Tuesday, November 20, 2012

mashed potato feelings

Scarves and sweaters are packed, I've moved my belongings to the new apartment, the hours of work are finally winding down...

And I'm Boston-bound!

Halllujah, praise the Thanksgiving gods that I made it through this two-day work week!

I know, it wasn't that bad. But things have been crazy here in Jenny town! Isn't it special that right when your glimmering vacation is in sight... life decides to put everything on your plate? I mean, I love everything-- especially because it makes that sparkly vacation even sweeter-- but really, I can't wait to escape Los Angeles.

I've never been to Boston before and I have no idea what to expect (besides being freezing and eating clam chowder and wearing my American flag scarf while walking the Freedom Trail). My sister moved to Boston a couple of months ago with her bearded beau, Paul, and they have been happily biking and eating vegetables ever since. I called Jamie on the way to work this morning and they were knee-deep in their third Trader Joe's grocery purchase, getting a little heated about organic versus regular, etc.

What? No... I don't think so. No! (mumble mumble mumble) Hold on Jen, Paul has a really important question to ask you. 
Uh... okay. Hi Bikey.
Hi Jenny. Okay, I was discussing with your sister about possible mixins for potatoes. She explained to me how important mashed potatoes are to you, so I just want to know what our options are. Cream cheese, sour cream, goat cheese?

First of all, I'm slightly embarrassed that someone was concerned about hurting my mashed potato feelings. Secondly, goat cheese in mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving is blasphemous.

Food! Sister love! I can't wait!

My flight leaves at midnight. I'm currently pounding some coffee to keep me up so I'll crash just in time on one of those icky fabric airplane pillows. Perfection.


The last couple of mornings before work have been spent packing my car full of my belongings and dragging it to my new apartment. With the help of Starbucks and my mother, my room is officially relocated minus furniture. Ashley is working Black Friday so her family of six is traveling out from Las Vegas and having Thanksgiving in our little kitchen. Her dad is also bringing his truck so they're kindly moving all of our furniture while I'm gone. My. I feel equal parts guilty and relieved! By the time I get back we just need to move our kitchen and living room accessories and our apartment will be in business. It's super cute... pictures soon!


I had a lovely weekend, as promised.

Breakfast with Sarah for her birthday...

I crafted a homemade wedding gift for my friend Stephanie's wedding! I've been on a 'meaningful, personal' present kick recently and didn't want to get a generic gift from a wedding registry (...I'm a rebel... on a budget). I made this fancy little bulletin board to keep their to do lists happy and colorful!  Just a little washi tape, fancy push pins, and yes, glitter-- and voila! Personalized message board. Certainly beats an ironing board, if you ask me.

Then I put on Ashley's cutest dress and hit the road for Apple Valley!

Packing progress/me trying to look cute. Killing two blog birds with one stone.
The wedding was adorable and absolutely freezing--- brr! The high desert ain't kidding about that dry cold! Stephanie was an absolutely gorgeous bride. It was an honor to be a part of her special day.

After the ceremony we were encouraged to eat italian ice... which was the opposite of refreshing but it certainly was delicious!

Me, freezing in a cardigan in 50 degree weather eating an icy dessert.
I should also point out that I've had pneumonia three times.

I've worked with Stephanie for about five years now at Camp Bravo. David and Artur, the camp directors, were also there with their cold children.

Nina. This picture perfectly describes how freezing it was. Yes those are cheesy nacho bowls.  Steph marches to the beat of her own wedding drum.
We had such a great time. We laughed, blew bubbles, watched the various sweet dances and clinked our glasses before calling it a night.


Sunday I worked all day moving things to the new apartment. Ashley and I are so excited to settle in!

Hanging up our new shower curtain, which we got on Groupon, thank you very much.  
That night we headed over to our adorable friend Robyn's house for a Going away/ Christmas party for my friend Marc Anthony!

He's the best. Anthony is about to leave for bootcamp and then... the Air Force! We're incredibly excited for him and at the same time selfishly going to miss him. Robyn planned a whole evening full of fun... including fondue, skyping Bravo friends across the country, and silly Christmas traditions!

I'm so lucky to have such great friends. Sigh.


Eek! It's almost time! I'm almost free and headed to Boston!

I am sorry to say that the likelihood of me writing over the next couple of days is slim. Very slim. I on the other hand, will not be, after a week in Boston with the events my sister has planned for us. Can't wait to report back to all of you.

I hope that you all have a generously grateful Thanksgiving. Football must be involved. As well as cuddling with someone on the couch (or just pretending in your mind that you are. I'm good at that). 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Turkey Jenny

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