Friday, November 16, 2012

fickle friend friday : cat birthday

Today is a very special day.

First of all, it's my half birthday (I'll take any excuse to feel fancy and eat yummy things).

Secondly it's Frasier's 4th birthday! Yes, he's only four. Yes, siamese cats live until their twenties. Cat-lord give me strength. (I kid-- he's literally the coolest cat I know. I'm lucky he's my buddy).

Wake up mom, I caught a mouse for you.

And finally-- it's Friday! This ridiculous four day week is finally coming to an end-- which is good news for me-- I have a pretty awesome weekend ahead of me.

But first... Time for my fickle friends!


Let's start things off with my favorite happy song of the week, "Now is the Start" by one of my favorite singers ever, A Fine Frenzy. This just makes me want to run around and smile at people.

Mmm... now that the happy Friday mood is set...

Hey Santa, I'm totally obsessed with Kate Spade bow rings.

I loudly gasped at work yesterday when I got my latest LUSH newsletter... new LUSH products?! GAH. These are the moments I so dearly miss my discount. I'm especially excited to try their new conditioner...

Any shampoo that's named after Ren & Stimpy is a winner in my book. 

(I owe about 40% of my humor to Ren & Stimpy and the rest to a variety of Jim Carrey characters). 

Genius. No one likes a floppy boot, am I right? And this gives me an excuse to drink more wine.

Favorite ridiculous movie of the week that I secretly/very publicly love. So good. So laughable... especially the... CGI BABY?! What. So weird. So good and I don't care who knows it.

These words have been on my mind a lot recently. Too often we stunt our dreams and goals for an easy way out or to appease others. Let's choose the courageous route, shall we?

I really do.

Here's one of my new favorite internet things: Dogshaming. Here are three good ones...

You can see more Dogshaming here.

Here are two videos that make me very happy. The first is a clip from Sesame Street encouraging young girls to have career ambitions beyond being a princess or a fairy. You go, Sesame Street.

This next video promotes a new building block set for girls called GoldieBlox. The lady behind it all is truly amazing and offers a very interesting perspective on marketing towards young girls. The world is going to be a bright shiny place thanks to women like her. This kind of stuff makes me antsy to become a part of shaping kid's entertainment and development.

Wasn't that uplifting?

To wrap things up today, I would like to announce to the Universe that Johnny has officially got his own car thanks to his winnings on Oh Sit! Isn't that great?! Congrats Papa Johnny!

Long gone are the days of me picking his Johnny-butt up from everything and dropping him off at the subway. Get ready, road trip. Here are some gifs I found to honor this momentous day.

Now Johnny and I talk about car insurance and real adult stuff instead of creative ways to sneak into the U of A tunnels and the effects of putting sweet tarts in vodka. 


Remember that time I was in the office all by myself? Yeah... me too. Everyone is moving to our new offices for SAG Awards and I'm sitting here motivating myself to do projects. Bleh. The good news is I can blast my Oscar Peterson pandora station as loud as I want and no one can judge my tootsie roll wrapper collection. Seems like a fair trade.

I've got an insanely busy/fun weekend ahead of me. I hope you do! Thinking of all of you... especially the really nice, fun people.



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