Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey cool cats! What's shakin'?

Just got off of work at LUSH! My very first shift! Hoorah! I'm kind of obsessed with working there, which is a BEAUTIFUL thing to be able to say. I also sold a butt-load of stuff. One lady came in and bought --get this-- TWENTY Bubble bars. That's just ridiculous, lady. Each bubble bar is about $7-11. This one's called the Comforter, and can be used for at least 3 baths. It smells like heaven. Favorite.

In other news, I dropped a blueberry in the kitchen this morning and couldn't find it. Hemingway apparently did-- and is currently scooting it around the floor and tossing it in the air. People who don't have cats-- what do you do for entertainment?

This is kind of what it looks like (not really, but still. It's a picture of a cat and a blueberry, what are the odds?)

I had the time of my life at Jason and Emma's BBQ on Sunday night. I will never get over the fact that I can do family activities out here. It was so weird to see everyone in such a casual environment with no special occasion! We are all still a little giddy about it. Especially little Mason (my 2-year-old nephew). "Auntie Jenny!!!" It's the little things like him wanting to share grapes with me. It just doesn't get old. Makena started her drama camp this week that culminates with a show on Friday night-- which I get to see! She got into theatre because of me. Love it.

Look at them. Are you kidding me?

Afterwards I drove to Glendale to skate with Bang! I got there and it was just me, Ezra, and lovely Sabrina. We basically had the entire rink to ourselves. Which was very romantic for them and perhaps 5% awkward for me. And then the absurdity began: Jenny on skates. I haven't skated since I was... what, 9 or 10 years old? You know that saying, "It's just like riding a bike, it comes back to you, blah blah blah"?

Let's just say my skating skills left something to be desired. I didn't fall though, so I suppose that is an accomplishment in itself. My fever hit about halfway through after Mitchell and Jonas showed up. Not saying that they brought it on, but I'm sure they'd like to think that. They of course were also brilliant skaters. I guess I was born in the wrong era? I should give myself more credit though-- I still went out there and gave it the old college try. Look at us having fun :)

From left to right: Kurt (who---get this--- was Godzilla in the 90s movie. RIGHT?!), Ezra, Jonas, Mitchell, Sabrina, and me! I almost fell before this picture was taken. On the carpet with my skates on. If that just gives you an idea of my skating abilities. I had such a good time though! Sometimes you've got to do things that make you feel a little uncomfortable. Jonas, Mitchell and I went to Yogurtland afterwards to wind down and chat.

Fun fun fun.

Becca and I went back to Yoga Shelter yesterday morning for what was perhaps the most difficult yoga class yet. It was ridiculous. But we freaking loved it. Especially because we had already made a date to go to Studio Yogurt afterwards. (Yes, I know I have a froyo problem). I inhaled mine while Becca barely scooped the toppings off the top. Silly. Have I mentioned how much I love her?

I came home and worked on my sketch. It's about two self-proclaimed "cool parents" about to give their daughter "The Talk". Instead, the daughter informs them that she in fact is saving herself for marriage, to which they erupt in disapproval and effectually try to talk her out of it. Funny-ish, right? Wrong-ish. It seemed pretty funny until we workshopped it in class. I don't know if it just didn't translate or what. I feel like part of it is that I write things to be said in my pacing and tone, and a lot of inflections were lost. Which is FINE! That's all my problem. I need to work on stuff like that so anyone can use my writing, not just me, because that doesn't make any sense. There's a lot of pressure when you know someone else is reading and analyzing your work. I have to get used to that. But, huh.... I guess that's what this blog is. I guess it's easier because I never really get feedback on here. My sister is the only one who ever comments. Speaking of that, leave me a comment, eh?

Apparently my sketch was humourous enough--- it made it into the final cut for the show! I was completely shocked, but boy, am I honored. Can't wait to take another hack at it. After class Johnny, Jimmy, Becca and I hung around Bang while Becca and I had some chicken matzo soup from Canter's. Man, have I been sick. I think working at LUSH today made me feel miraculously better? Well, that or the 8 hours of sleep last night and skipping of yoga today.

Speaking of Johnny. After my last blog post Johnny comes up to me and says, "First of all, how dare you call me out on your blog when I don't read it. And secondly, my response to you being on OkCupid wasn't that bad." I would also like to point out that Johnny only looks through my blog for his name. Rude. Thanks for being my friend JOHNNY and for supporting my work JOHNNY.

Can you tell we secretly love each other?

Back to the yoga grind tomorrow morning. Then doing laundry**, picking up my MUM from the train station, and my improv class with JOHNNY, Mitchell, and friends! La la la I love my life.

Time for me to get some sleep so that I can finally be done with this sickness silliness. Kisses.

**Probably won't actually happen.

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  1. Hi Jenny! Your blog popped up on my newsfeed and I'm obsessed! Looks like you're making your dreams come true! I just had to say as your token Jewish friend that it's called matzo BALL soup. I'm sure you already knew that, but I figured it was a good opportunity to comment and say how awesome you are! Also, as one of your biggest fans, I'm requesting that you try all the food trucks like the Grilled Cheese Truck and the Kogi truck and then write about it. Thanks!!!!