Thursday, October 25, 2012


Let's say, you have a blog.

What would you write about? Could you write about something everyday?


Turns out blogging takes more confidence than I thought it would.

Look, I can write every single day. I do write every single day. Personal things-- in journals or notebooks, etc. But writing for the public is something that I am still adjusting to.

...I just had to excuse myself to get a plate of cheese and crackers. That's how hard I am adjusting right now.

Today is a rough day in Jenny blog town.

The writing forecast should be idyllic! It's a great Thursday and my nails are cherry red. The sky is blue, I'm having a great bouncy country-star hair day, and I'm going out for burgers tonight. I'm feeling light and happy and smiley... but there are simply not many interesting writing thoughts going on in my head.


If you had told me a month ago that I would be writing on my blog four days a week, I would have given you my lazy eye. Impossible. First of all I am far too skeptical to commit to a routine and secondly, what the hell would I even talk about

But I like the challenge. 

During July and August I threw a mini-fit in my head and proclaimed that I was not going to write anymore. Take that, love of writing! I doubted myself and questioned (a) the direction of my writing content and (b) what I was accomplishing. But then I realized that despite the fact that I don't have a blog that teaches you to spray paint mason jars so you can make homemade snow globes or hot curler tips to make you look like Donna Reed, that's okay. I'm tired of putting everything in life off until later later later. You want to be a runner? Go run. You want to learn to crochet? Go crochet. You want to write? Go. Write.

I may not have a direction when it comes to my blog, but lord knows I always have thoughts and opinions to share. Most of the time in real life I like to act them out with grandiose hand gestures and outlandish eyebrow gesticulations. Writing is a bit more challenging. It's just me and the page. Then it's just you and the page. There is so much syntax and structure to consider in order to paint an illustrious  and entertaining story. Something that will keep you chuckling and imagining, even when you can't hear my voice or see my facial expressions fluctuating violently. Achieving that delicate balance keeps me on my toes. A love/hate relationship and yet so rewarding. Writing has always been a secret passion of mine and I have thoroughly been enjoying sharing all of it with you! 

I might not have a themed blog but-- I'm here, you're here, that's all that matters.

Thanks for checking in with me and making me feel special. Maybe one day I'll have my Oprah 'AHA!' moment and all of a sudden I'll know 'what' to write about in life. Until then I am hardly an expert in anything. Except for dreaming and hoping and trying and gosh darn't, DOING. I'm out there doing things. That's got to count for something!

Alright... I've got to run. I'm headed out for my baby nephew's birthday tonight! (He's turning 17). 

Besos! Besos!



Psst! Down here!

I wanted to remind you to subscribe to my blog! If you're thinking to yourself, "Why Jenny, why would I do this?", here are the following reasons:

1) Statistically speaking, it's good for you. Here are the top eight reasons from a completely random internet article I found in five seconds with structurally incongruous verbs and section headings to tell you why: Enhanced smarts, Reading reduces stress, Greater tranquility, Improved analytical thinking, Increased vocabulary, Improved memory, Improved writing skills, Helps prioritize goals. 

You're going to be a better person! A step in the right direction! Do it for yourself. And for me, it's good for my blog ego. My blego.

2) I'm not going to be advertising my posts on Facebook or Twitter as much as I have, meaning if that's how you are finding out I've posted on my blog, it might not be there to let you know. I mean I might still remind you about posts. But only if they're, like, really funny and I'm really impressed with myself. Then definitely, yes. 

3) You'll never get behind. Remember in 9th grade English when you kept putting off reading A Tale of Two Cities until the last minute? And then you crammed it all into one tantrum filled night with a book report and a yelling disapproving mother? Don't put things off. Do a little day by day to keep the reading-for-long-periods-at-a-time at bay! Or else I'll assign you a book report.

4) Successful blogs have subscribers. ...They also have professional photographs and giveaways. ALL IN DUE TIME. You want free stuff in six months? Subscribe now!

5) I never have to know. It's totally secret. Statistically speaking people who have secrets are four times more likely to marry a really intelligent model/football star. 

You guys do the math. And mind your Peas & Queues.

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