Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plastic Spoons and Cauldrons

(This was written yesterday, Tuesday, but I never got a chance to post it. I *could* go through and change all the verbs... but it's kind of exciting to read everything in present tense, yes?)

Welp. Sitting in Cafe Treats, where Jackie works, in Sherman Oaks. Jackie made me a delicious hazelnut latte and during her break, we walked to her house to make a yummy little vegan sandwich.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: it's time for the angry note/car-keying incident story. Yesterday morning I decided to walk to Starbucks before heading in to work at Bang. As I was walking down the sidewalk I noticed there was a paper on my windshield... and none of the others. Gosh dangn't, I must have got a ticket, I thought. Nope, just a slightly damp envelope reading:

"Nice parking job asshole. Next time you park pull your head out of your ass. I'll be looking for you in the neighborhood. I liked the scratches you left in my bumper. Hope you like the scratches I left in yours with my keys."


I freaked out. First of all, I don't know what he was talking about. I pulled in the night before behind a girl in a black beamer. We got out of our cars at the exact same time, made eye contact and perhaps a small smile, and went our separate ways. I KNOW there was no room for another car and we were the only two in that section. I didn't scratch anybody's car, and if I had, she and I both would have been in the car for that moment. So what's the deal? Was he mad because when she left there wasn't enough room for him in front of me and he scratched it himself? Or is he just psycho?

There were no scratches on my car, either. Nothing on any side of it. Of course at first I thought there was because I was too scared to check up close, but it looked like some sort of silly string material along the side. I mean, I have never had my car keyed before, but I'm pretty sure it means the paint is scratched off... and the silly string material came right off when I rubbed at it. Nonetheless I am absolutely scared out of my mind. He's looking out for me in the neighborhood? Oh... great. Good thing I'm living here for the next two months. I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far because you never know when I may get shanked.

Anyways. Working at Bang in the morning was hilariously fun. It was just me, Ezra, and Johnny cleaning out the theatre while others rehearsed their show, Streep Tease, for their New York debut. It's a show featuring men performing Meryl Streep monologues, culminating in a Mamma Mia "Dancing Queen" musical finale. Though we weren't watching, it sounded very entertaining. Johnny and I are going to try and crash the rehearsal on Friday night.

We changed light bulbs (and when I say 'we' I mean Johnny and Ezra--- I watched and handed bulbs from below), got rid of tons of random broken holiday decorations, made donation runs to the thrift store next door, and organized the thousands of items of cutlery that could help feed hundreds of people for decades (not hyperbolic at all). We felt very accomplished. Highlight of the day, as decided by Johnny Mac and myself: Ezra cleaning up the barf outside of the door. Now the barf on the sidewalk does not in any way reflect the studio, but rather the silly bars located on the street and the interesting people walking around at night. Anyways, Ezra used a plastic cauldron (...funny) to wash off the orange mess with water and bleach, then proceeded to sweep it towards the street and unknowingly onto the Mini Cooper parked directly outside. I uncertainly mumbled, "...Ezra...", to which he turned to see our expressions, glanced at the car, back at us, and stoicly said, "I'm gonna need some paper towels". Not sure if that translated in written form, but it was quite hilarious.

Then Ezra treated us to our very first ever FALAFEL in a deli down the street.

It was quite yummy. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's ground chickpeas that are deep fried and served in a pita with hummus and veggies. I can't believe I have never had it before. Deee-lish. Ezra's too nice to us. We have decided he's our favorite person ever.

I went to Yoga Shelter after Bang. I was pretty stressed out from the rude note on my car so I needed some yoga. Some of you may know this, but I absolutely hate breaking rules. I don't know where/when it started. Maybe D.A.R.E. in elementary school, where I was basically taught not to be a bad teenager. Ha. I just hate getting in trouble for things. My face gets hot and I get very flustered. So, my yoga was very distracted. It helped to sweat everything out though.

I have decided that in August, after my sublet ends, I want to live in Studio City. It's so beautiful there. So green and it has such a comforting rhythm. I'm putting that into the Universe as of now. This is Laurel Canyon road, my favorite... and how I get from West Hollywood to Studio City for yoga.


BREAKING NEWS: Sex and the City fans... Miranda's doctor boyfriend Robert just walked into Cafe Treats with his son. Oh my goodness, was he handsome. His voice was like buttah.

Awesome. I had my first comedy sketch-writing class last night at Bang! It was taught by two incredibly talented women, Sabrina Hill (Ezra's beautiful wife) and the brilliant Lizzie Czerner.

It was a FANTASTIC class. We used improv to get some ideas flowing, then we broke into groups and worked on other people's sketches from last week (Johnny and I started a week late). It's going to be a very fun class. Again, as I said before, I'll let you know when the show is going to be! :)

(Okay... now we are back in real Jenny time @ 1 pm on Wednesday) After sampling a million things that Jackie kept making because she was bored, we walked back to her house, changed into workout clothes, and exercised for hours on end. We can get a little crazy when we're together. We start talking and then hours later we realize we are sweaty and sore. We ran to Fryman (which is a very steep but beautiful hike), hiked that, then walked to Yoga Shelter. We were exhausted. Of course, as soon as we finished yoga, we realized that we still had to walk all the way home. We can be a little overambitious at times but we always have so much to talk about that it doesn't matter.

Jackie's mom made a DELICIOUS dinner: roasted veggies, fresh bread, potatoes, and a yummy tofu dish. Then Jackie and I took a quick shower (as I said before, not together), then went to see the movie, Beginners.

Looks pretty hipster, right? It was. It was basically an American film (without American actors...?) that was trying to be foreign. I liked it a lot though. And I had some delicious movie popcorn and you know how that just thrills me.

I spent last night at Jackie's, then we woke up early this morning to watch some of the Tony's (FANTASTIC-- Neil Patrick Harris is my hero) and then another yoga class. With Jason Bateman. It never gets old.

WHOA. I didn't even tell you. I got the job at LUSH!!! What up!???! I'm so excited! They are calling me in a couple of days to figure out times to train me. From 30 people to 16 to the final 5. I am honored and excited to start!

Off to get some lunch. Kisses, all.

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