Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This week. Is. Nuts.

But really, July is shaping up to be the best month, ever.

I just got back from my first real Las Vegas trip. 

Things I accomplished:

- Gambled a total of three dollars
- Ate a total of three snack bags of Cheetohs with my friend, Robin (Note: completely unashamed)
- Watched my friend Aaron have the best day of his life in the Peter Lik studio at the Venetian
- Learned the delicate finesse of sleeping in a hotel with seven people
- Partied at the most elite Cougar bar on the strip
- Realized that I love making lists

It was a superb weekend. Me and my fellow camp friends have been talking about this trip for over a year and it finally came to fruition! Lexi drove up from San Diego, Aaron from Tucson, and Robin from Boston. Tayler and her boyfriend, Tyler joined us from just down the street and our dear Las-Vegas-native friend, Natalie, was the perfect host. We were unstoppable.

This is what happens when theatre kids pose for a picture.
We of course spent most of our evenings drinking espresso with our pinkies out and contemplating the stock market and the benefits of ETF's and mutual bonds.

...We didn't get too crazy. That being said, I need to go back. I left feeling only partially accomplished. Who knows, maybe next time I'll bet four dollars. 

Last night I went to my first professional soccer game! Despite living in England for seven months... I never made it to one bloody match. I know. For shame. It was wonderful, especially because the Galaxy was playing Tottenham-- some of my old English flatmates' favourite (spelling intended) team. My sister-in-law Emma is English and her family and friends have been Tottenham fans for years. We had quite the tailgate:

...which of course was very different than my last tailgate... in Oakland for the Raiders game on New Years. The Tottenham tailgate had a lot of fresh, clean grass underfoot, old English men in boat hats, and coolers full of things like hummus and Sierra Nevada pale ale. (Though let's face it-- I have a soft spot for painted asphalt, children dressed as scary silver skeleton pirates, and coolers full of Budweiser and Budweiser. Can football season start already??)

The game was a blast. (Minus Beckham and Landon Donavan being absent for the upcoming All-Stars game... grumblegrumble).

Unfortunately they tied, which is never very gratifying... but a great game nonetheless. Here's a picture of me and my brother, Jason. He made this face so that I would be embarrassed and "not post it on any social media sites, JENNY."

Joke's on him. 
Speaking of ENGLAND... one of my dearest friends is visiting this week from my exchange student days in Norwich--- AJ! There were thirteen of us living in our humble little Norfolk Terrace flat-- three from America-- me from Arizona, Jenna from Colorado, and AJ from New Jersey. I haven't seen AJ for three years now, and I am so, so happy he's here. He's never been west of Tennessee so this is a big trip for him. It has been nice reminiscing about our silly English friends and our short-lived English accents we acquired. He'll be staying at the Jenny Inn all week and I am so happy.

Contemplating British brick usage on an outing in Norwich
Saturday morning I am meeting my dear friend Laura halfway to San Diego for beach time and mimosas! Laura is my very favoritest roommate ever from my freshman year at the University of Arizona. She's visiting from Texas and I just can't wait to see her beautiful face. 

Here are our 20 and 19-year-old selves eating a pizookie in Tucson with reckless abandon and no concern for social graces (see: my facial expression). 

And then... once Laura leaves... I pack up my various costumes and bug spray and head up the mountain for....


Every year, about this time, I get this sinking-pit feeling in my stomach. "What am I doing? That person is mean. Is this real life? This kinda sucks. I'm not cool. I forget how cool I am." And then Bravo comes around. A week away from real life expectations and protocol... a week where I can turn off my phone and only worry about which pajamas I want to wear to the pajama brunch, how many jelly beans I have left in my pocket, and what time I need to blow my whistle for line up. 

Bliss. Coming soon to a Jenny near you.

For now-- I'm hurrying home to meet my mom. It's her birthday! Look how I spoiled her this morning:

*note the handmade flowers and bicycle card. I'm really working on my pinterest craft skills.

We're going out with friends tonight for italian food followed by an obligatory Gilmore Girls sesh and these little bits of homemade yumminess. 

Texas Sheetcake Cupcakes. You're welcome, world.
As good as these look-- they are twice as delicious. For realz. (...except for that sloppy one on the corner... what the...? what is this, Candy Land?)

A very happy birthday to my beautiful, awkwardly cool mother. Here's to many more! 

Alright... off I go to see friends and shove cupcakes in my piehole.

Kisses, all. 

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