Thursday, November 15, 2012


Time for a Thursday Jenny check-up:

Age: almost 23 1/2 years
Money: Poor Really, really rich
Health: Lazy yet vom free
Eating: Cappuccino and a tootsie roll
Career: Professional boxer(?)
Accomplished today: Signed new lease, only ate half of a Chipotle burrito, made 1/2 birthday plans, started crafting my wedding present for Steph
Feeling: Tedious yet introspective


Thank goodness there is an ebb and flow to life. If every week was as busy as last week, I would be curled under my desk right now rocking back and forth. Luckily post-production life is pretty easy for me--- double-checking credit lists, setting up meetings and drop-offs and maintaining general office sanity. I'm good with that. Jenny the Organizer at your service.

Work has certainly been giving me a break, so that's good. Unfortunately the combination of my Tucson trip and paying for two apartments this month has been killer on my bank account. Never fear though--- I am putting happy monetary thoughts into the Universe! "I have so much money I can do whatever I want! My financial situation is idyllic! Money money money tra la la!"

I've also unfortunately been under the weather since yesterday afternoon. Last night I was really looking forward to meeting Kathleen and catching an improv show at Room 101 in Hollywood. After an hour drive from work, I felt like I was going to vom-- and that is not a feeling I would lie about. Don't worry, my vom count is still at zero (I'm such a revolutionary LA girl). I reluctantly re-scheduled our fun evening, headed home to lay on the couch, watched Rocky II and made macaroni and cheese. In my personal experience comfort food and Sylvester Stallone trump medicine any day.

I've only seen the first Rocky and was ironically just talking with friends this weekend about seeing the rest. Luckily CMT came to the rescue and had Rocky II and III back to back for me to DVR. The chicken scenes in Rocky II were so consuming that I had to put my cheesy dinner down to give it my full attention. Mickey explains that he used to speed train in the 'old days' by trying to catch chickens. He then lets one loose and tells Rocky to catch it! I was watching Rocky chase around this poor chicken and just kept thinking to myself, "Slow down, you're freaking it out! Keep your hands wide, don't shuffle your feet... go towards a corner... slow down... oh my gosh just let me do it!"

Let's just say I've caught a chicken or two in my time growing up in rural Tucson. Heck, last time I caught chickens was only a couple of months ago-- and exaggerations aside-- I caught three at once. What I'm trying to say is... I should be a boxer. According to Rocky I'm probably very skilled and fast. In reality, I'm just lucky I turned out relatively normal. 

Tomorrow is... get this... my half-birthday! This was a semi-huge deal for me growing up (see what I did there?). My mom used to make my sister and I chocolate pies on our half-birthday and put food coloring in our milk jug. Yes, she's the best mom ever. Tonight I'm celebrating by going to see Breaking Dawn: Part II. I've unashamedly seen every film of the Twilight series at midnight, except the last one when I was in San Francisco. Hmph. Come to think of it, I never even saw the last one... Some fan, am I!

It all started out as a joke... I didn't even know what Twilight was when I saw the first movie with my Darwin friends. Then I read all four of the books in five days and was consumed by vampire/werewolf love and unassuming tan shirtless men. Everybody wins on my half-birthday. Pie and popcorn and handsome men for everyone!

There. I'm calling it a day. I'm exhausted from yesterday's 4-day weekend summary. Baby Jenny needs a break. 

Have a lovely Thursday evening.



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