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Get ready for a picture-book-of-a-blog-post.

How is everyone? I am enjoying some chamomile tea and popcorn before I head to Bang for their hilarious (and free) show, Shwag! (which I discussed in detail last week). Johnny and I have rounded up more people this week so we should have a pretty packed house! Go us.

Speaking of things that can be made in the microwave (loose connection to popcorn), I stumbled into the kitchen last Sunday to reheat my leftover streusel pancake from the Griddle Cafe... when to my horror I realized we don't have one! I stood there for a good 30 seconds processing that information. It's not that I don't know how to cook things, it's that I don't remember a kitchen in my life history that did not have a microwave.

So I took out a frying pan and heated it in that. Eh. I also only have microwave popcorn bags with me right now, instead of my usual raw kernels, so I cut open the bag and cooked it in a sauce pan. Worked pretty well!

Let's talk cats. I promised you some cat pictures.

I want to ask your opinion. It's kind of like going to the optometrist. Which is a better name for this cat...

1. Walter..... or 2. Hemingway

And again...

1. Ruby..... or 2. Schwitters

If you guessed Walter and Schwitters... you guessed right. As in, that's what Carly (my roommate) and I named them. We didn't know what their names were when we moved in, so we were excited to name them ourselves. Then of course the subletter guy told Carly on the phone that "Ruby" had respiratory problems, (Schwitters) and then I found a note about being careful that "Hemingway" didn't get out the door. Drats. The cats were out of the name bag. It's hard to call them our new names now. I don't want to confuse them. They're pretty awesome though, but they stink. And throw up. Here's a picture of them watching a man outside the window pick up dog poop:

Yeah, they're funny. But honestly I miss this little action figure guy. This is him in his naughty box, where he often times grounds himself when he attacks the other cats:

Little Frasier gets to come out in August! Though technically, he has already "come out". You see, Frasier's gay. Don't ask how I know. A mother just knows.

Oh! And here's a really silly picture of me at graduation being impertinent. Note the intellectually flared nostrils. Hmm. Looks like my mother will not be ordering this picture...

Still, funny.

Went to M Cafe for lunch with Jackie and her adorable friend, Megan.

I had granola, blueberries and almond milk before I went (because I am THE most impatient hungry person, ever) so I just had some sushi, sweet potato fries and lemonade. I know none of that makes sense together, but I wanted some of each. As I was driving through Beverly Hills, guess who pulled up next to me?

Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl Philbin (no relation to Regis, I'm guessing) from the Office and every other funny movie from the last 3 years! He was driving a fancy black convertible. We turned slowly towards each other, locked eyes for about 3 seconds, then slowly rotated our heads back forward. Very funny. Again, ice queen of indifference.

Then Jackie and I went and had frozen yogurt at Studio Yogurt in Studio City!

It was the biggest portion of yogurt I've ever had. But no, that didn't stop me from eating it all for dinner. Mmmmm. Then we went and got manicures (man, my life sounds awful, doesn't it?) I got a gel manicure, which lasts for about 2-3 weeks. My nails look like they belong to a lady for the first time in my life. What up.

I went to my favorite little improv class last night with all my little improv buddies. I love that class! Such a fun group of people. Charles (you know, reeses peanut butter eyes) found out that he was on my blog and got confusedly upset? I can't tell, he's got such a straight face but I think he was kidding. Yes, he was kidding. I know this because we're best friends (not really). Well, that or I have to take his picture down. It's staying for now. Ha!

Then Jackie, Megan, their friend Rebecca, and sweet little Nikolai and I met for drinks at Laurel Tavern.

It was very rustic and warm. I had a tangerine wheat beer and it was delightful! We chatted about Camp Bravo-- the good (from Nikolai and I) and the bad (from Megan and Jackie). Lots of fun was had.

Went to Yoga XFlosion again this morning because I'm addicted. Leaving to open up Bang in just a few minutes. Then I'm going to see Green Lantern at midnight with Rachel and Blake!

Ain't life good? Kisses.

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