Sunday, June 26, 2011

...Hokay Cupid

I'm kind of on this ridiculous friendship high right now. You know when you watch shows like How I Met Your Mother and Friends, and you think to yourself, "I wish I had friends like that and I wish that we all had a place we met all the time... like MacLaren's bar in HIMYM and Central Perk in Friends. Hmpph."

Well I feel like this situation is slowly developing in my real life and I really could not be more thrilled. By now you all know that I am obsessed with Griddle Cafe on Sunset Blvd and that I go every Sunday, blah blah blah. Now that I have made a habit of it, the next best part is inviting everyone I can and seeing who shows up. This morning it was me, Jimmy, Johnny, Becca, Rachel, and James-- a good friend from U of A media arts classes and fellow Portlandia lover. He has the most infectious laughter of anyone I know. It was so fun bringing everyone together--- as some were meeting for the first time. U of A people, Bang, Bravo... We all got along rather well considering--- and what can bring people together more than delicious pancakes? Am I right?!

What a fun thing to look forward to every week. I'm especially excited because next Sunday my dear Mum will be in town! She is going to Claremont with my second family, the Holtzen's, and will be visiting LA for a couple days to see what I've been up to. I have so many plans-- a non-negotiable stop at the Griddle being one of them-- along with yoga at Yoga Shelter, Studio City yogurt, wandering down 3rd Street Promenade with lots of LUSH consultations, and some delicious yummeries (new word) around town. AND OF COURSE--- going to Bang!!! Life is easy when you come visit Jenny. It's a little slice o' heaven.

In other news... Bad Teacher was just that--- Bad. Mildly humorous, I suppose. But if you would rather see a better version, just watch School of Rock. It's basically the same movie (except School of Rock does just that--- Rocks). Jason Segel was wonderful as always, no surprise there. See it at the dollar theatres (if you live anywhere besides LA) or just wait till it hits Netflix.

Saturday morning I went to a quick yoga session to sweat out my sickness. I've been under the weather the last couple of days from lack of sleep. I unfortunately get fevers if I have two nights of not much sleep. Yup, so that stinks. I'm feeling slightly better though. Friday I was pretty sick. I didn't leave my little futon all day, except to go to the movies with Rachel.

Who's ready for a good story? Good.

Here's the deal.

I like writing. I hope that whoever is reading this (besides my mother and sister) likes reading what I write. But let's face it: unless I write something of actual interest, besides what I eat and how much I do yoga, I need to give some interesting details. Perhaps even embarrassing details. So here it goes. For the sake of art.

I... I... I got an OkCupid profile. If you are anything like Johnny, your current reaction is horror and disappointment. But this is how I want you to react, "What?! (chuckles) Oh, Jenny. That's just classic Jenny. You love awkward situations! Oh my, you are going to get some funny stories out of this, if anything! You go do it, it doesn't matter. That's hilarious."

...Because that's more of the reaction I'm going for. So try and steer into that area.

Look guys, I don't need to be in a relationship. I REALLY don't. I like relationships but I truly don't need one. I really am quite happy with myself. However I am in a brand new city with brand new things everywhere! Why not try and make some new friends, right? You guys know me--- I have pretty high standards, so I am not lowering them at all to be on this website.

In the last two days of being on OkCupid I have received... get this... 62 messages from different guys. Mostly they are all pretty random. Haha. But some of them are actually interested in the comedy scene so that's interesting. For any of you who think that the online "dating" world is for weirdos and old people who can't meet anyone in real life, you happen to be wrong. There are very normal, very interesting people everywhere. In fact, it's kind of like having a catalogue to peruse--- you can look at people and if you aren't interested, you skip over them and move to the next. I mean there has already been three guys that I could definitely see myself getting coffee with or something, but I would never have met otherwise.

Some interesting things so far: One guy referred to me as "punky". Another as a "rare gem". One sent me a message that said, "Hello. I like to known you." And apparently I also attract Indian pediatricians. My tally is currently at three.

Let me repeat: I am NOT desperate and this is not my way of getting attention. I don't need that to be happy. But life is freaking short and I do what I want! (I've also already roped in some friends that shall go unnamed to get accounts, too...) It's kind of fun--- like facebook for dating. If anything I can just find some new friends.

So that was my schpeel. Hopefully I explained myself fully. If not, let me know. If I can talk Johnny down from his reaction, I can put you at ease as well. Also--- mothers and familial adults: the internet is no longer just for predators. There are normal nice people on there, too. I. Will. Be. Okay.

Yesterday night, Saturday, I went to Bang to open up the theatre. After Mayfly got started Becca and I stepped out to grab some dinner. We went to Loteria Grill, which is a Mexican food restaurant in the Farmer's Market--- which is more of an open air shopping market.

I got the nachos and soup and Becca got the chicken mole tacos--- FANTASTIC. Everything was super delicious. We caught up with each other's lives and drama, then headed back to Bang to bring Johnny some dinner. I completely adore Becca, I am so glad I have such a great friend out here!! (Johnny-- I adore you, too. Don't get jelly.)

After breakfast at the Griddle this morning, we decided to go to a Yoga Rocks class at the Shelter, followed by a quick Starbucks run. Becca loved the yoga class and we are headed back bright and early for another round tomorrow! I'm telling you guys, this yoga place is completely addicting. I am not usually this motivated/excited to work out all the time.

Tonight I am going to a BBQ at my brother's house with the family! (Sigh)... family events in California. I love it. Then tonight Ezra had the brilliant idea to have a roller skating party at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale! Haha! I'm so excited to go, I haven't skated in so long. Here's to hoping I don't fall. You never know.

Alright. Time to hit the showers. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday. Go eat some pancakes, okay? Kisses.

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