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A month ago yesterday a brave young woman strapped herself into a beat-up old Jimmy, packed the bare necessities, and made the daring trek to LOS ANGELES in search of a new tomorrow. Revved with ambition, thirsting for glamour, and eyes twinkling with hope, she wondered who she would be, how her life would change and what sort of nonsense she was about to get herself into.


If there's one thing I've learned being in LA: everything can seem beautiful and somewhat cinematic if you just look at it in the right way.

Take everything I've been writing about thus far. You can take any situation and color it with a Jenny-filter. Someone left you a threatening note on your car saying "WATCH OUT. I"m looking for you in the neighborhood"? That's not scary, that's hilarious! Jenny joined OkCupid? That's not completely pathetic, that's just downright silly!

Speaking of OkCupid, I am about one day away from taking that crap down. It's just getting ridiculous. I got home from my 4th of July holiday weekend and had 19 messages from random weirdos. I am simply not very good at this web-based dating thing. We may live in the 21st century but I deserve to be wooed in person. Now I just need a way to avoid all those awkward messages...

For those of you wondering about the cliffhanger from my last post-- I didn't do my laundry... because my dear mother was visiting from Tucson all week!

I picked her up from San Bernardino where Connie and Brent (my alternative parents) dropped her off. We stopped by Becca's sweet little food truck and had some delicious fry bread. Then I gave her the tour of Bang and introduced her to two of the most important people in my life ATM (At The Moment? Can we start using this abbr.?): Johnny and Mitchell. Not to be confused with Joni Mitchell. Improv class was fantastic, though our ranks are less and less each week. Silly irresponsible people. We miss them.

Thursday we went to breakfast at the Griddle (GASP! NOT A SUNDAY, YOU SAY?!) In all seriousness though, where the heck else would I even want to go? We went again on Sunday, too, don't worry. I got my standard "Sow Your Oats" pancake while my mom got their delectable Eggs Benedict. Yum-o. Then we went and got some fancy gel manicures. I also got some"party nails", which is basically all of your nails the same color except your ring fingers. Mine are pink sparkles. Look, if Beyoncé does it, it must be cool.

Mums also got to see Schwag on Thursday night! It was a fantastic show! She even got to see Becca in iProv (as Ezra and Sabrina were out camping with the family for the holiday). Becca was wonderful, even though she was slightly nervous. This also means that Johnny and I were running lights and music.

Welp. We gave it our all. I suppose it could have been worse. We were incredibly nervous. Silly little interns. Here's a pic of Johnny when we FINALLY moved those god-forsaken orange chairs out of the Bang lobby. We think we're pretty cute. If only we had cool iPhones so we could make it all fancy and instagram-ish.

As wonderful as Becca was in iProv my mum didn't get to meet Ezra, which is too bad! To me, Ezra is about 75% of Bang. The energy in the theatre just isn't quite the same without him! Though we sure as hell try.

I had several very late nights hanging with the Bang crowd. Apparently we just can't get enough of each other. Which is understandable, because we are all quite entertaining and good-looking. (I kid. but really.) We all end up talking and forgetting what time it is. Gotta love that.

I have been working at LUSH a lot. And by a lot I mean every other day or so for about five hours. I get so worked up about it all though. I am doing really well but I still don't know everything. Baby steps. The couple shifts I worked Mums hung out around 3rd Street Promenade and the beach. We did a lot of shopping when we could. Some of my latest additions?

These little beauties:

Also, this dress from J.Crew. That I SOMEHOW managed to get for a steal. It was supposed to be full price but I unknowingly convinced them that it was actually 1/3 of the price and wrongly marked. Whoops...?

Oh well! I guess I have some good dress karma!

I spent the last couple days with Connie, Brent, and my mum in CLAREMONT! We stayed in their GLORIOUS new motorhome-- with three tv's and three pop outs... you get the picture. In fact, we even got to shower in there, which was incredibly foreign to my mother and I. We're used to washing the dishes in a little basin in our warm little microwave of a motorhome and then tossing it into the dirt outside. We don't got tanks big enough fo' that!

We had a lot of fun meeting all of the Holtzen's family and friends from when they lived in Claremont. We kept bumping into people from their past everywhere we went. Everyone was too kind and welcoming. We watched the town's sweet little parade from the lawn of the Lord's-- a wonderful family that I have known as long as I have known Alison. Emma, who is Alison's and my age, is amazing. She was Alison's Jenny before Alison moved to Tucson and I became her Jenny. Yes? I'm hoping that we can be better friends out here, too. She's great, I'm a big fan. As Becca and I have discussed, it can be hard to have 'girlfriends' that you can communicate and avoid drama with. Emma's one of them.

Here's Brent, Connie and Chrissy (my mum; her favorite nickname) watching the parade:

We watched the fireworks with Phyllis' family (another Holtzen family friend who has become family to me, too). She's got two sweet little girls and a very active baby boy. I can't get enough of little kids, really. I eat them up.

I arrived home last night to a plethora of parking spots because of the holiday. It was delightful. My future roommate Michelle (and now Becca, too!) and I have been on the lookout for new places to live in Studio City. It's already July, y'all! Almost time for me to get a real job, too! I'm trying to get myself into anything at Disney, so put happy thoughts in the universe for me. Preferably Disney preschool or teeny bopper programming. (Big range).

I went and saw Mr. Popper's Penguins today. By myself. Don't judge. It was only the second movie I've ever seen by myself, the first being-- get this-- Hell Boy. I see strange movies when no one is available to go with me. It's incredibly liberating to go by yourself though. You just have to deal with the confused looks. "Hmm... She must be waiting for someone. Her hair looks clean and curled and she's wearing a sassy purple sundress. Oh lord, she has a large popcorn! Surely she cannot be alone. Oh god, the movie's starting. She really is ALONE!"

It was kind of like going on a date with myself. The movie was actually super cute. I can appreciate penguins. Why haven't there been more movies about penguins?

My mom and I also saw Larry Crowne when she was here. Ahem. I hate to say this, but it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Tom Hanks-- you are an actor and apparently, not a writer. Stop it. Overall: bad script, poor casting, and all around a very incomplete plot. Yes, the Vespas were visually interesting, but Mr. Hanks, you've got to have something else to go with it.

You may have noticed the ads on the side of my blog... I'VE GOT SPONSORS! I actually get paid to host those ads now! I have no idea how much I am going to get, but still, pretty cool. My blog post about BANG pulled in about 200 views. Pretty cool for a random girl from Tucson who's been in the big city for a month. What up. Already getting paid for doing what I love. Good start.

In other news, I have been sweating profusely all day in my silly little apartment. It's a million degrees. There is no air flow whatsoever. Which is okay for now, but won't be come tomorrow... because...


And if you know Calvin, you know he can get stinky. Calvin is in my top five most important friends I've ever had in my life. Which is saying something. He gets in tomorrow at 5 and will be visiting until Sunday. He always seems to recharge me. Looking forward to showing him around my little LA life.

Off I go to moisten other things and perhaps try and sleep. My sleep schedule is all out of whack. I've got to work at LUSH tomorrow, pick up Cal, then improv.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Kisses.

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