Friday, October 26, 2012

fickle friend friday : bozos

The good news is it's Friday! My favorite day of the blog week! Fickle Friend Friday!

The bad news is last night when I was trying to fall asleep a spider CRAWLED INSIDE MY EAR. 

I'm sorry I had to do that to you. 

I'm just severely traumatized at the moment and when you have spiders building spider homes inside of your ears the last thing you are concerned about is tact. 

Obviously I don't have an introduction or punchline in this situation, so let me just state the facts:

1) I angered the spider gods by not one but two posts about my recent spider contempt.
2) Angry brown recluse mated with a traveling brown not-so-recluse from my window and left the babies near my bed. Never again shall I invite the Studio City breezes in my window during the day. 
3) I settle into my comfy warm bed with my cat last night, and despite my recent goal of trying to sleep on my back for most of the time (I've heard this reduces those unsightly future wrinkles between breasts in the future... yes, these are the kinds of things I strategize), I decide to rebelliously sleep on my side and effectually invite lost baby spiders into my ear cavity. I should have known better.
4) I feel something tickling my ear. In the darkness. 
5) I hear a faint buzzing. I hear it inside of my ear. So soft and quiet. Bugs can't see at night, right? THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY EAR.
6) Stumble my way to the bathroom while pounding my palm against my ear.
7) Moisten q-tip. Jab violently (but a safe depth) into my left ear. I can hear it. I can feel it. It's digging into my brain...
8) Two minutes go by. No success.
9) I strike spider gold. Retrieve this: 

10) Do the "This-is-so-sick" dance around my bathroom and pretend cry.
11) Pull myself together.
12) Grab my phone. Take a picture, obviously.
13) Gather pillow, comforter, and cat and sleep on the couch.

And scene.

Now that that is out of the way, let's pretend like life is beautiful and spiders don't crawl into our ears at night and that our pets' heads aren't falling off


Here are some things I think are super great this week...

Favorite blast from the past: Dream Phone. This was Jamie and my favorite game growing up, especially during the long hot Arizona summer days. We'd come into the air-conditioned house in our wet swim team bathing suits and towels and play Dream Phone while dinner was cooking. We loved it. But now that I'm thinking about it... the game was kind of questionable. 

The goal is to find out which guy has a crush on you. When you find out, you win.  

If you were lucky it was George, Spencer, or Dan. If you were unlucky it was Carlos or Gary. Blech. On your turn you call a different guy while they're at the mall, gym, school, or movie theatre. They would then give you a clue: "He looks good in whatever he wears... but he's not wearing a yellow jacket!", or "He'll eat almost anything.... except hot dogs!" Then you'd cross off that feature on your little crush detective checklist.

Like most electronic games from the 90s it was completely addictive and completely buggy--- the same guys always liked us. But really-- a game for girls where you sit at home, call around to check which guy likes you while they're out having fun and living life? And then that's what you win? Their half-assed affection? Sheesh. Allow me to also point out that this game was approved by my mother who wouldn't let me watch Grease until I was sixteen because I was "so impressionable". I ain't buyin' it!

Favorite mental peace find: Headspace. What a delightful (and kind-of-free) website! After discovering Headspace earlier this week I am really looking forward to taking advantage of their simple guided meditation practices. Watch this lovely, illustrated, and Englishman-narrated take on why meditation is important in our day-to-day lives. Much like reading my blog, it seems like it's going to make everything better in your life. I don't know about you, but I could certainly use the help-- I have the frenetic attention span of a cockerspaniel. It's about time I start meditating somewhere else besides in my car on the way to work. 

One of our producers at work made salted caramel ice cream and brought it to work. I mean, I wasn't going to say no, that would just be rude. 

Best Dolly Parton hair flip of the week. Don't worry I didn't leave the house like that-- I brushed that ish out. This was also the day when I randomly ran into Rodolfo on my afternoon walk at work.  It was so weird.  There he was, standing on the corner, waving his arms above his head to get my attention. I was already committed to crossing the street as I was halfway through the crosswalk. Once I got there he shook my hand. Twice. He then asked me if I worked on Saturdays, to which I replied "no", and he replied, "Oh. I do!"


"Huh. Well. Interesting. Okay, bye!" And I raced across the street. "Bye Jeanny! See you soon, Jeanny!" Oi... Poor Rodolfo.

Favorite song/ band find of the week: Lake Street Dive. What a voice! 

Favorite picture of Frasier.

After receiving zero response after posting this video on my Facebook several days ago, I'm beginning to think this might be one of those things in life where I am completely alone in my enjoyment of this video. To me, sitting in my office at work trying not to laugh-- it's hilarious. When I get married some day all I ask is that my husband can/wants to dance like this. 

Taylor Swift's new cd. Mm mm mm! Makes me feel a little silly, a little feminine, and really okay with it. She's got a way of writing songs that are completely applicable to things in my life. However I'm really looking forward to her finally reaching some success in relationships-- a lot of her songs are starting to bum me out. Love wins, Tay tay. Love wins. Stop dating so many bozos.


I have a perfect weekend in Los Angeles ahead of me! Birthday dinners in Santa Monica, filming a movie with Johnny, getting my butt to some Zumba classes, farmers markets, looking for a new apartment, going out in Hollywood, life planning, and seeing a show at Comedy Sportz with my dear friend Kate. Whew! Come at me, life.



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