Thursday, June 9, 2011

La la land

La la la. Life in LA.

Things just seem to be getting better for me here. I got here on Saturday NIGHT and I am already on a ROLL.

The interview at LUSH went extremely well and I got a call back! (which I realize is not the right phrase, but you know me... I also call half time-- intermission and uniforms-- costumes. Eh!) Also, I realize that I haven't really explained what LUSH is. It's a natural body products store that is completely vegetarian, at times vegan, and absolutely DELIGHTFULLY delicioso. They make things with all natural ingredients and try to figure out ways to eliminate unnecessary packaging. Like shampoo bars instead of bottles, etc. I have been in love with it for about seven years and I absolutely adore everything about the store and their products.

Anyways, it was a group interview and about 30 eager ladies (and 1 awkward gentleman) showed up. They split us into two groups and we went into the back of the store to answer some questions. Man, some girls just don't know what to say. Let me give you a hint, lady with the kooky hair and crazed smile: when they ask, "Why should we hire you?", your answer should not begin with, "Well, I have been looking for a job for a while and no one will hire me. I'm very desperate. Oh and I like the products."

For those of you who know me, you know that I am at times completely not in control of my facial expressions (most of the time). This interview saw a few Jenny-faces. I tried to control them to no avail. I answered as best as I could, which is so weird in a group setting. It just sounds like everyone is trying to one up everyone else. But it was a lot of fun and the managers were super cool.

They called me yesterday to ask if I would come in on Saturday for a trial run on the floor! Yayyyyyyyyy. They are very big on customer service, so they want to make sure I can interact with people and demo products before they give me their blessing. I'm so so so excited. I have been carrying my catalog around with me and memorizing as much as I can! Wish me luck! Man, am I going to love that 50% discount, too!

GET THIS. As a bonus for my internship at the improv studio, I get to take classes FO' FREE! Man, am I happy about that. I took the level 1 improv class last night (everyone has to go through each of the levels) and it was a blast. A hilarious blast. Let me describe the people in the class:

Charles: Handsome suave black man with reeses peanut butter eyes. We're best friends (not really). He's been in LA for 8 years (3 in NYC before that) and he just wanted to get back in a classroom setting. He chuckled dutifully at some of my comedic attempts, which I fully appreciated.

OH MAN. You will never believe what I just found. I just googled him, and I only know his first name... and I found a picture of him online:

Hahahahaha. I am so awkward! It looks like he was on Passions... interesting.

Also there are an adorable group of younger girls (and when I say younger, I just mean giggly--- as in, all the time giggly. Through the entire class. They have never taken a class before and all they do is laugh at each other... Interesting.) But they were having so much fun and I was totally into that. Then there is a writer woman who is taking improv for inspiration. She has been in... get this... SEVENTEEN car accidents in her life. She's only been in LA for a year and a half, too. She's ridiculous.

Then, my favorite, is Graham, a recently-turned-40-year-old who is taking improv to be more creative. He has two little kids, works 80 hours a week doing insurance, and just wanted to have a little outlet for himself. He's never taken an acting class of any kind and he is an absolute inspiration. I love when people go outside their box. He's very funny and he doesn't even know it, which is so refreshing! And of course, Johnny, who is the other intern with the company. He's awesomely awesome, too. He's from Vermont and is a tour guide for Ben & Jerry's whenever he's home! He gets 3 free pints of ice cream... a day. Good thing I'm not from Vermont.

Then of course there's my adorable teacher, Mitchell. He's absolutely fabulous. The class is a lot of fun and is 8 weeks long. Woo! I'm also going to take the sketch writing class starting Monday. I think there's a performance at the end of it... I'll let you all know if you want to come watch!

But here comes the best story ever. Across the street from the studio is this little produce shop called "Three Amigos". I desperately needed fruit and it looked friendly enough. I went in, grabbed two bananas and three apples, and waited at the counter. Finally a small Mexican man emerged from the back. I smiled and said "hi!", to which he replied, "Listo?", which is spanish for "You ready?" My heart lept. I was hoping he would speak Spanish to me. After three weeks, five days a week, four hours a day of intensive Spanish, I was thrilled to practice. At first, I thought he was just testing me to see what I knew. Then I realized that he actually did not know a single word of English. He asked why I was getting so little, and I explained that I did not have a lot of money, and I only needed a little bit. He insisted that I didn't need to pay and that I could just pay another day. Adorable. I thanked him but assured him that I could and would pay for the fruit.

He asked me lots of questions... to which I tried to form coherent sentences. My verb conjugations were ridiculous, but he understood everything I was trying to say, so I guess that means I was relatively successful. I told him I was looking for a job, and that I had an interview in Santa Monica. (Here comes the best part) He told me that if I needed a job, he knew of one cleaning houses, just for a day. He insisted that I should take it. I explained that I am hopefully getting the job at LUSH, but thank you so much for the offer. He was the sweetest thing ever. We exchanged names (his is Jorge) and I promised to buy my produce from him several times a week. It was so fun!!! I guess there's a reason I was in that fantastic Spanish class: so I could be friends with sweet little Jorge.

(I realize this is the longest entry ever, I am just so excited about life right now and I have so much to say!!)

I went to Yoga XFlosion (a mix of yoga, martial arts, and dance) at Yoga Shelter in Studio City this morning with Jackie. Long story short, I have never EVER been so sweaty in my entire life. Ever. I could hardly hold downward dog I was slipping all over the mat. It was AMAZING. I have an unlimited week of yoga free, which I plan on taking advantage of everyday.

Then we went to lunch (after a shower, not together) with her brother Jimmy and friend Danielle at Urth Caffé in Beverly Hills. I had black coffee, half a chicken pesto sandwich and a salad. Yum!

Now I'm back at Nikolai's apartment, where I SHOULD be studying for LUSH but my mind is too eager to write. It's a lot of fun when people ask me what I want to do out here. It's no longer, "What's your major?" (which I SO appreciate). I smile and say, "Well... writing. Writing and comedy and improv. That's as far as I've got". And I feel good about that answer.

I love it here.

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