Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quality Forever

L.A.: Week One Complete.

My goodness was that a whirlwind. I accomplished so much and learned a lot.

Firstly: I am quite skilled at the art of adaptation. No longer the "polite" driver of Tucson, I now take charge of the lanes and weave through cars like I'm Vin Diesel. Were you thinking of cutting me off? Haha! Too bad, your lane just ran out. My GPS told me that.

Secondly, it turns out I don't need much food to function. I have been living off of adrenaline and Jorge's produce. Effectually, all my pants are slightly baggy. If only I had the income for some new pantaloons...

Thirdly, I am a master of disguise. I have learned that if I pout my lips and wear big sun glasses, people think I'm a celebrity. Or at least it makes me feel like a celebrity. Yes, the latter is mostly true. I also have disguised my new sublet living room situation to look like I am not even sleeping there. Top secret storage spaces are my secret weapon. No one would know that at night that disheveled, sad little futon turns into my private boudoir.

And last, and perhaps most importantly, I have been given a very special gift: the gift of content. All of my writing desires have finally received their outlet: Los Angeles, the City of Angels and Millions of Things to Think and Write About.

Time for a recap. I realize I haven't written in a while. (Just skip to the last sentence of this paragraph if you'd like). The last couple days have been a bit funky for my brain. You know those moods that you just can't shake, and you're not sure if you aren't sleeping enough, you're low on protein or iron, or you're just having a plain old bad hair day? Well, that's how I have been feeling. I've been busy but also mostly cranky. Just with myself, I hope, not so much with others. When I'm feeling like that, it's simply not the time to write. I like to think I'm an optimistic person and I don't want anyone to think otherwise, so I wait for moments like now, when I am happy and at peace to write. Simple as that. BLAH BLAH BLAH JENNY'S EMO.

Moving on.

Nikolai's graduation party was very sweet. The tacos from the Taco Man were exquisite, if I do say so myself. Rachel and I hung out with Blake (our tall Irish red-bearded friend of friends) for a while, called it a night, and drove back to her apartment to eat some much needed ice cream. If you're wondering, I had the Ben & Jerry's half cookie-dough, half half-baked brownie frozen yogurt. Delightful. Rachel lives in a beautiful place for the summer. Unfortunately, like everything else surrounding USC, it's not in the best neighborhood. Of course, guess when I needed to get gas? Yup, 11:30 at night after leaving her place. (Mothers: this is your cue to gasp and shake your head violently).

I cruised by the Chevron, scoping out other patrons. A 30-year-old woman with her son, a middle aged man wearing glasses... hmm... Looks friendly enough! I'll take it. I started the pump, jumped in the car and locked the door behind me. Phew. Safe. Hmm... look at that guy across the street in that fancy mustang. That's not sketchy at all. Why is he sitting there in the dark? Oh well. (Old beat up Ford Explorer pulls up, windows down). That's weird, the mustang is pulling into the gas station, too... right next to the Explorer. Huh. WHOA. I'm pretty sure the two guys in the front seat of the Explorer are cholos. Bald, goatee-sporting, baggy clothes-wearing... Why is he getting out of the car. OH MY GOSH. Skinny, greasy, white guy in the back seat of the Explorer. ...Thinks he's Leonardo DiCaprio but looks more like this guy from Pirates of the Caribbean.

MONEY IS BEING EXCHANGED. CHOLO #1 IS CHECKING THE MONEY IN THE LIGHT. What is going on!? Is this real life?! Looks like some sort of i.d... rich mustang boy is checking out the card. Fake i.d.? No, he's too old for that. Medical marijuana card? Nah, everyone has those out here. (Click). Gas is done. Get me the f out of here.

So that was interesting.

The whole way back home I was playing an updated version of my favorite Scottsdale game, "Real or Not Real?" with people on the street. Only this wasn't about guessing plastic surgery patients. This game was called "Carrying a Gun or Not Carrying a Gun?" The stakes are obviously much higher which made everything very exciting.

Anyhoo. I got home safe, end of story.

Saturday morning I moved out of Nikolai's sweet little apartment into my new sublet! I love it. As I said before, I am living in the living room, but it's only a block away from Bang, meaning I am saving a lot on gas. And this way I am walking distance to Three Amigos if I ever need produce or want to practice my Spanish. We have two cats, too! But I'll get to that story another day... when I have accompanying pictures. So necessary.

My trial run at LUSH was a lot of fun! They explained that I just needed to mingle with the customers, maybe demo a few things, and just be friendly. I didn't need to sell anything, that was not imperative, they reminded me. But boy, you put that sassy black apron on me and magic happens. First couple that walked in? Bought 3 bath bombs from me. BOOM. Another girl? $85 worth of merchandise. Don't get me wrong, I stumbled on most of my words and guessed at some other things. It was far from perfect but not quite a Bridget Jones' speech. After 45 minutes, I was released so others could do their trial runs. Apparently they called 16 back and are taking 5. I'll let you know if I get the call tomorrow. Here's to hoping I do. I would be a very proud LUSHie.

Rachel, Blake and I went to see Super 8 afterwards. GO SEE IT. GO SEE IT NOW. I loved it. This is the kind of movie you want to see in the theatre. And such a nice homage to movies from the 80s. Kids CAN be the leads of a major movie and it doesn't need to be hokey. (Spy Kids, I'm talking to you). And you just gotta love those J.J. Abrams light flares, right?

I am proud to say that Rachel and Blake and I went back to the Griddle Cafe this morning for breakfast. I am secretly hoping that this becomes a Sunday ritual... I had the single "Recess Time" pancake with streusel inside. Ohhhh baby. If anyone comes to visit me, I hope you're prepared to go there because its non-negotiable.

We also went and saw X-Men: First Class today. (I know, I know... where am I getting all of this money to go to these movies?!?!) It was absolutely amazing, I recommend it as well. The only thing that bothered me was the seating. We had assigned seats. What? There was a whole row in front of us that was empty and we were sitting in the back. Poor Rachel was behind a railing. Luckily the movie was so fantastic I completely forgot about the silly seating. Some of you will be shocked to learn that I... ate an apple... instead of popcorn. No, I also don't know how I did it. We may never know. James McAvoy may have helped curb my appetite.

In other news, Whole Foods is expensive.

For dinner, I met up with Jamie's dear friend KATHLEEN. We went to a restaurant called "The Apple Pan".

How great is that tagline? Ha!

It's an old-fashioned 50s diner that only serves burgers, sandwiches, fries, and pies. Kathleen and I had hickory burgers and split a piece of pecan pie. It was delicious! We chatted about the ins and outs of L.A. and of course, relationships. Burgers and pie can do that to girls.

Time for Jenny to go sleepies. I looked up a hike/run that I want to get done before I head into Bang at 10 am. Woo! Life!

Here's to the beginning of another beautiful week in LA. May it be filled with empty parking spaces with money left on the meter.

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  1. as i scan back through this one, i remember stating something like i like the bert picture and can imagine you making that face. love you.