Friday, June 10, 2011


So perhaps you have noticed that I haven't mentioned the name of my internship company. I have heard stories about interns losing their jobs because they mentioned things on social network sites, etc. I wanted to be careful and ask for permission before I said anything. BUT. I got the big O.K. yesterday from the best, and most hilarious, bossman in the world: Ezra Weisz at BANG COMEDY THEATRE. I am now allowed (and heartily encouraged) to talk about Bang whenever I darn well please and let everyone know what a little gem this place is.

Right on Fairfax, a little off of Melrose, (and right by some delicious Jewish delis and right across the street from my best friend Jorge at Three Amigos produce shop) is the sassiest little comedy club you've ever seen. You wouldn't know it from the unassuming streetfront, but there is some comedic treasure going on inside their glass doors. I arrived and met the team for the summer. Boy oh boy am I going to be having some fun!

From left to right we have Ezra Weisz, Mitchell Roché (my improv teacher), and the beautiful Grethen Enders. Talk about a hat trick. Every Thursday night at 9:30 they have a FREE improv show called Schwag. There are three acts that make up the show: two other improv groups from around town (including Chad from the Alltel commercials, whose real name is also, Chad. He was quite hilarious and could see my facial expressions exploding all over when I recognized him. Hrmph.)

Then there's iProv, the Bang house team featuring Ezra, Mitchell, and Gretchen. I kid you not, I have not laughed this hard in a long... long... time. Johnny Mac and I were literally crying. A free show that is so funny it makes you cry?! Why isn't everybody there every Thursday night?!?

That's Johnny Mac's and my job this summer. Get some butts in the seats. Well, that and run the box office, organize the green room and make things run smoothly. We are so excited about it. Can't wait to get in there and get started. If you are living anywhere near LA, you have to come to Bang. You won't regret it.

Oh! How could I forget!! I saw Fred Willard's sketch group last night!! He was incredible. Such a legend. John and I were in the green room afterwards with Ezra receiving a tour, when he walked right in. We were GIDDY (but very discreetly, my facial expressions were completely in check. I can behave and be aloof when I want to. In the presence of celebrities I am an aloof ice queen of ambivalence.) Here's a link of Fred Willard being hilarious in one of my personal favorite Christopher Guest movies: Best in Show:


Woke up this morning and headed to Yoga Shelter for another extremely sweaty class. Lo and behold, guess who was there? One of my favorite actors ever, Jason Bateman.

Jackie had told me he yoga'd (...verb? yup, it is now) at the Shelter, and I was wondering if I was going to see him. He was adorable. It brought me a lot of comfort to see (the handful of times I was in warrior 2 or balancing with my leg in the air, facing his way--and again, I am an inconspicuous ice queen--) that we have something in common. He also completely lacks control of facial expressions. He was struggling and sweaty just like the rest of us, and his expressions were exasperated and hilarious. Despite the sweat and silly faces, he was very handsome and friendly looking. Headed back to the Shelter again tomorrow morning. I'm obsessed with that place!

Nikolai is graduating from UCLA today---hooray!--- so Rachel and I are driving down to Anaheim at 6 pm for his party (it's an even distance for all of his family and friends). Apparently there is a man catering called "The Taco Man". Which sounds delicious and free! He's been so wonderful letting me stay here for the past couple days. Such a good friend.

Anyways. That's all I've got to say for now. Thanks to everyone keeping up with my little life here!


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