Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lo and behold, I find a small moment to write! 

This week has been bonkers, and it's only getting crazier. 

Now that I just used my new favorite word, bonkers, I must attach this music video to my favorite song when I was living in England-- appropriately titled, 'Bonkers" by Dizzee Rascal. This was my jam. This song came on in Pu Na Na's and I was all, "Watch out mate--- hold my snake bite--- this song is QUALITY." And then my friends Alec and James would get into a fist fight with some blokes, grab a donor kebab, and we'd hop on the 25 bus back to our flat.

Those were the days.

But things really are bonkers around here.

We are in major crunch mode at work. We have a huge Christmas special that we are pulling together and I am in charge of all of the little details leading up to it. Exciting stuff! Big names and performers! I can't wait. The only issue is my writing window is a bit narrow. That's okay though-- it just means these moments are even sweeter.

Besides work being a crazy time-vacuum, I just put in my thirty days notice at my place... so the apartment hunt has begun! Apartment searching in Los Angeles can be a daunting process. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and we desperately need to lock a place down. Luckily Ashley and I make a pretty killer team--- I scrounge around and narrow down the places, Ashley goes and scopes them out, and if they're good enough for our very high (not really) standards, we go meet the landlord and really lay on the charm. Keep your fingers crossed for us! 


I had a fabulous Halloween yesterday. After a long butt day at work I came home and whipped up some homemade tomato soup for my mother and Ashley. Because I've been so swamped with work and social life I haven't had time to watch much television--- so last night was the night to catch up on my favorite shows in all of their Halloween themed glory. I want to kiss the man who invented the DVR.

If you didn't watch New Girl's Halloween episode, go do yourself a favor and stream it online somewhere. Maybe illegally. Do what you gotta go.

Frasier even wore his costume to our little Halloween dinner party the whole night for an hour, tops. 

Happy Halloweenie!

Much more comfortable than last year's dinosaur costume...

...I'm such a good single cat mom. Keyword: single.

After a bowlful of steamy soup and TV, I was ready to call it a night. I was out super late the night before with Jonathan at John's stand-up comedy show in West Hollywood, I've already been to two other Halloween parties, and what with work on top of that-- I was exhausted and almost Halloween-ed out. But firecracker Ashley motivated me and off we went in some pretty half-assed costumes with cake pops in tow. Ashley wore her old lifeguard uniform, and I made my first appearance in a semi-attractive costume... 

Who's that girl?


Jess from New Girl! Keyword: half-assed. 

But really. I haven't worn a dress for Halloween since I was Frida Kahlo, or as my mother calls her, Rita Kulo. (By the way, if you've never watched this sketch from SNL about mom's and celebrity names, do yourself a favor and watch it now).

Ryan and Nikolai as Ghostbusters and Frazier (the human) as Super Girl. Standard.

We went over to a little house party Nikolai and his handsome roommates were throwing. Some jungle juice, silly costumes, jokes and games later-- and we were on top of the roof looking out at beautiful Hollywood. Life is just good sometimes!

Ashley, Daniel, me, and Ryan

I've got great friends, really. This past weekend I helped out on Johnny's LA movie directorial debut! It was a blast. Granted, I was just being a snarky extra in the background, but I was the snarkiest extra you've ever seen and I made up some pretty killer lines. Johnny was great, the crew was great, and the setting was even more interesting. They had rented out a beautiful office space for the day-- and little did we know it was a porn production office. I might have been the one who found out. Because I was snooping around the person's desk. I had to respect them though-- they know what they're doing and they are very organized and efficient. I will never unsee what I saw though. It made the crew's down time in between shots much more entertaining, that's for sure.

Alright-- I've got to run. Kathleen and I are off to grab our usual burger and beer of the month-- this time at Plan Check. (Just to clarify-- our burger and beer of the month together-- I shall put no limit on my burgers or beer, thank you very much). 

Check it:

I'm feeling wild tonight and think I'm going to get my first burger with a fried egg on top. Johnny has long boasted the legend of eggs on burgers... but tonight is my maiden voyage. Let's see if I can make this burger talk any more awkward for everyone.

Hey guys, it's November! 



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