Tuesday, October 16, 2012

lazy tuesday

Ah... finally settling from a lovely weekend in Julian. It was the perfect autumn escape.

But more on that later! I forgot I have more photos on my laptop at home so we'll chat about Julian tomorrow.

Today is one of those days when I don't have much to report on. Mostly because it's Tuesday and mostly because I'm just feeling out of it. But don't worry, coffee is now in my vicinity so things are already looking up. Get ready for a whole smattering of lazy Tuesday updates!



Our apartment is currently full to the brim with apple pie. Julian is known for their bonkers-delicious apple pies so I just had to bring one home for Ashley and I. Upon my arrival at home however, Ashley informed me that she too thought pie was a good idea and made one from scratch whilst I was away. Pies galore! But really, there are worse things in the world than having too much apple pie. 

I spent the evening out last night with my dear friend, Jonny. I met Jonny at that Carnegie Mellon Robotics Fundraiser I went to last March with Bennett. ...Weird, right? Bennett was off flirting with the waitstaff and I was networking away. Jonny and I have been friends ever since. We met up at our favorite gastropub, Rosewood Tavern on Fairfax-- my old West Hollywood stomping grounds. We chatted about Scotland (...he's Scottish) and entertainment industry malarkey (...that's Irish... and I hope you get that reference...) over some yummy beers. He's hilarious and full of stories. Didn't I mention how much I love friends? He's the best kind. We're hopefully going to a concert this weekend if I can make it work...

Frasier has a Halloween costume. Oh yes, yes he does. Get ready. It's even better than last year's dino costume (mostly because it actually fits). I had to promote Frasier to "medium dog" status for this year's cat outfit. Stay tuned! I'm sure to get at least three blurry pictures before he disowns me and reminds me he's not an insouciant canine.

My not-so-friendly dinosaur last Halloween.

Sunday night my sweet friend Annie and I went to our Bravo friend, Kit's engagement party! She had found a cool little art gallery space in downtown Los Angeles, decorated completely by herself and her fiancé, catered with delicious brisket and corn on the cob and fresh gingerbread whoopie pies for good measure. And... I'm realizing now... it was the first engagement party I've ever attended! Love wins.

Kit is a professional Pinterest-er.
In other news, I am currently being actively courted/stalked? by a triathlete/mud-wrestler/professional ultimate frisbee player. It's just as entertaining as it sounds and twice as weird. More on that later. It's shaping up to be quite the peas & queues story.

Anyways... I'm having friends over tonight for part II of Presidential Drinking Game Debates. Pumpkin beer and popcorn is at the ready. (And pie. Lots of pie).




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