Friday, August 26, 2011


Welp. Living the dream.

Working full time, sticking it to the man. Wait... I guess I'm the man now. I'm pretty darn lucky I was at the right place at the right time! Though the thought of working 40 hours a week is far from glamorous, it is incredibly necessary for me right now.

I showed up yesterday and was pretty much hired on the spot after a short discussion. Though the one woman I work with (who looks a bit like and sounds A LOT like Roseanne), during the 'interview' turned to my friend Katie and said, "She's too sweet. Too nice." To which Katie replied, "She's an actress, she can rough it up a bit".

Uh. What?

Let's discuss.

First of all, my feathers get ruffled when people say I'm too 'nice'. The sassy side of me (which makes up a good 70%) feels completely unappreciated. Back in college (isn't THAT a hilarious statement) I overheard a guy who I was interested in mention to someone that I "didn't have a sassy bone in my body". Well, wasn't he misinformed. Obviously that didn't work out. Also, when people think I'm sweet it apparently gives them an irrational sense of status and authority over me. Which I soon quash with my quick wit and serious know-how.

Secondly, take a look at what I'm doing. I follow up with people who have multiple payday loan debts. They're exhausted, frustrated, and embarrassed. The last thing they need is for someone to be rough with them. I think they could use a little sympathetic voice on the other end of the line to make them feel like they're being taken care of. Right?

I like this job enough to get me through an 8 hour workday. Everyone is super nice and welcoming, not to mention we're actually helping people out of some pretty crappy financial situations. I also have my own workspace which is incredibly thrilling. I have always wanted my own little office desk and computer to put post-it notes all over.

Check it:

How official! A coffee cup, legal pad, and a plum. But wait. The best part?

I got to pick my own name!

The cat's out of the bag, folks. When you talk to people on the phone when you need help, they're not actually using their real names. (...I'm just now realizing that probably all of you already knew that... right... squid pro ro...) Obviously I was completely giddy when I found out I could have an alias. But then I noticed everyone around me had super boring names. Mary--Carol--Janet... Bleh.

So I chose...


Right? Awesome. We all call each other by our fake names in the office, too. Not to be cheeky but just so things are less confusing when we have to reference each other on calls, etc. Not everyone is wild about my name though. Roseanne-Carol said that it made me sound like a sexy Russian. Then she paused. Stared at me blankly. Then threw her head back in laughter and swiveled her chair back to her desk.

Laugh it up. My name is Natasha and I don't take crap from anyone! Just like Beyoncé has her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, as soon as I put on my little headset I'm Natasha and I rise above those who underestimate and judge and those who fraudulently charge 40-50% on payday loan debt consolidation.

Oh look, I just found some buttons I can get if people decide I'm their favorite sales person:

And this one will work if I ever get fired for being too feisty:

Perfect. I'm set.

The office has about 20 people working whenever the heck they feel like it, pretty much. For example, one woman who is in my little office area just decided not to come in yesterday. Simple as that. No need to call in, no need to ask for time off if you're going to be out of town in three weeks. Awesome. Just what I need. Most of the people who work here are performers of some sort or have other part time jobs, so people come and go and work whatever hours they can.

I'm all about flexibility in my schedule right now. I'm still waiting to hear about my applications with HBO, etc. so it's going to be perfect when I need to go on interviews. Of course I still put a lot of time into Bang and LUSH, too. And now I can take time off and no one really cares. Which is super amazingly awesome, because guess what? I'm going to San Fran!

Jimmy and I just bought plane tickets yesterday evening and we are incredibly excited. I decided late Wednesday night that I would browse through Orbitz and this beautiful miracle kind of fell in my lap. Basically $130 bucks roundtrip to fly right into San Francisco-- which is pretty amazing because I usually have to go into Oakland and BART it over to the city. YES. My poor little car is happy it doesn't have to make the drive, too. I was worried that my poor little Jimmy (my car is also a Jimmy... oh the confusion) would have a rough time on the hills, since its a manual. Phew. Only two more weekends and I'll be in San Francisco! Which should make these 40 hour work weeks go by faster... or slower... who knows?

Nikolai and I are currently preparing for a night out on the town. Which basically consists of him and I grabbing some Mexican food and crashing at David and Artur's-- he's housesitting. And of course using the hot tub. Darla and her brother may come, too!

I literally just uploaded this picture. Nikolai just got done with a very successful job interview. Look how classy. He got a little dramatic when I told him I was taking his picture. That and he is super hungry and wants to leave AT THIS MOMENT. Rude. If there are any errors in this entry it's all Nikolai's fault.

Alright. We're off to grab some margaritas! Tatafornow.


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