Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Good afternoon, friends.

I started today far too early with one of my dearest friends, Beau, at Le Pain Quotidien in Beverly Hills. We were the awkward people shivering outside the entrance at 7:28am waiting for them to open their doors for a cappuccino and expensive bowl of granola. It is just lovely that the weather here is finally acting like California and less like Arizona. It's been a little cloudy, a little brisk, and I have been able to keep my windows open at night instead of running the air conditioner. Healthy fresh air and healthy for my wallet.

Anyways, meeting with Beau this morning reminded me how important it is to develop one-on-one relationships with friends. Having a group of friends is one of the real joys of life, it's true-- but connecting with others, one person at a time, has become ever more valuable to me. 

In high school I was completely enthralled with French culture. I read book after book about the integrity and individuality of French women and how they lived their lives. Simplicity and elegance (and smoking and promiscuity) permeated through every seam of daily life-- food, clothing, and even friendship. 

At the time I didn't quite understand the French approach of placing focus on individual friendships instead of groups of friends. In fact, I often felt guilty for sometimes preferring to spend my free time with just one friend instead of going out and getting crazy at Chuy's after a home football game. For one, a lot of our examples come from television, where an emphasis is often put on the collective group:  

(I promise TBS isn't paying me to promote their syndicated shows).

As well as justifying my love of black and white stripes, chocolate croissants, and expensive purses, these little French books made it okay to listen to that voice inside me that sometimes just wanted to hang out with my best friend Alison. At home. Eating Pasta Roni's Shells & White Cheddar, while watching Super Troopers. Al's been my best friend since we were six.

Over the years I have developed close friendships with many people-- often after a slow narrowing down from the natural rhythms of life. 
SAG Awards > Publicity Department >  Group of similar aged people > Belinda

U of A Theatre Clubs > Charles Darwin Experience > Leadership roles  > Bryan  

Bang Comedy > Interns > Transition into real life group of friends > Johnny

SOS Debt Solutions > Only sane people there > Sarah 
(I could go on. Shannon, Gretchen, Calvin, etc). Obviously I am still close with everyone in between those >'s, just in particular, I have fostered even closer relationships with these individuals. These people know what I'm working towards, what is bothering me, what I'm hoping for. There are simply some things that are better communicated when you're vis-à-vis, mano a mano.

I used to feel like I was different because I prefer to connect with people one-on-one, but now I rather embrace it. Perhaps it's because I want to be Coco Chanel or perhaps it's because I just really enjoy listening and looking at someone. I don't think we do enough of that these days.


Well I should get back to my duties. (...doodie.) It's been insanely busy here today. Luckily there's a big meeting which means I get to eat crackers and cheese and grapes. I'm easy to please.

I hope everyone has a lovely evening and that you spend some personal time with the cool people in your life.



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