Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hello, december

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

You'll have to forgive me for my writing absence over the last two weeks. My life has been full of to-do's. Car registration, moving, cleaning up the old apartment in order to get my bleeping deposit back, Christmas shopping and wrapping and sending--- and settling from a very leisurely week in Boston. But more on that later!

Life has been all sorts of good lately. In particular, there is a new shiny possibility in my life that promises to be every shade of awesome! Hint: particularly blue and orange. (No, I'm not getting traded to the Broncos.) Send happy thoughts my way this week-- I need 'em. I'm antsy in my rolly chair just thinking about it.

More on that later, too. 

But now... the time has come... December is upon us and I am on the last month of 'my year'. 

Last December, on my flight to San Francisco for New Years, I sat next to a very sweet couple who were also from Arizona. We chatted about their plans and they asked me about myself. We talked and talked until the plane landed, and they even waited for me to get my bag and help me onto the AirBART. As the bus pulled up the woman took me by the hands, looked me in the eyes and said, "Jenny. This is going to be your year. I can feel it. It's yours." Then they hugged me, smiled their crinkly positive smiles, grabbed their backpacks and headed in the other direction towards Oakland.

I know. It sounds like the start of a Hallmark Christmas movie. But they were such intriguing people that I couldn't help but feel like they were right. Maybe they were Jenny angels. Or maybe they were just your average Arizonans vacationing in beautiful downtown Oakland.  Hm...

Angels or not, I took what they said to heart. And they were right-- I have had an amazing year! Adventures and romance, trials and tears, opportunities and comforts, creating and traveling and moving and going. And now... December. The last month of my year. 


That's a lot of pressure. And kind of depressing. Don't blow it, Jenny.

Last month or not-- it's happening. And it's going to be as happy and food-filled and awkward as possible! Yup.


Ashley and I are finally settling into our apartment. Everything's almost together... except my bed. My bed frame is still unassembled and I have no idea how to put it back together again. (...sounds like I'm reading from Mother Goose). I'm looking forward to not sleeping on the ground and the joys of under-bed storage someday. As soon as I round up those pesky man friends of mine and coax them with sweet goodies.

Humpty Dumpty bed frame aside, the apartment is pretty adorable. It's Christmastime all over the place! We raided the dollar store on Sunday and totally scored.

I even snagged a six foot Christmas tree for $20 at Target! The first (gasp!) fake tree I've ever had. I'm pretty sure my mom had a Christmas aneurism when I told her. I'm not saying I want a fake tree forever. But realistically-- $20 would only buy me a two foot real Charlie Brown tree that the baby kitten would certainly demolish, my busy working self would have to water and clean up after, and despite my recent purchase of renters' insurance-- is a sure fire-hazard. That's just too many variables for my 23-year-old self to handle. I'm happy buying a scented candle and asking for tree scraps from the local tree lot fo' free

See? Adorable. And yes, those are cat stockings. Sequined cat stockings.
Last night we watched Bridget Jones' Diary (yes, it's a Christmas movie in my book-- and Ashley had never seen it!) and made homemade sugar cookies. Mm!

They're Christmas neon and Christmas delicious. Yes, that's a gingerbread house kit in the background.
Go big or go home, guys.
We're planning a little Holiday party this weekend, too! 

Alright-- I've got to run. I'm headed to see little Mason sing Christmas carols with his class. Little kids singing in concerts might be one of the great joys in life. Fingers crossed for some nose-picking or angry faces. 

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! I'll catch you all up tomorrow on my Boston trip-- which was-- amazing. I took about 4,000 pictures so watch out.



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