Friday, December 21, 2012

fickle friend friday : thank you world

I am so happy that the world didn't end.

I never thought that anything was going to happen, but still. I'm glad it didn't. I remember thinking about the year 2012 when I was a freshman high school, watching a History Channel special on the Mayan calendar with my dad. 

I remember thinking, "Hm. Well by then I'll be so old! I'll have graduated from college and obviously married. And probably have a baby or something. That seems fair." Then I shrugged my shoulders, dug into my bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and headed to my room to watch Degrassi.

First of all -- what a cool disappointment I must be for my 14-year-old self. Secondly, my life has been unfolding in the most lovely way and I'm ever so glad that today's deadline has been extended for me. Thank you world.


Let's get all Fickle Friendly up in this place.

Last night Ashley and I exchanged Christmas presents before she headed home to Las Vegas. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my roommate?

We're adorable. And freezing. The heater in our apartment is currently on the fritz and we're waiting for it to get fixed. In the mean time I literally have three comforters on my bed and Frasier sleeps under the covers with me. I'm about this close to making him into a little Tauntaun hat. 

I kid.

...That was pretty nerdy of me. 

I have a confession. A really bad one. But I feel like in the interest of being honest with my readers, you should know.

I might like Green Day.

I know.

I realize I have missed the boat by about twelve years. I have NEVER been a Green Day fan until now. I remember the dumb boys in middle school rocking out to Green Day songs and I would think they were, well, dumb. I couldn't stand "Time of Your Life". I would hear "Twenty-One Guns" or "When September Ends" and violently jab at the radio to change the station while mumbling over it so I wouldn't hear those familiar guitar pangs.

And then I saw American Idiot at the Ahmanson Theatre in March for a student tour I was leading. I was so annoyed that the class selected that musical. And I walked out of that theatre a changed woman. An embarrassed, but changed woman. 

Now it's just time to come clean about it all. My name is Jenny and I am a closet Green Day fan. And when "Let Yourself Go" comes on the radio, I silently shriek and turn it up.

Go ahead, judge me. I would.

Belinda is the best friend ever and got me little notecards from my favorite paper company, (am I for real?) Rifle Paper Co.! Look how pretty. I love Christmas!

If you guys are anything like me (which I'm guessing you're not. You probably don't like Green Day) then you should check out this New York Times article about the Avalanche at Tunnel Creek.

It is a poignant and moving story about sixteen skiers who were unfortunately a part of a terrible avalanche. The article also has some pretty cool java features as you're scrolling, too. Check it out. It's a tough read but super interesting and lets you take a peek into the world of back country skiing.

Awkward 80s video of the week: Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl"

Bless Billy Joel's heart. That dancing! There's a reason he sits down to play piano. It's scary/adorably funny.

Reclaimed wood flooring. I'm drooling. So earthy and warm (and good for the environment, too!) This is also perfect for covering those pesky scuffs you get from, you know, living with wood floors. Consider this on my dream house checklist.

I shall leave you with one of my favorite Christmas songs ever, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings" by The Barenaked Ladies featuring Sarah McLachlan. It's just so good.

This weekend is probably going to be kind of nuts for you, huh? That's okay. Eat some fudge. That always gives me perspective. 



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