Friday, October 26, 2012

fickle friend friday : bozos

The good news is it's Friday! My favorite day of the blog week! Fickle Friend Friday!

The bad news is last night when I was trying to fall asleep a spider CRAWLED INSIDE MY EAR. 

I'm sorry I had to do that to you. 

I'm just severely traumatized at the moment and when you have spiders building spider homes inside of your ears the last thing you are concerned about is tact. 

Obviously I don't have an introduction or punchline in this situation, so let me just state the facts:

1) I angered the spider gods by not one but two posts about my recent spider contempt.
2) Angry brown recluse mated with a traveling brown not-so-recluse from my window and left the babies near my bed. Never again shall I invite the Studio City breezes in my window during the day. 
3) I settle into my comfy warm bed with my cat last night, and despite my recent goal of trying to sleep on my back for most of the time (I've heard this reduces those unsightly future wrinkles between breasts in the future... yes, these are the kinds of things I strategize), I decide to rebelliously sleep on my side and effectually invite lost baby spiders into my ear cavity. I should have known better.
4) I feel something tickling my ear. In the darkness. 
5) I hear a faint buzzing. I hear it inside of my ear. So soft and quiet. Bugs can't see at night, right? THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EAR.
6) Stumble my way to the bathroom while pounding my palm against my ear.
7) Moisten q-tip. Jab violently (but a safe depth) into my left ear. I can hear it. I can feel it. It's digging into my brain...
8) Two minutes go by. No success.
9) I strike spider gold. Retrieve this: 

10) Do the "This-is-so-sick" dance around my bathroom and pretend cry.
11) Pull myself together.
12) Grab my phone. Take a picture, obviously.
13) Gather pillow, comforter, and cat and sleep on the couch.

And scene.

Now that that is out of the way, let's pretend like life is beautiful and spiders don't crawl into our ears at night and that our pets' heads aren't falling off


Here are some things I think are super great this week...

Favorite blast from the past: Dream Phone. This was Jamie and my favorite game growing up, especially during the long hot Arizona summer days. We'd come into the air-conditioned house in our wet swim team bathing suits and towels and play Dream Phone while dinner was cooking. We loved it. But now that I'm thinking about it... the game was kind of questionable. 

The goal is to find out which guy has a crush on you. When you find out, you win.  

If you were lucky it was George, Spencer, or Dan. If you were unlucky it was Carlos or Gary. Blech. On your turn you call a different guy while they're at the mall, gym, school, or movie theatre. They would then give you a clue: "He looks good in whatever he wears... but he's not wearing a yellow jacket!", or "He'll eat almost anything.... except hot dogs!" Then you'd cross off that feature on your little crush detective checklist.

Like most electronic games from the 90s it was completely addictive and completely buggy--- the same guys always liked us. But really-- a game for girls where you sit at home, call around to check which guy likes you while they're out having fun and living life? And then that's what you win? Their half-assed affection? Sheesh. Allow me to also point out that this game was approved by my mother who wouldn't let me watch Grease until I was sixteen because I was "so impressionable". I ain't buyin' it!

Favorite mental peace find: Headspace. What a delightful (and kind-of-free) website! After discovering Headspace earlier this week I am really looking forward to taking advantage of their simple guided meditation practices. Watch this lovely, illustrated, and Englishman-narrated take on why meditation is important in our day-to-day lives. Much like reading my blog, it seems like it's going to make everything better in your life. I don't know about you, but I could certainly use the help-- I have the frenetic attention span of a cockerspaniel. It's about time I start meditating somewhere else besides in my car on the way to work. 

One of our producers at work made salted caramel ice cream and brought it to work. I mean, I wasn't going to say no, that would just be rude. 

Best Dolly Parton hair flip of the week. Don't worry I didn't leave the house like that-- I brushed that ish out. This was also the day when I randomly ran into Rodolfo on my afternoon walk at work.  It was so weird.  There he was, standing on the corner, waving his arms above his head to get my attention. I was already committed to crossing the street as I was halfway through the crosswalk. Once I got there he shook my hand. Twice. He then asked me if I worked on Saturdays, to which I replied "no", and he replied, "Oh. I do!"


"Huh. Well. Interesting. Okay, bye!" And I raced across the street. "Bye Jeanny! See you soon, Jeanny!" Oi... Poor Rodolfo.

Favorite song/ band find of the week: Lake Street Dive. What a voice! 

Favorite picture of Frasier.

After receiving zero response after posting this video on my Facebook several days ago, I'm beginning to think this might be one of those things in life where I am completely alone in my enjoyment of this video. To me, sitting in my office at work trying not to laugh-- it's hilarious. When I get married some day all I ask is that my husband can/wants to dance like this. 

Taylor Swift's new cd. Mm mm mm! Makes me feel a little silly, a little feminine, and really okay with it. She's got a way of writing songs that are completely applicable to things in my life. However I'm really looking forward to her finally reaching some success in relationships-- a lot of her songs are starting to bum me out. Love wins, Tay tay. Love wins. Stop dating so many bozos.


I have a perfect weekend in Los Angeles ahead of me! Birthday dinners in Santa Monica, filming a movie with Johnny, getting my butt to some Zumba classes, farmers markets, looking for a new apartment, going out in Hollywood, life planning, and seeing a show at Comedy Sportz with my dear friend Kate. Whew! Come at me, life.



Thursday, October 25, 2012


Let's say, you have a blog.

What would you write about? Could you write about something everyday?


Turns out blogging takes more confidence than I thought it would.

Look, I can write every single day. I do write every single day. Personal things-- in journals or notebooks, etc. But writing for the public is something that I am still adjusting to.

...I just had to excuse myself to get a plate of cheese and crackers. That's how hard I am adjusting right now.

Today is a rough day in Jenny blog town.

The writing forecast should be idyllic! It's a great Thursday and my nails are cherry red. The sky is blue, I'm having a great bouncy country-star hair day, and I'm going out for burgers tonight. I'm feeling light and happy and smiley... but there are simply not many interesting writing thoughts going on in my head.


If you had told me a month ago that I would be writing on my blog four days a week, I would have given you my lazy eye. Impossible. First of all I am far too skeptical to commit to a routine and secondly, what the hell would I even talk about

But I like the challenge. 

During July and August I threw a mini-fit in my head and proclaimed that I was not going to write anymore. Take that, love of writing! I doubted myself and questioned (a) the direction of my writing content and (b) what I was accomplishing. But then I realized that despite the fact that I don't have a blog that teaches you to spray paint mason jars so you can make homemade snow globes or hot curler tips to make you look like Donna Reed, that's okay. I'm tired of putting everything in life off until later later later. You want to be a runner? Go run. You want to learn to crochet? Go crochet. You want to write? Go. Write.

I may not have a direction when it comes to my blog, but lord knows I always have thoughts and opinions to share. Most of the time in real life I like to act them out with grandiose hand gestures and outlandish eyebrow gesticulations. Writing is a bit more challenging. It's just me and the page. Then it's just you and the page. There is so much syntax and structure to consider in order to paint an illustrious  and entertaining story. Something that will keep you chuckling and imagining, even when you can't hear my voice or see my facial expressions fluctuating violently. Achieving that delicate balance keeps me on my toes. A love/hate relationship and yet so rewarding. Writing has always been a secret passion of mine and I have thoroughly been enjoying sharing all of it with you! 

I might not have a themed blog but-- I'm here, you're here, that's all that matters.

Thanks for checking in with me and making me feel special. Maybe one day I'll have my Oprah 'AHA!' moment and all of a sudden I'll know 'what' to write about in life. Until then I am hardly an expert in anything. Except for dreaming and hoping and trying and gosh darn't, DOING. I'm out there doing things. That's got to count for something!

Alright... I've got to run. I'm headed out for my baby nephew's birthday tonight! (He's turning 17). 

Besos! Besos!



Psst! Down here!

I wanted to remind you to subscribe to my blog! If you're thinking to yourself, "Why Jenny, why would I do this?", here are the following reasons:

1) Statistically speaking, it's good for you. Here are the top eight reasons from a completely random internet article I found in five seconds with structurally incongruous verbs and section headings to tell you why: Enhanced smarts, Reading reduces stress, Greater tranquility, Improved analytical thinking, Increased vocabulary, Improved memory, Improved writing skills, Helps prioritize goals. 

You're going to be a better person! A step in the right direction! Do it for yourself. And for me, it's good for my blog ego. My blego.

2) I'm not going to be advertising my posts on Facebook or Twitter as much as I have, meaning if that's how you are finding out I've posted on my blog, it might not be there to let you know. I mean I might still remind you about posts. But only if they're, like, really funny and I'm really impressed with myself. Then definitely, yes. 

3) You'll never get behind. Remember in 9th grade English when you kept putting off reading A Tale of Two Cities until the last minute? And then you crammed it all into one tantrum filled night with a book report and a yelling disapproving mother? Don't put things off. Do a little day by day to keep the reading-for-long-periods-at-a-time at bay! Or else I'll assign you a book report.

4) Successful blogs have subscribers. ...They also have professional photographs and giveaways. ALL IN DUE TIME. You want free stuff in six months? Subscribe now!

5) I never have to know. It's totally secret. Statistically speaking people who have secrets are four times more likely to marry a really intelligent model/football star. 

You guys do the math. And mind your Peas & Queues.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

captain's log

Day II of Jenny sickness.

Confusion, frustration, losing cell phone in conspicuous places, lack of appetite (this is obviously a joke), mild headache, lack of imagination, painting nails in the car like it's a good idea, zombie-monosyllabic responses to those around me, glazed over eyes staring at the clock counting down the hours until 6pm. 

I could be worse. I just don't feel 100%.

I'm going to try to pull it together and make all of this as coherent as possible. Don't hold your breath. 


Here are some favorite moments from my weekend!

My lovely friend Steph's bridal shower...

Silly Steph looking very bridal... absolutely surrounded by gifts! And servicemen! 
I met Stephanie six years ago at Bravo and she has been one of my dearest friends ever since. It was a very intimate get-together so I was incredibly honored to be invited to her bridal shower. And really-- I love romance and I love to party. All I had to do was round up a gift and I was on my way to Upland, California!

I knew I wanted to get her something special and unique. I really enjoy being creative with gifts and didn't want to just get her a sexy negligee-- partly because you never know what the situation will be like and partly because I am awkward as all hell and it wouldn't make for a very good story if I did, right?

So. My present. 

"Breakfast in Bed". (I really enjoy themes). 
Citrus themed apron, blueberry muffin mix, orange silicone whisk, fluffy warm blanket, matching orange mugs, pretty decorative green candle, lacy bright green panties. 
All wrapped up in yellow and green tissue paper inside a simple brown gift bag. Very crisp and fresh and springy. 

Cute right? Yeah! 

The presents started to be unwrapped. I was so excited. My gift was so different! I like being different.

Hmm... but literally everyone was getting her really sexy things. Outfits, edible I-don't-know-whats, tassels, you name it. But... this was a family gathering! My gift was getting more and more awkward as the event went on.

Then we got to her grandmother's present. "Perfect!" I thought, "this will be my saving grace!" I was hoping for a brooch or some other family heirloom like an old sewing machine that would make things sentimental.

Steph opened the box to reveal... A pair of blue snake skin "ho heels"-- those are her grandma's words, not mine-- and a matching aqua blue metallic nightie complete with peekaboo holes galore. 

She got to my present.

A whisk? Oh... and baking mix-- that's sweet! ...Oh I get it!

I looked like such a fuddy-duddy.

But! But!! You can have sexy breakfast in bed-- breakfast is sexy. Right? Yeah! Hey, whoa, you don't even have to wear anything! Just the apron and panties! That's crazy. Or nothing-- just wear the orange mugs! Everybody likes whisking, right? Yeah. Muffins. Muffins are sexy? I like muffins! 

Stephanie loved the present. They all did. I just felt so... misrepresented. You know? Like, I can buy you weird things! I'm a free wild child! I read Cosmo! Look what I can do!

Better to just quit while I'm ahead.

The good news is, they had cheesecake. Lots of cheesecake.

Along with dirty presents and dairy-filled desserts, there were also some interesting party guests that really set the mood:

So romantic!

Can you feel the love tonight?

I even got to be the model in the standard bridal shower wedding-dress-made-out-of-toilet-paper-game! Please note my very trendy headband and ring made out of a Starburst wrapper.

'Twas a lovely afternoon! Then, as I drove away from the house in Upland, I noticed this monstrosity and literally swerved to the side of the road so I could make disapproving noises and take pictures.

What!? Who does this? HUGE homemade spiders that literally covered every side of their house. I am a friend to the spiders and all but even this was too much for me. These are not Halloween decorations they are nightmare decorations. Don't you put that evil on Halloween, Ricky Bobby!

Sigh. Let's all calm down and look at Ashley's kitten.

That's better.

I hurried home to quickly dress into my costume... for Jason & Emma's annual Halloween party!

It was literally the first year I could ever attend-- as for years I was too far away in Arizona and last year I was helping move my Mums to Los Angeles.

I was so excited. Emma worked on the party for days--- a mix of classic Halloween decorations, spooky playlists, ethereal fairy-esque creatures, and homemade festive drinks mixed by my dear brother. Halloween perfection!

Here's Ashley and I in our costumes.

There's Ashley being all adorable as Violet Incredible! And then there's me with those eyebrows. I hope you know who I am. McKayla Maroney? From the Olympics' gymnastics team? No? The one who infamously stood on the winner's block with a silver medal around her neck and made that stinky face? Take a look here to see McKayla at her internet finest.


Most just thought I was a poor sport. Only about four people knew who I was. But they were very enthusiastic supporters. I'm okay with that.


Time for me to go do something. You go do something.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

kind of loving it

So basically I am sick as a dog today. 

Maybe not that dramatic. Because let's face it-- usually when dogs are sick it means they need to be put down. If a dog is just casually sick, they just eat some grass to make them throw up, and then run around like nothing happened. And then when they're truly sick-- like doggy cancer or doggy liver failure, it usually means it's time to show them the doggy door. 

I'm not that sick.

I feel just okay. My head hurts, I have a self-diagnosed fever, and I'm weak and queasy. Weasy. 

It could be because I made myself go to the gym this morning at an ungodly hour. It could be because I have been on a strict LA diet of lean proteins and green things. Or it could be because I am slightly uneasy about what my purpose is on this little planet.

I'm at a loss, folks. I'm here, making it-- rubbing elbows with important people and making a comfy paycheck. The world is my oyster. I'm all on track to make things happen in this industry. But I feel underwhelmed. I don't like sitting at a desk all day long. I'm too antsy. I need to be out and creating and doing something important.

Before you have a heart attack like my mother, I'm not quitting anything. I'm just expressing that I might not be fulfilled in this line of work. I'm not helping anyone-- not making things better-- not making anyone laugh or feel inspired. I'm just sitting, making calls, planning events, doing things for people who are seemingly 'above' me in most ways. It's not how I want to live my life.

I love Los Angeles. I'm going to be sticking around here for a while. My friends and family and all of the opportunities I have leave me feeling incredibly appreciative and peaceful and at home. I'm perfect distance from the ocean, the mountains, my lovely San Francisco, and home visits to Arizona. I may not want to be here forever but for the time-being-- no other city could better cater to my dreams and lifestyle.

So if I am in the right place-- I'm not sure what the answer is to all of this longing. Over the last month or so I've been experiencing pangs of desire for several things.

  • I want to act.

I am endlessly envious of my roommate's day-to-day schedule. Auditions, commercials, screenings and tapings of shows. I wish I could just drop everything and do this. My financial conscience tells me otherwise. After my all-female sketch group, The Femmetastiks disbanded in February, there has been a massive hole where my performing heart lives. Now I don't have time to commit to late night classes, workshops at 12pm, or anything at any time. I'm too swamped with work things, too exhausted to get myself to that five-hour intensive. I don't like this.

If I could have things my way-- I'd be in an improv class twice a week, standup workshop once a week, and auditioning every other day. I'd be performing late at night, nervously standing up in front of a crowd with others or by myself. Of course, to live this lifestyle I would be booking projects left and right. I could be making viral internet videos in my spare time with friends, going to Pilates classes that are only held when the working masses are hard at the grind, and sipping cappuccino at home while Kelly & Michael are on. I wouldn't need to sit at a desk, unless I was writing my blog or watching the latest PBS documentary on Netflix. I'd be doing things for myself. Making my own way.

  • I want to go back to school.
There's too much I don't know. So much to read and learn! I'm so eager to absorb information and my mind is too restless to not be challenged by something new and challenging and fresh. I try to find such stimulation on my own-- whether it's through reading memoirs or articles about what's going on in the world. But I still want more. I want another degree of higher education. I want my masters and I want it now. Or soon. Soon can work, too.

  • I want to travel.

I am far too young and far too easy to entertain to not be all over this world right now. What am I even doing? Sitting in this little room in front of a laptop when the whole world is out there and just begging to be explored? I need a lifestyle that allows me to start crossing off some locales on my list. I need to go meet new people and cry about being alone there and not understanding. I want to listen to music and eat questionable foods, somewhere where I'm kind of lost and kind of loving it.

So. These are the things I am putting into the Universe. I'm going to continue mulling them over for the time being. Right now I am so fickle with life-things that it's hard for me to simply jump off the deep end and know it's the best thing for me. I wish I did know. I would feel much cooler.

For now-- I'm going to enjoy that feeling though-- being kind of lost but kind of loving it.


On a more personal note (...wasn't this all personal? This post really couldn't get more personal), I would like to encourage you to subscribe to my blog! I'm not really into self-promotion via social media-- I would prefer to not spam my Facebook and Twitter with advertising my posts. That being said, this is the last week I will be doing as such.

That gives you two options: 

1) Check, Tuesday-Fridays for Jenny posts. You can (almost) count on it.

2) Subscribe to Peas & Queues by filling your email address on the side of this blog to the right, where is says FOLLOW BY EMAIL (right below the Blog Archive timeline). It's a simple type in your address, and follow-up confirmation email situation. I believe this will also make it easier to comment on my blog-- something I know several of you have voiced difficulties about. Whenever I write a post you will receive an email with a link-- simple as that.

I also don't even have to know you're subscribing. It's all secret so you can read and enjoy in privacy.


Now that I've got some of that frustration out, green tea in hand and salad and serious protein in my belly-- I am feeling a little better. Thanks everyone for reading!



Friday, October 19, 2012

fickle friend friday : savoir-faire

Thank the internet gods it's Friday.

Time for some fickle friends!

To get you in the Friday mood, here's some music for your listening pleasure. This particular playlist is brought to you by my favorite music blog I talked to you about last FFF, This is Our Jam, and my new music-site-love, Grooveshark.

This playlist was inspired from the presidential election-- with titles such as "Anything Could Happen" (though I wish that wasn't true), "Round and Round", very suggestive of the endless debate banter, and "It's Tricky". I mean, what's a playlist without a little Run-D.M.C.? My two favorites-- "Who Are You" by the Who and "I Need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc. There's a little something for everyone-- from Randy Newman to Scissor Sisters to a little bit of Kanye. Enjoy!

Chris didn't even kind of win Project Runway. I don't want to talk about it. ...He's still my favorite.
Note to self, people: Don't psych yourself out! You are impressive and hip and cool! You have unique views and gifts to offer the world. There is no one You-ier than You. Don't pull a Christopher. You're good enough and you're smart enough and doggone it- people like you.

I just snagged these earrings off my favorite jewelry website, Baublebar-- for only $10. Can I get an AMEN? Free shipping and high quality items that won't break the bank. If you are a lady/need to buy jewelry for a lady/you secretly like to look fancy--- check it out. 

Oh! It's so pretty. I know I know. Autumn overload. But... it's so pretty.

Favorite Halloween funny-- slutty ghosts. This is my kind of costume. 

Welp. Looks like I have to go back to San Fran so I can stop by Goodie Goody Cream & Sugar bakery on Harrison Street and stuff my face with these cookies chipmunk-style. 

This was my evening last night. Read this next image from bottom to top, for those of you unfamiliar with Twitter.

I spotted the spider in the corner of my room when I got home from work. Look. I am not one for spider killing. They really don't bother me and I like the idea of them minding their own business in the corner and eating any icky bugs in my room. 

But then I stared at it for a while. What if this spider was venomous? What if it wanted to kill me? It wasn't worth dying! (...This escalated quickly). I ran to my laptop to check it out. The internet said it all -- it was a brown recluse! (The likelihood of it actually being a brown recluse is very slim. But my wiki-chondriac tendencies convinced me otherwise). The pictures were horrifying-- scary evil arachnids and rotting flesh! Oh the humanity!

I bolted back to the corner. I let out a silent scream.

The spider was gone.

My days are numbered. Luckily Twitter was there to comfort me.


Well that was an interesting transition. Motivational Pinterest find of the week. Just to mock my sanity when said venomous spider is MIA by my bed.

Superbowl. Beyonc√©. Mind. Blown. 
Saying I love the Superbowl is a massive understatement. It's my favorite holiday of the year. And then you put Queen B in the mix? I honestly don't know what I am going to do with myself. Probably spontaneously combust. I hope those Mayans are wrong. 2013 needs to happen.

Now for my favorite find this week -- Advanced Style. This site showcases fabulous elderly women who embrace the world of fashion and really own their style. They are a hoot! I just couldn't resist showing you some of my favorite ladies!

Aren't they just fabulous? I am endlessly inspired by these women. They are colorful, confident and just oozing with savoir-faire. I have so much to look forward to. I do so love being a woman.

But for now, I'm twenty three years old. Life is grand.


Tonight I am having a couple of friends over to carve pumpkins, make homemade tomato soup, and watch spooky movies (See: Hocus Pocus). Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

little jo(h)n's

Happy Thursday!

Today is a good day-- for several reasons:

1) I have homemade vegetable lasagna for lunch. Cheesy veggie goodness!
2) I know what I'm going to be for Halloween. And it makes me laugh silently at my desk thinking about it.
3) The season finale of Project Runway is on tonight! Team Christopher, all the way.

4) I'm handwriting Halloween cards as we speak. If you don't get one it's probably because I think you'd be more creeped out by a Halloween greeting from me than pleasantly surprised.

5) I'm finally nailing down Homecoming plans. Three weeks until the Arizona shenanigans begin!

6) This video exists. ...did Snoop really need the money?

7) I'm still on a friendship high since reuniting with two of my most treasured friends last night.



I might have to make some cuts in the friends-named-Jo(h)n department. It's just getting silly now.

On Monday I had beers with Jonny from Scotland. Tuesday-- Johnny Mac came over to watch the debate and eat pie.  And last night, I met up with John and Jonathan for tacos.


I met Jonathan almost six years ago at the University of Arizona. Jon(athan) and I were working as stage managers on the fall production of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs. We hit it off immediately and we've been friends ever since. My sophomore year of college we actually lived together with two of our other guy friends. 

(By the way-- that was, by far, the best living situation I have ever been in. Guys are so much easier to live with-- especially when there's a mix of snarky chef,  sweet musical theatre geek, and quiet lawyer hermit. Oh and me, mildly humorous girl with a rude cat and a 7-foot-tall boyfriend. Our house was always clean and full of food and cable tv at the ready). 

Jonathan and I did most everything together that year. We spent countless evenings staying up all night talking, watching Team America, and running to Nico's for midnight burritos. He's a hoot and a half.

At an awards night for theatre students, my freshman year.
Jon was on a scavenger hunt on campus and had to take a picture with members of Darwin...
luckily we were doing an outdoor show at the time!
I met John, on the other hand, through my old roommate Matt. John was always over at the house eating my cookies and complaining about my healthy attempts at chocolate bran muffins. John also tried to wrangle me into guitar lessons every now and then, though we'd usually just end up with him playing and us singing improvised songs on the couch. Later that semester we became even closer when I made it into the improv troupe on campus-- the highly-referenced-on-peas-&-queues-- Charles Darwin Experience.  We had endless rehearsals, shows, and trips together. John and I get each other and can read right through each others' BS. Which is sometimes unnerving but ultimately refreshing.

Bryan, me, and John at Fracas Improv Festival at USC four years ago. ...I'm an old lady.

John, me, and Bryan (again) onstage during a special evening of Darwin, prom style.
Really, I'll just take any excuse to wear my Annie Get Your Gun dress.

Here's a link to the final game of the night (second to last!) of Prom Darwin. The first half is awesome-- the second half turns into a bit of a clustercuss. But you get to see John and I being friends. Don't mind the poor video quality--- this was one of our first videos ever, by a fan in the audience.
**Bewarned-- it's college humor. 

As much as Jon and John and I adore each other, we somehow never got together in LA when I moved out here, despite my living five minutes away from their house. After John ran into my mother at a yoga class before seeing me-- we decided it had just gone too far! And dinner it was!

We met at Hugo's Tacos in Studio City, one of my very favorite little eatery spots in the Valley. A couple chicken tacos later and we were back in the swing. It was kind of like seeing family after a long time. I mean, we've known each for the better part of our adult years. We were there for a lot of ups and downs, dumb arguments, bizarre stories and life-changing moments. (And we also knew how to party).

John just started doing stand-up comedy so Jonathan and I are going to go catch his set next week! ...Which just re-waters my interest in doing the same... Unf. One day. Already making new friend dates. We're back on track.

I thank goodness for all the little Jo(h)n's out there. Alright, I guess I'll keep them.


Now that I am finally eating my lasagna... time to sign off.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Thank goodness for little Julian, California.

As you may have gathered thus far, I love fall. The colors, the crisp air, the fresh and inspired food, and especially the trips. Every October when I was growing up my entire Tucson family would drive out to Wilcox, Arizona to pick pumpkins. We'd leave early in the morning with flannel shirts tied around our waists, lunches packed in the cooler, and some sort of Allison Krauss or Dixie Chicks song playing on the radio. Jamie and I would bop around in the back seat of our van, contemplating pie choices at Apple Annie's and playing potty humor mad libs. 

After taking a tractor out to a big pumpkin patch and picking the heaviest and most ridiculous pumpkin and then complaining about it, we would wander through apple orchards (maybe sneak an apple or two), buy some fresh apple bread, and hand-pick some veggies to take home for dinner. By the time we got home we were dusty and tired and full of apple cider. It was October perfection.

Wilcox is a long drive for me, now that I'm in LA. Luckily my brother suggested camping in Julian for the weekend to satisfy any autumnal pangs I was having. After work on Friday it was just a short three hour drive away to country perfection.

If any of you are familiar with Gilmore Girls and their 'hometown' of Star's Hollow-- Julian looks and feels a lot like that. This sweet little Oktoberfest gives you a good peek into the spirit of the town.

This oom-pah-pah band played non-stop for two days. Median age : 82 years old.

Little Mason and I eating bratwurst! (with actual German mustard!)
We wandered through the town... visiting little shops and resisting knick knacks we didn't actually need...

This shop is actually built into someone's garage! **Please note my brother's adorable little family.
...And took every opportunity to savor the autumn treats and smells in local stores.

"One man's toxic sludge is another man's potpurri!" (Anyone?)
Pies at Mom's!
It was lovely to just get out of the city for a while and do normal human things like eating, playing games, walking in nature, and generally enjoying each other's company.

Here we are being angels.
When there are kids around, every rotten stump is a photographic opportunity!

Look at these lovable scamps.

Silly brother playing washers with Emma's Mom.

Watching the festivities and stuffing our pie holes with treats.
And then my boots made an appearance.

I'm in love with these boots. And in love with awkward photos. 

He does this to himself, really. Spanakopita and Julian hard cider anyone?

Wild turkeys!

Sleepy turkeys!
After packing up the car and grabbing a pie to go, we headed back to civilization and traffic jams and responsibilities. Weekend trips are an LA working girl's saving grace!-- and Julian really hit the spot.


Have a lovely day, friends.