Tuesday, October 2, 2012

hello kitty

Greetings, dear ones!

It is I, Jenny, back from my journey through Summer-land. 

It was impossible for me not to write. Things are too good around here. It's October. My hair is finally growing back from that heinous Gwyneth Paltrow frying incident. I have a happy new roommate. It's football season. And I just got back from San Francisco.

Woot woot holla holla I'm a happy lady.

You know what stinks? I had a blog post last month that was basically complete and I never posted it. It was really-- ya know-- funny, too. I was going through this weird "Why am I writing? No one wants to read this, I'm dull" point of my life. The truth is though-- I really write for myself. Poor Summer-baby-Jenny was feeling all self-writing-conscious. 

Welp I'm back in the Los Angeles groove, ya'll-- and the writing is coming along with me.

Life has been interesting since the last time I wrote in JULY. Last you heard from me I was prepping for the ultimate week at Camp Bravo. And ultimate it was! It was honestly my favorite week up the mountain yet. The kids were great, the counseling staff was even better, and the costumes and activities were silly as always. It's also the only time of the year that Blake, Nikolai, and I are all together. 

These guys. Never have I equally loved and hated so passionately for people as I do for Blake and Nikolai. They are simultaneously patient and loving yet obnoxious. Sometimes I'm not sure if I want to hug them or punch them. I can't stand their antics and then when they're gone I'm bored out of my mind. Not only do they keep life interesting, but they are simply the best friends a girl could ask for. And they let me take pictures of them like this:

But really. They put themselves in those Hello Kitty pajamas. And posed. I just suggested it.

Not only do I love them, but their campers do, too. Don't believe me? 

This will never get old.
This was a sad summer, too, as Blake moved to Washington D.C. for grad school. He's studying to be a Shakespearean whiz. Now I just have to love/hate him from afar.

Speaking of love/hate relationships, my living situation in LA is finally looking up. After living through what can only be called a heartbreaking roommate/apartment situation, I am finally cashing in on all of that built-up good karma. 

Meet my new roommates: Ashley and Allan the kitten.

This is a crazy story that worked out too well.

Ashley was my camper several years ago. Me and my co-counselor Mariko were always incredibly fond of her and even joked around that one day-- if we both miraculously ended up in Los Angeles (from Tucson and Las Vegas)-- we could be roommates, big sister/little sister style.

That was five years ago.

When I went out to speak with Las Vegas schools about Camp last April, I randomly bumped into Ashley outside her school during an incredibly well-timed fire drill. 
Guess what! I'm actually moving to LA! And need a roommate!
...Uh I actually live in LA! And need a roommate!
I told her that once she 'aged out' of camp, to give me a call. And she did. And now she's my roommate and a dream come true. We bake cookies and homemade pizza, watch wedding shows, and go to Zumba classes together. Turns out I'm not always lucky with 'roommates'-- but Bravo family works jusssstt fine. 

Oh and she got a kitten on Sunday. And Frasier hates his life.

Old man Frasier guarding the bedroom door in case Allan the kitten suddenly bursts in...
Sweet little kitty... ruining Frasier's peace of mind.
Oh well, Uncle Frasier is going to have to get over it. Allan is the cutest. 

I have a real date tonight-- with Belinda. Real as in dinner and a movie. We're having dinner at our favorite little Westwood Italian restaurant and then seeing an early screening of Seven Psychopaths

I'll let you know what I think. I saw Pitch Perfect on Sunday night and really cannot recommend it enough. It is silly and uplifting and Skylar Astin in the film will make your heart hurt. He's too good. 

Alright. More later.

This was fun, huh? Here's to more Peas & Queues posts!


(...stay tuned for Bay Area antics, shooting guns and drinking beer, five-year old birthday parties, fancy-schmancy interviews, and Bostonian trips in the future... Oh. It's gonna get good.)

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