Friday, October 12, 2012

fickle friend friday : autumnal

Ahh... it's a perfectly stormy October Friday here in the City of Angels! 

This picture was taken on my way home last night driving on the 405. I was basically not moving so I decided this was a somewhat safe decision... (?)  That, and it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get home last night (only 16 miles). People couldn't handle the rain. Think Arizonans driving when it snows. Now multiply that by thirty and put it on a 6-lane freeway with dummies like me on their phones. 

Just like I kind of promised, my Friday series is continuing today. Ain't that exciting?

To start things off, I'd like to congratulate my favorite professor from my days at the University of Arizona-- Dr. Christin Essin-- on her new book, Stage Designers in Early Twentieth Century America! Can't wait to read this little guy and stack it proudly on my coffee table. Congrats, Christin!
(Speaking of my coffee table, I'm slowly starting to decorate the apartment. Miniature pumpkins: check).

My latest blog obsession is brought to you by the ladies of This is Our Jam. This blog is run by three girlfriends who began writing to share their ever-changing music interests with each other.
Their jams are refreshingly varied-- whether it's old classics, indie music, or even more 'unpopular' choices 
(Like nerdy Halloween music or the latest Justin Bieber song). I appreciate their fervor in finding new tunes and their unabashed honesty when it comes to what is tickling their musical funny bone.
They take the work out of music discovery. This is Our Jam also has some pretty fantastic playlists on one my favorite music sites, 8Tracks-- specifically, Welcome to Fall

Now is the time! Go seize your honeycrisp apples. 
Ridiculously expensive. Ridiculously worth it.

A Fine Frenzy, one of my favorite little indie bands released their latest album, Pines on Tuesday! It's very earthy, very Norah-Jones-waking-up-from-a-nap. It's not for everyone. 
But it's perfect post-football-watching music on a sleepy Sunday afternoon with a warm kitty!

Speaking of warm kitties... Little Frasier is sitting on my latest Craigslist conquest. This is one of two chairs I found-- the other is in my room. The pair together cost me $30. BOOM.

Political parties aside, Martha Raddatz was incredible last night in moderating the Vice Presidential Debate. Poised, well-spoken, responsive, and ever-so graceful.  Kudos to Martha.

Fickle Friend Word of the Week : Autumnal (adj.) Belonging to or suggestive of autumn.
Ex) Jenny will beat her autumnal passion into you by the end of this month. She apologizes.

My Ross find of the week! $8 pillow for the couch.
Every now and then, you just gotta 
put a bird on it.
(This is where I go on my afternoon walks at work. It's a dangerous situation).

I've got a very exciting weekend ahead of me. As soon as I get off of work I am headed to Julian to go camping with my family!

What is there to do in Julian, you say?

I'm not quite sure... but by the looks of this picture I bet there are at least two fudge shops. Apparently Julian is very quaint and offers a lot of hiking opportunities, too. Sounds good to me! My brother and sister-in-law have a motorhome so we won't quite be roughing it. Any excuse to get out of the city hustle-and-bustle for a couple of days is welcome in my world.

Have a loverly autumnal weekend.


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