Wednesday, November 7, 2012

election day high

What a night!

I hope everyone was watching at home, yes? What a series of events!

Things were tight.... votes were coming in... back and forth back and forth. It was only a little after 8pm and I thought, "Well this is going to be a long evening!", all warm and cozy on the couch with Ashley and homemade beef stroganoff.

And then, all of a sudden, the screen went blue. Silence. Brian Williams started stuttering and stumbling. President Obama's image flashed on the screen. What? He's President already?


My deepest condolences for those of you who had a rough night. I know how I would feel if President Obama was not re-elected-- and I am sorry you are feeling that. America is headed in the right direction and I am so excited to see what the next four years has in store. Sometimes you just gotta have faith! (But not the religious kind. This is politics, people). 

I forgot about the high one experiences after leaving a polling booth. Pride and honor and duty all rolled into one. How lucky am I--- that I get to be a part of deciding who the next President of the United States is? It's so humbling to see people come out and vote; old and young, able and disabled, Liberal and Conservative. In the glow of all the florescent lights and patient poll workers, there I was-- twenty-three-year-old Jenny from a little rural house with goats and chickens in Tucson. Nervously balancing my ballot in a wobbly voting booth, trying to focus on the matter at hand and review my notes about various propositions. Double-checking each little hole that I punched, so as to not be the illegible hole-maker. As I walked out, with a perfect Los Angeles chill in the air, I couldn't help but feel happy-teary. For that reason, I don't think I will ever vote early in an election. Election day high. It's just a bonus if your particular interests come to fruition.


Speaking of happy-teary, today is my best friend Alison's birthday!

Saying I miss Alison is an understatement. If you could take "I miss you" and all its definitions and meaning and quadruple the recipe and bake it into a huge "I miss you cake", I would still be hungry and want another slice or two. She's the best friend a girl could ever ask for. In all of the years we have been best friends (17 years!) we have maybe argued once. If that. If you could even call it an argument. It was probably more something like this:

She's the butter to my popcorn. The cookie dough to my DQ blizzard. The Diane Sawyer to my Amber Atkins. 

And we certainly don't like birthdays spent apart. Luckily I get to see her this weekend when I stop through Tucson! Then and there she will be showered with best friend love and hugs. 

Ahem. Now commences many photos of me and Alison. Because we're just too cute and fun.

Yes, we're dressed up as Sandy and Danny, circa 2005.
Football jersey Fridays were our favorite days, ever. Oh yeah, and I guess our boyfriends were, too.

U of A games! (our spirit and excitement is palpable).

Chillin' with Lady Windsock. If I'm not mistaken this was taken outside of a strip mall tea place were we had high tea and scones after a 2 hour "road trip" to IKEA. ...We make our own fun. We're small town girls.

At Diana and Nicole's wedding!

We love Guadalajara Grill! And massive margaritas!

Alison and I in our natural habitat.

Did I mention we love popcorn?

Cutting the cake and making wishes at our U of A graduation party! We' re adorable. And have coordinating outfits

Happy birthday, Al Pal! Here's to many many more!



Ahh... friendship love. Isn't it the sweetest kind? 

...But really. This was the completely wrong day for me to write anything. I am swamped. But best friends and election thoughts come first. Lots of love to all of you. May this hump day be the humpiest yet.



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