Wednesday, February 20, 2013

twinkle twinkle little star

Greetings from a very busy Jenny!

I am currently hard at work, eating a kids meal bean burrito from the fancy vegan place down the street and fixing the button on my peacoat. I'm going to New York City in the morning and one must have a button on one's peacoat if one plans on being warm. My clothes are roughly packed at home-- laid out in little piles on my bed. I am questioning my shoe choices at this time... relatively new boots and converse. Well-- if those boots aren't broken in now they sure will be at the end of my six walking days in the Big Apple. I apologize for my lack of writing. I've been pressed for time balancing everything that needs to be taken care of before I leave!

That and I had the most traumatic Saturday... ever. 


The most traumatic Saturday... ever

I made it out alive though. In true Jenny fashion, I have already blocked most of the unpleasant day from my memory. I'm good at that-- maybe too good at that. But it was bad. The day, which started out pretty casual--- escalated. Quickly.

I drove my car over to my friendly mechanic, only to find out that the heater core did crack (see! I told you!) and would cost about $800 to fix. Woof. I've been thinking about upgrading my car for a while, so I thought that taking a looksie around town before fixing it might be a good move. My car isn't worth all that much as it is and putting in that amount is a big commitment. So I called up my mother and we decided to take a look at a few places.

The first stop was a pre-owned Toyota dealership, where the manager (who looked as if he had never left the confines of the small asphalt parking lot in the last twenty-five years) suggested that we take a look at the President's Weekend Sale--
$134 on the 134! 

The dealership was right off the 134 and was promoting a lease on a 2013 Corolla for $134 a month. Whoa. Crazy, right? My mother and I-- who are the kind of people who pay for a car in cash and drive it until it's on the edge of self-implosion-- are usually wary of leases. Pay them money--- every month-- and then at the end you still don't have a car? Doesn't really make sense.

But then again... I'm not sure where I'm going to be in three years. I might not need a car. And a brand new car obviously sounds great. For $134 they had my interest. Even if it was a sedan.

Noted. Time to keep browsing. We headed to KIA to test drive the Soul.

Eh. Not that great of a drive and they put all of the focus on making it look cool. The comfort wasn't there. Not interested. (But of course that hasn't stopped them from calling me once a day and leaving weird messages on my phone).

We were hungry. Drove home, walked into the house. And then.

Poor little Thomas the cat had gone to kitty heaven.

This was not a surprise. He had been slowing down for the past few months and was laying very low the days leading up to it. I had said my impossibly difficult goodbyes and tried to make my peace. He didn't want to go, either. He was fighting all the way to the end, trying to lift his little kitty head and trying to meow when he heard his name. It was heart-wrenching.

I have known Thomasina since he was born in my closet when I was five years old. We thought for the first several months that he was a girl, hence the name Thomasina-- after one of my mother's favorite films, The Three Lives of Thomasina. Then one day as I was playing with him, holding him high above my head, we realized this fluffy little kitten was most certainly a boy. Thomas it was.

I don't remember a time without Thomas. If you knew him, you know he was an incessant meower. All the time-- when he was hungry, cranky, wanted you to pet him, while you were petting him. Noisy and adorable. He'd come running the moment you called him and if you took chicken out of the refrigerator, he could smell it in less than ten seconds. He was a super-cat.

Here's a video of me and Thomas singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-- recorded by my dear friend Laura. I was hardly a month into my freshman year of college. Eeks... six years ago... This video is a classic.

Precious, yes? 

I love this kitty and I am going to miss him everyday. Till later, little Thomasina. I will always sing "Frère Jacques" with your name in it instead. 

My mother and I took him to the vet, as we don't have a big yard to bury him like we did back in Tucson. That made us sad, too. We were sad and still hungry. So naturally we went to Tony's Darts Away and split a sausage and grilled brussel sprouts and told Thomas stories.

If all of that wasn't draining enough-- we continued car shopping, for some reason.

We made an incredibly awkward stop at Honda to hear their deals. They wanted us to jaywalk across the street, in a bad part of North Hollywood, to look at cars in their dark warehouse.  "Well... uh we're in the middle of building a bridge over there..."

Yeah, no-- you crazies. So we left and went right back to Toyota. Where we spent the next six hours.

I test drove the 2012 and 2013 Corollas. That was wonderful-- smooth drive, luxurious seats, a moonroof, auxiliary outlet... car heaven. Then I came back and we talked details. This is where my blocked memory comes in and I only remember things in large block generalizations.

We talked. I liked the car. I was unsure about leasing. They talked me into it. I was totally car-sales-men-d. And double-teamed. I was pressured. They tried to coax me with fresh popcorn. It worked. They printed out a number that was not $134. I got angry. They lowered it, told me it was a good deal. It probably was. I was going to trade in my little Jimmy and put down some money. Started to look like an okay deal. Signed off on numbers. Agreed to bring in diploma and pay stubs the next day. Went into financial room. Burst into tears. Tried to keep it together but way too stressful and scared. Listened as they suggested five different kinds of insurance that is recommended for leased cars. I really needed all of them. Price went up to almost $300 a month. Tried not to throw up. Shook hands, walked out, got in car. Drove home. Crumpled on couch.

I was a mess. I had developed three canker sores over the course of the evening and I was emotionally exhausted. As soon as I laid down on the couch I realized I couldn't do it-- and luckily-- I didn't sign anything substantial.  I called them in the morning and that was the end of it. Looks like I'll be fine not using the heater in the 'ol Jimmy after all. Brrr... in this cold LA weather...

The truth is-- I live in a town where fancy cars are the status quo and spending two hours a day in your vehicle is quite normal. I have been wooed by the fact that seemingly everyone else is paying to drive in comfort here. I, however, have decided that I will not succumb to LA appearances and I shall not spend so much of my income on a fancy car. My money is best-spent on adventures and trips and delicious hamburgers, not car payments. Car payments are so five years from now. 


And now, if you'll excuse me, I will happily go spend my money in New York City.

I can't believe I'm leaving so soon! This means that I won't be writing for a while. I get back on Wednesday and will have to play some catch up at work. I hope that I can at least post some pictures from my iPad while I'm there. We'll see...

Have a wonderful weekend. Send me happy warm thoughts!

And now-- because I just can't resist...

Lots of kisses,


Friday, February 15, 2013

fickle friend friday : sickly sweet smell

Happpy Friday! Though it is FFF today... I do have some updates and stories. So a few of those first...

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's yesterday.

After getting home at a very late hour, Ashley and I walked to Pinnochio's to get some delicious pasta for dinner. Belinda and Sarah came over with a big bouquet of flowers and cheesecake to add to the party. Though we had at first thought that it was going to be a pajamas and movie kind of a night, it turned into a very ladylike conversational dinner party. The stories were abundant and hilarious. A perfect Valentine's evening.

Yum! Photo courtesy of Belinda.

I also made romantic blondies yesterday, too. 

To be honest, by the end of the day my happy positive energy was waning a bit. After long hours at work and sitting in traffic and staying bubbly and optimistic all day-- I was exhausted and wanted to lead the troops to the pity party. Ah, but that is part of life, yes? I did feel mopey for a bit. But then friends and wine were in front of me and all was restored. Take that! I do love Valentines and I don't care who knows it. 

Remember that Budweiser event I told you about on Wednesday? Well it happened.

Ahem. Let's pretend this is where FFF starts...

Budweiser's new Black Crown Label. Surprisingly delicious.

....very random party. Weird celebrities from the early 2000s milling about and raffling off Gibson guitars.
No-- we didn't win. So close.

I was awkwardly dressed like Daria for the event because BEAU didn't tell me it was party attire.
At least I had on heels.

The time has come for me to get a new car.

Yup. My car is officially possessed and my left leg has been clutching up and down the Hollywood Hills for too long. It's time for a reliable, automatic car with some personality and an auxiliary cable. Recently my car started to smoke from the inside with a terrible sickly sweet smell. After some research (see: Google) I have determined that it is something to do with the heater... cortex... or something like that. It's not that dangerous. Hopefully. I'm taking it in tomorrow morning! Okay?

Check out what it does to my window...

No-- that's not steam. Yes, the windows were rolled down all the way. That is a film that builds up from the smoky fumes. I have to wipe it down every time I stop-- and it smears all over the place. It's terrible. Not safe at all-- and the smell is horrible. Hopefully I'll look at some new cars soon...

Here are some of my ideas. I realize I am simply not a sedan girl and never will be-- but small SUVs are semi-ridiculous for my lifestyle right now. Small crossovers with personality it is! (Note that I am not getting brand new ones and not necessarily white...)

Little baby Fiat. 40 mpg. Might be too small. Might not protect me against anything. But boy, ain't it cute?

Scion xA. Small but still has four doors.

...If I could somehow find it in myself to forget those freaking hamsters... the KIA Soul might be an option.
If is the operable word here. It's pretty awesome inside and affordable... minus the Party Rock rodents.

A little more expensive but the Honda Fit is a great little car. Oo la la!

We'll see. I am not a fan of car payments but that might be my only option. But on the bright side NEW CAR. Woo!

If you missed President Obama's state of the union like I did-- this article from my favorite website The Everygirl has a great summary. Check it out.

My new favorite instagram of the week is from Ayasakai. You know-- just a sweet little Asian toddler and his adorable French bulldog. Being friends.

Dangerously cute.

My new favorite song of the week is Awkward from Australian band San Cisco. It's no misnomer-- it truly is awkward.

DANG IT. I've been saving this valentine for a month or so now. Great. Day late. Real cool, Jenny.

Ah! We're leaving the office early! Hallelujah. Off I go....

Lots of happy thoughts to all of you. Thanks for reading.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

i love you just the way i am

Happy Valentines, friends!

I hope that you are cuddled up next to someone/some pet/some pasta. And if you're not-- I hope you're not being dramatic and ruining the good vibes for everyone. Eat some chocolate, give yourself a hug, and enjoy some internet valentines from yours truly. 

There, that's better.

I've had a rather busy day at work. We're still settling in and doing a bit of spring cleaning around the office. I also had the unfortunate task today of finding myself new car insurance. Hmph. I had to register my car in California and now my Arizona coverage doesn't fly. (no, not surprised). I know you must know this... but... car insurance is expensive. Really expensive. You don't really realize until you sit down and plug those numbers into the little internet boxes... and then bam! Just when I thought I was a fancy grown-up lady-- along comes car insurance to bring me back down to earth. As I once said to my dear friend Alex, "Adulthood is like a bitchslap to the face. It hurts".

Oh well, it could be worse. I have a job and a fancy purse, I really can't complain.

Alright, I'm off! Belinda and Sarah are coming over tonight to enjoy some fresh ravioli and fettucini a mi casa. The plan is to watch some Flight of the Conchords in our pajamas. Yup, not dramatic at all.

Sending you lots of love. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's and see you tomorrow for Fickle Friend Friday!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

treat yourself

I'm back in my Westwood office and life feels so good

That means that the SAG Awards season is officially over. Womp womp. Back to normal production life for now-- setting meetings, working out presentation details, making sure everything runs smoothly. It's quiet in here. No more busy faces running by and saying hi-- just me and my little orchids and bulletin board. Chillin'.

I can't tell you how refreshing it feels though! I've been thinking all week that I need a vacation and the Universe has answered in its' own simple way. I have some unpacking and readjusting to do-- not to mention an episode of GIRLS to catch up on. That, writing, and I just finished a steamy bowl of artichoke soup from Bristol Farms down the block:

Like I said, life is good. 

And really-- all this boohoo-ing about needing a vacation. I keep forgetting my NYC trip is next week. I leave Thursday! Time flies when you're acting like you're not having any fun. But I am. And I'll prove it! With photos!

I bought this Robert Meyer print months ago for my apartment. I stumbled across the Saturday Evening Post illustration that was a part of their "Leading Ladies" series-- and loved it. The colors, the energy, the little quote in the bottom left hand box:

"I'm not going to wait for you any longer, Maxine," John said. "I want to get married. I'm going to find another girl".

You're better off without him, Maxine. He's a bossy square.

I ordered it, skipped what I thought was an outrageously priced framing offer, and decided to frame the 40x40 print myself. 

No dice. The paper is too special and the size requires a skilled hand to frame it. Even my poster-happy friend Jeremy couldn't do it. Every place I took it asked for $300-450 to do the job. Woof. 

During Aaron's visit in December I mentioned my sad little rolled up print in the corner of the room. He, being a very fancy and connected photographer, offered to take it back to Arizona because he 'had a guy' who could do the job. And he did! Aaron sent me this picture of the completed piece-- with custom everything-- for just $150. He said it would have cost $700-800 if he wasn't 'his guy'. Awesome. Can't wait to hang it up in the apartment! 

This past weekend I also treated myself-- majorly. I hopped on over to Kate Spade to buy a little something I've had my eye on...

Look, guys. I'm usually more of a "just wait till it goes on sale" girl. But man I've been working hard! I deserve a regularly priced item every now and then. I put my Awards weekend paycheck to good use and just got the darned thing! And I love it.

I felt like a real grown-up woman. Until I was like, "Oh wait, can you please take a picture of me?" merited a photo.

After blowing all my money responsibly shopping a bit I met up with Johnny to celebrate his birthday! We went to the Counter in Hollywood and got some seriously huge hamburgers.

I also bought Johnny a beer float, which was officially the weirdest thing I have ever tasted. Bleh. I would recommend not getting the darkest beer on the menu-- doesn't mix well with the ice cream. But he loved it-- which I guess is what matters? Sure, birthday boy.

Johnny's car purchased with his Oh Sit! winnings. He's a smart guy.

Sunday was family day. I went over to my mom's bright and early for pancakes and bacon with Jason, Emma and the kids. YUM! It was chilly and overcast but we hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market all the same.

I didn't even re-organize any of this for the photo.
Filipino Classics on Keyboard was just sitting there... asking for me to get all hipstagram.

Hop on Pop!

I love my family! We had a lovely day searching through the deals, holding hands and drinking horchata. This flea market is seriously great. I highly recommend it if you're in the LA area. Great antiques and new items, yummy food, and famous faces. (our recent spottings include Natalie Portman and a one Mr. Dan Aykroyd). 

I also made the poor decision of ordering two (count 'em, two!) jackets online in the past two weeks. With my trip coming up next week--- and being trapped inside all day long during normal sunshine hours--- and slim heavy coat pickings in Los Angeles, I was nervous about finding a warm coat in time. My first purchase was a much too thin trench coat from an online English store. Returned. Then I ordered this little number:

I look like Macklemore. Though I would be rather comfortable on the plane-- a built-in neck pillow! And safe to boot-- my own airbag wherever I go!

No. Returning after work. I guess it will just be me and my ol' faithful peacoat and layers. Come at me, 30 degree weather. Who needs a big fancy jacket when you have Rachel and Book of Mormon seats to keep you warm? 

Tonight Beau and I are headed to a Budweiser... party... in Beverly Hills. Yes, odd. He works in talent management and a PR company he works with closely invited him to attend the evening. Not really sure what to expect-- they are heavily promoting their Black Crown label after their Super Bowl release so it's most likely about that. Ahem, I'll make sure to report back.

Okay-- back to work.

And it's good to be back. 



Friday, February 8, 2013

fickle friend friday : foux du fafa

It's Friday and I'm feeling good. My outfit is kind of questionable today but my hair is clean. Project Runway was on last night, the PA's just loaded my car with four crates of leftover FIJI water from the show, and this weekend is going to be bananas.

On the schedule (tentatively):

Zumba. Cleaning house. Lemon bars. Johnny's birthday (feat. obligatory laser tag). Rose Bowl Flea Market. Movies. And popcorn. 

This is going to be good.

Yes, this is my new favorite gif. Get used to it.

Friends! It's time for Fickle Friend Friday! My favorite! Foux Du Fafa!


What I'm listening to this week: Alicia Key's album, Girl on Fire. Particularly Listen To Your Heart. I've been listening to this song on repeat in my car. A perfect chill driving song but a real challenge to my car's bass. I end up sounding unintentionally and rather uncomfortably gangster. Yolo, guys.

If I could be photographed by Annie Leibovitz, I would die happy. I'd probably just give up then and there.

Cate Blachett for Vogue.

I had a very special moment this last week-- the kind every woman waits to have. I found the perfect red lipstick. For me. You know how I know? It doesn't bleed down my face like a clown and I actually got compliments on it. Several, in fact. I'm really figuring this life thing out.

L'Oreal Wet Shine Stain in Endless Red, like whoa.
This came in my People swag bag from the Awards' Gala.

This breakfast nook overlooking a cityscape... bananas.

When I'm done moving around and settle into a city-- I will get an English Bulldog. Until that time, FFF is a good outlet. I think it's appropriate to expect more of these kinds of photos from me.

This wedding photo. Trés Mèliés, no?

(And just because I can't resist, here's A Trip to the Moon if you've never seen it!)

Kate Spade's instagram has been teasing followers with their Fall line for New York Fashion Week. These flats are perfect for a NYC excursion. (Well maybe not my February trip. Obviously not very weather appropriate at the moment...)

Favorite words of wisdom:

...and on that note--
watch as I de-clutter my apartment this weekend!

This next animation is a must-watch. A very creative love story just in time for V-Day! This short was featured before Wreck It Ralph in theaters-- which you need to see if you haven't. Go fullscreen and turn up the volume with reckless abandon. It's good. (I am also so proud to say that I know one of the animators from Bang. He's just as cool as you would think.) 

I'm picking up some deep-dish pizza tonight from Hollywood Pies! Their Yelp page is blowing up so I'm hoping for the best. They claim to taste just like Chicago... but I'll be the judge of that. 

Hope you have something warm and cheesy to look forward to tonight, too. Yup. 

Happy weekend!