Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Proposal(s)

Good morrow, all.

Ahh... a belly full of pancakes. Is there any sweeter feeling? Just got back from the Griddle Cafe (third Sunday in a row-- and I've been here for a total of three Sundays). There were supposed to be five people there but only Blake and I showed up. The morning would have been much different if others were there, however. Things always get very philosophical and serious when Blake and I are together. Chaos theory, law of attraction, quantum physics-- all over a delicious pancake breakfast. What a lovely way to start a Sunday. Blake even made the trek from Fullerton, so I am definitely judging everyone else who didn't wake up.

Especially because I did not go to bed until 3:30 this morning. What happened to early to bed, early to rise Jenny? Well, I am still early to rise, just late to bed now, too. I had the most fantastic weekend though, let me tell you.

Friday night I headed to the red carpet opening of Cafe Treats in Sherman Oaks. It was kind of silly. They gave out lots of free food, a "goodie bag" (that consisted of only three samples... a pathetic excuse for a "goodie bag"), free nail polish changes, and... free tinsel in your hair. I was not interested in tinsel extensions. I had feather extensions a couple months ago, and though they were cool at the time, I can't help but feel like the fad has come and gone. Jackie encouraged me to get them anyways--- they're free and something fun, do it, Jenny!

I look like Rainbow Brite. That or a unicorn. Or just a five year old.

Note: this is not my actual hair or head. But just so you get the idea. Mine are green.

I pulled out two of them but there's one left in the back of my head that I can't get out. Yesterday Nikolai tried to let me know that there was something stuck in my hair, like I had ran into a Christmas tree and some tinsel got stuck on my head. It's silly. Jackie got pink ones, and because she works there and she knew the girl putting them in, she has about twenty. It's hilarious.

Afterwards, Jackie and I drove to Megan's house to spend the night. I feel like my life has been one big slumber party after moving out here. It's kind of the best thing ever. Anyways, Megan lives in the beautiful Cheviot Hills near Beverly Hills. We dropped off our stuff and headed to a very awkward house party. (Slumber parties... pancakes... house parties... just checking, I am a college graduate, right?) The party was being hosted by a high school acquaintance of Megan and Jackie's near UCLA. I was the girl at the party that NO ONE KNOWS. The person that people see and say, "does anyone actually know that girl?" I guess people say that less about girls and more about weird random guys, like the bizarre hairy one who was playing the drums the whole time at said party. Anyways, this strange tall man (not the drum guy) talked to me the whole night, told me he loved me about eight times and proposed four times. He kept calling me his future wife. Boys. They meet one woman who is relatively intelligent and well-mannered and they want to marry her. I really don't think the floozy thing works, ladies. Just act as impervious as possible and men will want to marry you, apparently.

Don't worry, I said no.

Yesterday morning Jackie and Megan and I headed to the Santa Monica stairs!

They're basically a set of, you guessed it, stairs. Tons of people were there sprinting up and down. I was not the sprinter. I was the slow treader. They are very steep and quite foreboding. Especially because I get pretty bad vertigo on staircases, which I always forget until I am about halfway into a staircase. When I was in Paris last year it took me forever to get to the top of Notre Dame. Really, it's bad.

It's usually only wide spiral staircases that cause it, but this one was pretty bad, too. My eyes can't focus and I have to hold on to the railing at all times. In Katrina's three story house in Germany, I quite literally fell down the bottom of their spiral stairs at least twice. It's very scary for me, now that I think about it. Next time I am in a job interview and they ask me what my weakness is I will say staircases. That and needing to eat every two hours.

I did the Santa Monica stairs seven times, which may sound impressive, but Megan and Jackie did them THIRTEEN times. And they were the sprinters. I jogged around in between each set just to flush out all the lactic acid in my leg muscles. They assured me that it's just something you have to get used to, and that the first time they only did four. That made me feel much better. Currently it feels like someone has replaced my calves with bricks. I'm surprised I didn't have charlie horses all night.

Anyhoo, we got home later than we thought and I didn't have time to take a shower. Which is not interesting at all, but I had such a busy day ahead of me and I hate when my hair looks bad. Regardless of my hair's condition, I jumped in my car and drove to Northridge to David and Artur's for Camp Bravo training!!

For those of you don't know, I work for the best company in the world, Camp Bravo, a week long theatre camp for middle school and high school kids. After discovering the camp as a senior in high school, I had just one year as a camper. Rather miraculously, after writing several letters, I was offered a position as a counselor, a huge shock as I was only a camper for one year (along with Blake). Well, after four of the best years and friends of my life, I have received a tremendous honor: becoming an über. That's Bravo's word for "assistant director". This means the world to me. Especially because I am following so many amazing übers that have come before me and I get to train with one of my very best friends, Mariko.

This is us two years ago. I am a last minute costume attempt at a cat and she is the Eye of Sauron (...debatable...). We are sharing week three this year! Team Jeniko! :) The meeting lasted most of the day. It's so nice when we all get together--- we're one big functional family. And how weird that for the first time, I didn't have to drive nine hours to see everybody! Times they are a'changin. (Also, this is how I know Nikolai, Blake and Rachel, three of my best friends/siblings).

I left before the meeting ended so I could get to Bang on time... but not before a stop at Studio Yogurt for some "dinner" in the shape of froyo with cookie dough and sprinkles. Don't forget, I have sparkly green tinsel in my hair so I can still eat my froyo like a child. Not the best dinner choice, but so necessary.

Bang had two FANTASTIC shows: Mayfly, a mix of live music and improv, and a new (FREE) show called Saturday Spunk, featuring several improv groups around town. It was a ton of fun, but no surprise there--- everything is fun at Bang. The shows are all BYOB as well, so we had a big red tub full of beer that people brought in. Have I said how much I love my job? The sweetest people, warmest environment, and improv that is refreshingly organic and unpretentious.

Look how much fun we have.

After the show a handful of us sat around discussing inappropriate topics and the age old question that keeps me up at night: Doritos... cool ranch or nacho cheese?

Though I obviously prefer to alternate both, cool ranch gets my vote.

Simply put, we had too much fun. Johnny Mac, Jimmy (another intern friend from U of A), and new friends from the improv group Comrade-- Rory, from Ireland (Cork!), Becca, who is wonderfully hilarious and completely bad ass, and of course Mitchell, who is capable of making me laugh no matter what he's doing.

Good group of people. So yes, I got home late. My sister always says sleeping is overrated. While I don't agree with that at all, it does help me get through the day.

I need to spend the next couple hours writing out some sketches for my sketch class at Bang tomorrow. Hopefully something humorous comes out of my exhausted brain. Unlikely.

In other news, I start at LUSH tomorrow morning! :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Kisses.

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  1. i LOVE LOVING jobs! its a good feeling. i also LOVE having fun! keep up the good happy life.