember that time I wrote a blog post while drinking wine? That was a bad choice.

SOS gets more and more ridiculous everyday. Yesterday we had a skype conference with other sales agents in other cities. (There's only five of us total). I get a ridiculous amount of paperwork out everyday. Everyone knows it. And my boss turns to me, during the conference and says "Yeah, we've had a really good week. She... uhh.... (staring at me blankly)... SHE got twelve enrollments out yesterday."

Didn't know my name. There was no way I was going to give it to him.

Story of my life. You're welcome sir. I get here at 7 am everyday, get paid next to nothing, and make you a ton of business. And you don't know my name. Not even my fake caller name. Natasha and I were deeply offended. ONE. MONTH. MORE.

Luckily I have some seriously great friends. Jimmy and I have had opposite schedules recently. He's been working the night shifts at American Apparel as they're getting ready for their huge Halloween extravaganza. I left the apartment yesterday at 6:40 am... as he was walking up the stairs. It was ridiculous. Neither of us should have been coming or going to work when it was as dark and cold as it was. But we have both decided that life just kind of sucks right now. I'm coming to terms with it. And when I say sucks I am referring to the amount of time and effort I put into things and the compensation and happiness I get out of it. Not much. But MAN am I building character. That's what my twenty-second year is for, right?

One thing I am very excited about....

My first ever article was published!

It's a big deal for me. It was so bizarre writing it. I had to remind myself: "Okay, this isn't for school... and this isn't for you... you're writing this... for... people to read..."

I had free reign to write and explore. All I had to do was write about one red flag that can come up in relationships. Of course I could list a million, but I struggled to find a topic to start with. I finally settled on clichés, the bain of my romantic existence. I love creativity and I am so turned off by guys who continue to follow traditions because they can't think of anything else. It was so much fun to work on. I'm a real writer! I write things and people read them! And another thing I realized... I'm an adult writer. I can write about adult content because I am indeed, an adult. Weird.

Here's a link to the article!

You'll be surprised to know that I did NOT pick that cat picture on the post. My choice was replaced with that. Which takes away the legitimacy of my article just a tad...? Oh well.

I have been spending a lot of time with Jackie and Rachel this week. Jackie and I went to 24 Hour Fitness for a boot camp class the other day followed by dinner at her house. Lovely. Rachel and I also had a great night on Thursday--- conversation and dinner at Chevy's, visiting Sports Chalet to see if they had Sharks gear, thrift store shopping for Halloween costumes, then eating some It's-Its at my house. They're the most amazing ice cream sandwiches: vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies, dipped in dark chocolate. It's ridiculous.

Rachel graduates from USC in December and is then moving to New York! I don't know what I am going to do without her. She's going to live in her family's huge home in New Jersey... by herself. Just 25 minutes from the city. Yes. I have thought about the possibility of moving there, too. It's still in the beginnings of thought so don't freak out. I'm simply thinking about how AMAZING that would be to live in/near NYC for part of my life. JUST thinking. But what an opportunity... and you all know how I feel about LA...

I'm so lucky to have good friends. They keep me so grounded. I can't tell you how much I value a good friend.

In other news: our gas has been turned off. It's a mystery as to why. We don't know why and the company doesn't know either. All they know is that they can't come out until THURSDAY to turn it back on. All I know is I can't make popcorn on the stove and I can't take a warm bath. If that's not a reason to go directly to bed I don't know what is. Oh, maybe too much wine, too.

I feel like so much of this has been negative. Here are some of my favorite things right now:

- Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee
- Thrift store finds
- Homemade Halloween costumes and Frasier's hilarious costume... wait for it...
- Getting Sharks tickets in the mail
- The new Beyoncé "Love on Top" video and song:
- Planning for the San Francisco half marathon in April
- My Hocus Pocus DVD that I ordered should be here any day...

There. That makes me feel better.

I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and it not be a weekday. I am going to go to yoga, work on my Halloween costume (which --prepare yourself-- is very silly), clean my apartment, order things on Amazon (my most recent and dangerous obsession), hang out with Jimmy and Rachel, read, write, and SLEEP. No work. None at all. Just me, relaxing. In a very cold bath.

Sounds like heaven. Let me know if anyone wants to join me. Not in the bath. Just in happy life.


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