Friday, December 7, 2012

fickle friend friday : moody nest

The weekend is here! The weekend is here!

Thank goodness.

Friday in our office means happy hour. Guacamole and margaritas have never been more necessary. Seriously.... Friday makes everything better.

I just had a rude flashback to the fifteen minutes when Rebecca Black had a 'catchy song' called Friday. I refuse to post that video on my blog. But I have no problem posting this:

I love the internet.

Anyways-- it's Friday! Time for a long overdue Fickle Friend post.


To start, here's my favorite funny: Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls. I've been waiting to share this with you all for a long time. (Ahem. You just click on the pink link above this to go to the website. For those of you... who might not get that.)

I wish I could sit by you and scroll through all of the pictures and laugh. It's so funny.

Built for people like me who are overly amused with wordplay. 
I've decided this is something that will not be funny to my children, when I have them.
Therfore I must try and squeeze in as many clever words as possible before times up.

Alright. Been there, pun that. Moving on.

Wishing I lived somewhere wet and chilly so I could wear these Kate Spade Parsinpanny rain boots:

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta have a new Christmas album. This is not a joke. 
Here's their music video for their song, "I Think You Might Like It". 
I think you might like laughing at it, and that's about it. 

After viewing, make sure you immediately play "You're The One That I Want" from Grease to cleanse your palate and take you back to pleasant Olivia-Newton-John-Travolta (See what I did there?) happy memories. I think the song is actually catchy... unfortunately for them though they are incredibly bizarre in their old age in music video form.

This video makes me crazy. 

I might have to add this recipe to my pie list...

The little wins. Like when you have the same slippers as one of your favorite blogger/writers.

I have been drooling over this print from Sugar Paper for too long. And then I found an actual Sugar Paper store down the street from our new offices. I shall resist.

...I just realized I'm the easiest person to buy presents for. I attach my emotions to things way too easily. Some people would call this materialistic. I think temporarily obsessed might be more accurate.

More veritable idioms have never been articulated.

This thing is called a Moody Nest. Bean bag meets couch meets blanket and pillow. 
I could use one right meow. I would call it a Comfort Cocoon.

My friend Andrew recently told me that my blog was tied with Cats That Look Like Hitler for his "favorite blog of the year". I feel like this picture of my cat Thomas should settle things. 
He may be more of a festive Groucho Marx, but I feel like that's a fair compromise. 

To tie up the loose Christmas ribbon ends, here's Jimmy Fallon & The Roots featuring Mariah Carey singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You".
As my friend Graham says, "This makes me feel like a warm gooey cookie in my insides". 
Merry almost Christmas!

Alrighty-- I'm off to grab some frozen yogurt with my dear friend Sarah. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. (And happy first day of Hannukah tomorrow!)



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