Friday, June 17, 2011

Marion Jones in Little Whinging


I am a train-wreck without sleep. Honestly, I don't know how people do it. I need a solid 7 hours of sleep if anyone is going to enjoy my company or appearance. I am also the worst napper ever. I have been sitting on my futon/couch/bed watching dumb videos and responding to emails instead of catching some much needed z's. It's not the nap thing I'm bad at, actually, it's just the waking up part. I get very confused and don't know where I am or what I am doing in life. So I'm awake and complaining instead.

Went to see Green Lantern last night, not to be confused with Green Hornet, like I was accidentally saying to everyone all night. Honestly though, why didn't they just use another color? I can think of at least 5 other colors that would have worked with "Lantern" or "Hornet". Whichever was written second should have known they were going to confuse me. The movie... was pretty awful. I felt like I was watching The Clone Wars... the Cartoon Network version. Which is fine, but this is a major motion picture that has been promoted for the last two years and their budget was ridiculous, I'm sure. It was kind of sad. It had some creative visuals so I was mildly amused, despite it being past baby's bedtime. Blake Lively did better than I thought she would, and Ryan Reynolds was charming as always. However I do prefer unassuming heroes, and the moment you see him all tall and toned with aviators on and a leather jacket... come on... We get it, you're going to be the super hero. No convincing needed.

I enjoy Peter Parker-like characters that you want to root for. Too many muscles and I get confused.

Just stop it, Ryan Reynolds. I liked you better on Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place when you didn't have to take your shirt off for attention.

I saw the movie after another hilarious Schwag show! (There IS a 'c' in there... I have seen inconsistent spellings but here and now I declare that there is a 'c' before the 'h'). Unfortunately, most of the other U of A interns who said they were coming didn't show. Which is fine!! (if any of you are one of those people, not a problem, just come back next week, you were missed!) Then I drove all the way to freaking Pasadena to see the movie. Woof. Ezra gave me some rockin' directions though and I arrived at... 11:55 pm. Blake threw a Green Lantern shirt my way, I grabbed my compulsory bag of popcorn and jumped into my assigned seat (silly).

I got home at 3:30ish and had a hellish time finding a parking spot. I was positive that angry note man was going to be ready with a machete as soon as I got out of my car. So I grabbed my purse and SPRINTED to my house. Literally. I ran as fast as I could down the middle of the road. Not sure why I thought that was safer. I guess because then I had room on either side of me to jump onto a car if necessary and stab them with my little car key. Hmmm... or maybe I could just get some mace like a normal girl.

It had been raining and the street kind of looked like Privet Drive with the glassy puddles and trees on either side. Eerily silent. Luckily for me, angry note man was probably off threatening other undeserving parkers in the neighborhood and destroying their sense of security.

Got up this morning, grabbed a soy Americano, and headed to Bang to do some cleaning/organizing/craigslisting. I just love it there. I already feel like it's becoming my home. It's such a nice feeling to love going to work everyday. Lucky me.

Just made a very strange lunch... ever heard of tofu shirataki noodles? Turns out they are much more delicious than they sound. You have to soak, rinse, and dry them out really well though... because they're kinda stinky and packed in liquid. Mmm they sound great, don't they? Ha. I topped it with some spinach, tomatoes, pesto and muenster. It tasted like real pasta! Apparently it's much better for you though. Low in everything blah blah blah. They're fun though, try them. Only at Whole Foods though, so prepare yourself to go in, grab it, and look away from all of their tempting, expensive delectables.

I have the night off at Bang because Fridays are their student groups' shows, so I don't have to work the front. Jackie's cafe is having a red carpet opening event...? (only in LA would a coffee shop have a red carpet event), and they are giving out free goodie bags, certificates, and mani/pedis to the first 30 in. Don't worry, I'll be there. I love me some free loot. The cafe is connected to "Treats for the Face", a salon that's famous for their gummy bear *painless* bikini waxes (I'm sure). It's very cute inside and very expensive. Also very popular with celebs.

So I better try and look good. Wish me luck. I have a very exciting busy weekend ahead of me. This is just the calm before the storm.

I would like to make a small shout out to some family and friends that have been rumored to be reading this:

Traci and Connie, the best second mothers a girl could have, thanks for reading and I miss you both! I heard you have been keeping up with me... let me know when you both start a blog! :) Despite what you say, I'm POSITIVE I would be entertained!

Jeff and Andy: Read up so you can participate in their references. They gave the Office a try... right?

Grandma Bernie and Grandpa Dick: Hello from LA!! Hope you are well!!

Al Pal!! I love you and miss you, best friend!!

Bryan: I'm ready. Come visit. Let's paint the town reddddCAPSATTACKRUVYOU. MISS YOU.

Andrew and Kelsey: Gracias... por... para... f it, who am I kidding, I don't know freaking Spanish!!

Jamie and Mums: Who knew that other people read this besides you two?

I'm packing up my stuff and heading to Jackie's for the most intense workout video I've ever done (yes, Jane Fonda, I am including yours in that statement). It's called CARDIO BARRE. I look just like this when I do it, too.

Happy Friday night everyone! xxxo

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