Wednesday, December 12, 2012

early mornings

Rise and shine, said Jenny's alarm clock at 3:00 this morning.

Eleven hours later... here I am.

But the Nominations have officially been announced! Life is good!
Check out the nominees here

This morning was a blast. I miraculously pulled myself together and arrived at the Pacific Design Center at 4am. And then, with great situational comedy, I was hit on in the elevator by a handsome photographer. At 4 in the morning. He must be into the tired look. It's so LA.

The SilverScreen Theatre was packed with media, publicists, fancy cameras and trays of pastries and fruit. It was amazing to sit behind the screens with my boss and watch him cut between cameras, call shots, and watch the nominations unfold before me. It all happened so fast and Busy Phillips and Taye Diggs were a dream. Everyday of awards season is a 'pinch-me' moment for me.

Then I packed up my stuff and hustled over to the office to get here by 6:30.

I secretly enjoy bright and early mornings like these. Growing up early mornings meant exciting days-- the beginning of road trips, swim team championships, goat shows... yes, goat shows. Obviously things are a little more glamorous working for a major awards show, making sure I have on sensible shoes and the latest updated script instead of extra goggles or hoof clippers. There's just something fun about waking up when it's dark, commiserating with others over black coffee, and having a different kind of day. You know-- as long as it's not everyday. 

Obviously not the clearest picture. But you get the idea! 

I'm feeling like a pro recently when it comes to show details. I know where to go, I recognize media outlets and we hug, people ask me questions and I know the answers. It's so refreshing. However, I do have lots of new and challenging responsibilities on my plate this year to keep me on my toes. Familiar but new!

Looks like we're wrapping things up here so we can all go home and sleep. Most of us didn't even get an hour of sleep last night. We're a tired office. Now I'm off to meet with my mother to do some Christmas shopping. I can sleep in February.

Love you all! Happy afternoon!



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