Thursday, October 18, 2012

little jo(h)n's

Happy Thursday!

Today is a good day-- for several reasons:

1) I have homemade vegetable lasagna for lunch. Cheesy veggie goodness!
2) I know what I'm going to be for Halloween. And it makes me laugh silently at my desk thinking about it.
3) The season finale of Project Runway is on tonight! Team Christopher, all the way.

4) I'm handwriting Halloween cards as we speak. If you don't get one it's probably because I think you'd be more creeped out by a Halloween greeting from me than pleasantly surprised.

5) I'm finally nailing down Homecoming plans. Three weeks until the Arizona shenanigans begin!

6) This video exists. ...did Snoop really need the money?

7) I'm still on a friendship high since reuniting with two of my most treasured friends last night.



I might have to make some cuts in the friends-named-Jo(h)n department. It's just getting silly now.

On Monday I had beers with Jonny from Scotland. Tuesday-- Johnny Mac came over to watch the debate and eat pie.  And last night, I met up with John and Jonathan for tacos.


I met Jonathan almost six years ago at the University of Arizona. Jon(athan) and I were working as stage managers on the fall production of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs. We hit it off immediately and we've been friends ever since. My sophomore year of college we actually lived together with two of our other guy friends. 

(By the way-- that was, by far, the best living situation I have ever been in. Guys are so much easier to live with-- especially when there's a mix of snarky chef,  sweet musical theatre geek, and quiet lawyer hermit. Oh and me, mildly humorous girl with a rude cat and a 7-foot-tall boyfriend. Our house was always clean and full of food and cable tv at the ready). 

Jonathan and I did most everything together that year. We spent countless evenings staying up all night talking, watching Team America, and running to Nico's for midnight burritos. He's a hoot and a half.

At an awards night for theatre students, my freshman year.
Jon was on a scavenger hunt on campus and had to take a picture with members of Darwin...
luckily we were doing an outdoor show at the time!
I met John, on the other hand, through my old roommate Matt. John was always over at the house eating my cookies and complaining about my healthy attempts at chocolate bran muffins. John also tried to wrangle me into guitar lessons every now and then, though we'd usually just end up with him playing and us singing improvised songs on the couch. Later that semester we became even closer when I made it into the improv troupe on campus-- the highly-referenced-on-peas-&-queues-- Charles Darwin Experience.  We had endless rehearsals, shows, and trips together. John and I get each other and can read right through each others' BS. Which is sometimes unnerving but ultimately refreshing.

Bryan, me, and John at Fracas Improv Festival at USC four years ago. ...I'm an old lady.

John, me, and Bryan (again) onstage during a special evening of Darwin, prom style.
Really, I'll just take any excuse to wear my Annie Get Your Gun dress.

Here's a link to the final game of the night (second to last!) of Prom Darwin. The first half is awesome-- the second half turns into a bit of a clustercuss. But you get to see John and I being friends. Don't mind the poor video quality--- this was one of our first videos ever, by a fan in the audience.
**Bewarned-- it's college humor. 

As much as Jon and John and I adore each other, we somehow never got together in LA when I moved out here, despite my living five minutes away from their house. After John ran into my mother at a yoga class before seeing me-- we decided it had just gone too far! And dinner it was!

We met at Hugo's Tacos in Studio City, one of my very favorite little eatery spots in the Valley. A couple chicken tacos later and we were back in the swing. It was kind of like seeing family after a long time. I mean, we've known each for the better part of our adult years. We were there for a lot of ups and downs, dumb arguments, bizarre stories and life-changing moments. (And we also knew how to party).

John just started doing stand-up comedy so Jonathan and I are going to go catch his set next week! ...Which just re-waters my interest in doing the same... Unf. One day. Already making new friend dates. We're back on track.

I thank goodness for all the little Jo(h)n's out there. Alright, I guess I'll keep them.


Now that I am finally eating my lasagna... time to sign off.



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