Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hear me roar


Today's a good day. I woke up, went to the gym, came home, made coffee, cleaned the bathroom and litterbox, mopped the kitchen, curled my hair... and got to work by 9:30. I am woman, here me roar! Helen Reddy would be proud.

I can say goodbye to mornings like these now that SAG Awards are back in town.

You guys know the drill, I can't talk much about how things work here...

But what I can say is I'm absolutely thrilled the season is on. Our office is packed with bright happy people that feel like family now, we have delicious meals to keep our tummy grumbles away while working, and show details are coming together.

The bad news...

1) I never have any clean clothes. The only time I remember to do my laundry is when I'm getting changed in the morning and have no clean pants to wear

2) Long hours. In the last two days I've already worked twenty-two hours. All happy though-- but still! Woof!

3) Free time? Yeah, no. That means writing time, too.

4) Delicious food aplenty and no time for exercise can be a rude combination for the waistline. But never fear, I'm navigating things a little better than last year. (i.e. Just say no to Krispy Kreme's... everyday. And bring home leftovers for hungry roommate)

The good news...

1) Fun office parties and fantastic co-workers.

2) Getting done with work late at night means minimal traffic. I get home in thirty minutes instead of fifty-five. Winning.

3) I get to work the SAG Awards.

4) I get to work the SAG Awards.

Of course things are very different now that I have a new position at the company. If I had my job from last year I would have stayed four hours longer last night. So. Things are good! 

Unfortunately I wanted to share more about my weekend, but I have been completely swamped today. Hopefully I can fill you in later this week. BUT! Tune in tomorrow morning to TBS/TNT at... 5:50am PST. Okay. Well maybe just DVR it then. Taye Diggs and Busy Phillips be announcing the nominations for the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards! Exciting stuff, huh?

Yes... that means I am arriving at the theatre at 4:00am. I am woman.

Lots of love...


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