Wednesday, February 6, 2013

good luck with that

I'm almost back to normal. I woke myself up bright and early for a jaunt around the neighborhood and gym sesh, I've been reconnecting with friends I haven't seen since December, I'm eating normal meals  again and ordering far too many things online.

It feels good to be back. However things aren't exactly how I thought they were going to be right now. Though I was very focused on what was going on during the Awards I had a vague idea of what things would look like in my life come February.

Let me tell you, I am looking at a very different landscape than I had planned. I'm not one for spontaneous twists in my life-- unless they're my idea-- and here I am, with a pile of life twists sitting in my lap.

I'm happily confused. I have a lot of options staring up at me and they are all rather friendly. I'm just not really sure what I need right now. You know, the typical "I'm in my twenties, what am I supposed to be doing with my life" woe-is-me crap. Don't worry, I'm already very over it. Hopefully I start compartmentalizing my goals and figure out where I want to put my focus. You know, so I can actually head in one singular direction. Good luck with that Jenny.

Anyways, I'll keep you posted once I decide on something. There are a lot of variables that are awkward shares with the internet for the time being. 

What I do know-- is that it's time to recap the SAG Awards. 

As with most difficult and time-consuming things-- this show was an incredibly rewarding experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, given the fact that I would be working a completely different position than last year. Though I had some stressful times, overall I can confidently say that this year was better than last-- if that's possible! If you want to take a look at my experiences last year-- read on here. Yes--- a very different year than last. But so much fun.  

The week leading up to the Awards was ridiculous, as always. Though they fed us very well, the 12-14 hour work days were exhausting. I hardly saw my roommate, laundry was abandoned in the corner of my room, and my hair was always wet when leaving the house. No time! Back to work!

I love show week. I love the high stakes, the deadlines and the long hours. It makes me feel alive and important. Very good things to feel.

I pulled some strings this year and snagged two seat filler seats in the showroom for my mother and sister. That means that they were sitting in the audience with the actors during the show! Jamie couldn't make it last year so she made it a point to be here this season. A week before the show I got the confirmation-- and Jamie booked her ticket from Boston. I was very swamped with work and didn't get to spend as much time with her as I wanted-- but a couple 9:00pm dinners did the trick!

Dinner at El Compadre in Hollywood. The home of the flaming margarita and a very hilarious website.

I was also lucky enough to get Spencer in backstage to be my "assistant" for the weekend-- basically running around with me, making me laugh and grabbing last minute things for me on show day. I was happily surprised that despite my chaotic work weekend, I had plenty of time to enjoy Spencer and Jamie's company. 

On Saturday morning Spencer and I made a quick stop at Porto's Bakery in Burbank before heading to the Shrine. He had lots of people to meet and I had lots of script changes to make. My sister and mom stopped by in the early afternoon to check out the theater set-up and watch rehearsals.

Little gypsy Jamie. 
Inside the People Gala Tent. Lots of work to be done! For being so annoyed with my mother taking photos,
I do appreciate them after they've been taken. ...thanks, Mom.

Dancing Dick Van Dyke practicing his acceptance speech for the Life Achievement Award.

My main priority for the weekend was making sure my boss (the Executive Director and Producer for the show) was ready to go at all times. I carried around my pencil bag and ruler for on-the-fly edits to the script. Then the rest of the time was spent with him in the production truck:

Look at those screens. 

Saturday night Spencer and I met my mom and sister for sausages and beer at my favorite local haunt, Tony's Darts Away. I can't stop you guys.

And then-- just like that-- it was Sunday. Show day. I woke up, took a shower, tried to make it look like I had slept more than two hours, and headed out the door. As soon as I arrived a tidal wave of tasks heaved itself at me. My position in publicity last year meant that my show day was a bit of a breeze-- I had two of my very own assistants to help me. This year I was pulled in various directions right up until the show started. It was crazy at times. ...But never fear, I found time to sneak away for some photo opps!

Pretty fancy stuff if you ask me. Unfortunately I don't have a good photo of just me... like I did last year:

Not naming names or pointing fingers or anything-- but a certain someone took the worst blurry photo of me ever. Hm. No new profile picture for me! Guess that just means I have to put more up of the two of us. ...Not naming names.

Good thing he's funny.

As soon as the arrivals began I was in the production truck-- helping edit a three minute teaser that airs right before the show. The stakes were high and we were editing on the fly! Such an interesting process to be a part of. While I was busy watching screens and shouting out time codes, Spencer was using his credentials to his full advantage-- looking busy on the red carpet. All I told him was, "Wear your sunglasses and try to look important".

As I'm busy working with yelling frantic producers and editors... my phone lights up. With these photos.

From Ashley: "Look who's a celebrity!"
From Johnny: "OMG! It's Spencer!"
...what a ham. 

I was able to get Ashley and Johnny bleacher seats on the red carpet and they had a blast. Apparently they told those around them that Spencer was a huge star from Glee, shouting for him to pose for a photo. One of the ladies next to them even yelled "I got the picture! I got the picture!" Funny.

Ashley and Johnny, totally rocking it.

As soon as our edited package was done, we sent the teaser script to the announcer-- and I was free. Free I tell you! I made my way into the theater to enjoy the show.

My first stop was to find my beautiful mother and sister. They were hard at work, too. My mom was a seat filler last year and takes her job very seriously. She knows all the tricks and was prepping Jamie (and us) all weekend. Jamie didn't realize that she was going to be seeing everybody from television and film. She said she had a small list in her head of people she wanted to see... and then she started to lose track! Bradley Cooper, Tina Fey, Daniel Day-Lewis, Modern Family... it can be overwhelming when you're in the middle of their big party.

She lucked out and was able to sit at the Glee table for most of the evening-- then she could just sit and enjoy the show without having to move around. Luckily before she settled she sat at the Les Miserables table across from Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. She was very excited.

My credentials allowed Spencer and I to watch the excitement right in the theater. It was a wonderful experience. Watching Dick Van Dyke accept his award, Amy Poehler and Neil Patrick Harris riff off each other, Jennifer Lawrence win for Best Actress and so on. I happily stand by my belief that the SAG Awards are the most concise, delightful awards show ever. And I am biased.

After the show my mom and sister were shuffled out the door to head home. Then Spencer and I headed upstairs to meet up with all of my co-workers to celebrate! There was delicious food and delightful beverages aplenty. We chatted and enjoyed each other's company before heading to the People's Gala Tent to rub elbows and dance.

Belinda. My partner-in-crime. We've been missing each other this season, not being in the same department. //
Grace is a lifesaver and a terrific friend. I never could have made it through the weekend without her! //
...This is Spencer's party face. Note the lovely draped ceilings! Oohlala!

I love to dance. Especially after a hectic weekend--- especially when they're serving Wolfgang Puck appetizers and fancy drinks--- and especially with my favorite dance partners, lovable friends and a one Mr. Smith.

And then-- just like that-- the night was over. The next day I headed into the office at 10:30am and life continued, with just a little less energy than usual.

It's funny-- now that I've written everything down it doesn't seem so crazed or complicated... But at the time it felt like a lot of both! A seriously terrific show and I am so incredibly happy to be a part of it.

Thanks for reading. You rock. I've been doing a lot of things in the mean time. I promise to catch you up.



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