Friday, November 2, 2012

fickle friend friday : breadless

Happy Friday everyone!

November is here and I am already feeling so thankful for everything in my life... new projects, apartments to decorate, weddings to look forward to, and a trip to BOSTON in just a few weeks!  

Time to kick off the weekend with this week's fickle favorites.

First off I want to start with this guy. Yes, that's right. He's charging his cell phone. From his lap top. My friend Jeremy took this picture as he was walking into work. This particular man and I had a run in a couple of days ago as well. He's a character.

Wednesday night, as I was walking to my car from our offices, I passed this very gentleman on the sidewalk. We had had an in-house production meeting that day so we had lunch ordered in. So there I was, carrying my leftover salad in a to-go box with a bag of fresh foccacia bread to take home to Ashley, when he saw me.

Hey man, can you help me and my friend out? 
Um yeah, okay. Actually, I have a loaf of bread if you'd like it!

I hand him the bread. He slowly takes it. Sneers. 

What? Bread? Huh. What's in there? In that box? 
...My dinner. 
 Hm. Yeah, okay, I want the bread. But I also want whatever's in there. 
Um... the bread is very delicious, sir. It's my favorite. I assure you that it is difficult for me to part with it. 
YEAH BUT I WANT THAT BOX, TOO! Hey! I don't want this bread!

That's when I kept walking. And he just kept muttering under his breath to his friend,

Bread... bread, Huh?! Bread.

I was hurt and confused. And breadless. I for one, love bread. So much for my good samaritan moment. I bet you he updated his facebook status right after that: 

"Westwood 'working girl' gives me bread. Are you kidding me?! Do I look like Aladdin?"

Oh well. 

Speaking of being a good samaritan-- make sure you take some time to acknowledge the devastation on the east coast. Visit the Red Cross' donation page and help make things a little easier on our American families affected by Hurricane Sandy. Skip your pumpkin spice latte or beer today and show a little love!

Happy blog tidings to little Ashley! Her blog, Be nice or leave. Love, Ashley is pretty adorable. Plenty of cat pics, silly gif's, and updates on her life in LA pursuing acting. Welcome to the blogosphere, Ash!

I'm obsessed with this new winter pattern from Vera Bradley named English Rose. I am currently resisting to the umpteenth power. It won't last for long... I will cave and buy a purse I do not need. I am making my peace with this.

Favorite reminder of why I love living in California: cheap artichokes the size of my head. For those of you who don't know-- artichokes are my favorite food (closely followed by popcorn). I even awkwardly schooled two people selling them at the Studio City farmer's market a couple weekends ago. I didn't want to. I tried to resist. First of all they had PRE-TRIMMED all of the artichokes' leaves before selling them so they were all brown and wilty on top, and then were telling this older asian woman to BOIL THEM. It was an injustice to artichokes everywhere. I erupted into this awkwardly acute verbal spew about preparing and serving artichokes that I don't even want to recreate it's so embarrassing. I'm an artichoke nerd.

Favorite mom moment of the week: Her first hashtag. Perfect execution. #Success #momsoninstagram

I also have a second favorite mom moment. My dear mother was called for jury duty this week. This text message conversation ensued and I think it's hilarious.

My mother references Twelve Angry Men while I cite Piggy from Lord of the Flies. We both casually quote Jay-Z. It's ridiculous. And cultured.

(By the way, as I was searching for links to attach to my Piggy's-asthma-reference above, I stumbled upon Video SparkNotes. Are you kidding me? Kids are spoiled. I had to read those SparkNotes. They just get cute little animated shorts. Sheesh). (Note: I actually did read Lord of The Flies, Ms. Munger wouldn't have it any other way).

Favorite awkward Starbucks moment of the week: 
I have a tall nonfat cappuccino for Jerry! Tall nonfat cappuccino for Jerry.
I can't even tell you how many times in my life people have thought my name is Jerry. Actually, yeah I can-- probably only twice. But still, it's weird. 

Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt on New Girl, is my new favorite person. He is a guest editor on one of my beloved websites by Gwyneth Paltrow, goop, and recently wrote about his experience at this year's Emmys. Catch the interview (and plenty of giggles) here.


I've got a couple more projects on my desk I need to finish before I head out. Oi... another long day! Thanks for stopping by. I've got some tricks up my sleeve for next week, as well as my first ever Peas & Queues recipe post! Holla.

Love you all.



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