Wednesday, February 13, 2013

treat yourself

I'm back in my Westwood office and life feels so good

That means that the SAG Awards season is officially over. Womp womp. Back to normal production life for now-- setting meetings, working out presentation details, making sure everything runs smoothly. It's quiet in here. No more busy faces running by and saying hi-- just me and my little orchids and bulletin board. Chillin'.

I can't tell you how refreshing it feels though! I've been thinking all week that I need a vacation and the Universe has answered in its' own simple way. I have some unpacking and readjusting to do-- not to mention an episode of GIRLS to catch up on. That, writing, and I just finished a steamy bowl of artichoke soup from Bristol Farms down the block:

Like I said, life is good. 

And really-- all this boohoo-ing about needing a vacation. I keep forgetting my NYC trip is next week. I leave Thursday! Time flies when you're acting like you're not having any fun. But I am. And I'll prove it! With photos!

I bought this Robert Meyer print months ago for my apartment. I stumbled across the Saturday Evening Post illustration that was a part of their "Leading Ladies" series-- and loved it. The colors, the energy, the little quote in the bottom left hand box:

"I'm not going to wait for you any longer, Maxine," John said. "I want to get married. I'm going to find another girl".

You're better off without him, Maxine. He's a bossy square.

I ordered it, skipped what I thought was an outrageously priced framing offer, and decided to frame the 40x40 print myself. 

No dice. The paper is too special and the size requires a skilled hand to frame it. Even my poster-happy friend Jeremy couldn't do it. Every place I took it asked for $300-450 to do the job. Woof. 

During Aaron's visit in December I mentioned my sad little rolled up print in the corner of the room. He, being a very fancy and connected photographer, offered to take it back to Arizona because he 'had a guy' who could do the job. And he did! Aaron sent me this picture of the completed piece-- with custom everything-- for just $150. He said it would have cost $700-800 if he wasn't 'his guy'. Awesome. Can't wait to hang it up in the apartment! 

This past weekend I also treated myself-- majorly. I hopped on over to Kate Spade to buy a little something I've had my eye on...

Look, guys. I'm usually more of a "just wait till it goes on sale" girl. But man I've been working hard! I deserve a regularly priced item every now and then. I put my Awards weekend paycheck to good use and just got the darned thing! And I love it.

I felt like a real grown-up woman. Until I was like, "Oh wait, can you please take a picture of me?" merited a photo.

After blowing all my money responsibly shopping a bit I met up with Johnny to celebrate his birthday! We went to the Counter in Hollywood and got some seriously huge hamburgers.

I also bought Johnny a beer float, which was officially the weirdest thing I have ever tasted. Bleh. I would recommend not getting the darkest beer on the menu-- doesn't mix well with the ice cream. But he loved it-- which I guess is what matters? Sure, birthday boy.

Johnny's car purchased with his Oh Sit! winnings. He's a smart guy.

Sunday was family day. I went over to my mom's bright and early for pancakes and bacon with Jason, Emma and the kids. YUM! It was chilly and overcast but we hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market all the same.

I didn't even re-organize any of this for the photo.
Filipino Classics on Keyboard was just sitting there... asking for me to get all hipstagram.

Hop on Pop!

I love my family! We had a lovely day searching through the deals, holding hands and drinking horchata. This flea market is seriously great. I highly recommend it if you're in the LA area. Great antiques and new items, yummy food, and famous faces. (our recent spottings include Natalie Portman and a one Mr. Dan Aykroyd). 

I also made the poor decision of ordering two (count 'em, two!) jackets online in the past two weeks. With my trip coming up next week--- and being trapped inside all day long during normal sunshine hours--- and slim heavy coat pickings in Los Angeles, I was nervous about finding a warm coat in time. My first purchase was a much too thin trench coat from an online English store. Returned. Then I ordered this little number:

I look like Macklemore. Though I would be rather comfortable on the plane-- a built-in neck pillow! And safe to boot-- my own airbag wherever I go!

No. Returning after work. I guess it will just be me and my ol' faithful peacoat and layers. Come at me, 30 degree weather. Who needs a big fancy jacket when you have Rachel and Book of Mormon seats to keep you warm? 

Tonight Beau and I are headed to a Budweiser... party... in Beverly Hills. Yes, odd. He works in talent management and a PR company he works with closely invited him to attend the evening. Not really sure what to expect-- they are heavily promoting their Black Crown label after their Super Bowl release so it's most likely about that. Ahem, I'll make sure to report back.

Okay-- back to work.

And it's good to be back. 



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