Thursday, February 7, 2013

thanks p&q

Now that you're all caught up on SAG Awards, it's time to relax a bit.

Come to think of it-- I'm pretty sure this was the time last year that I went AWOL on blogging. Probably because I was feeling like a big mental blob like I do right now. However-- I also happen to think that I might be trĂ©s amusant in this state so I am pushing myself onward. My thoughts are free flowing and slightly erratic-- I have to come up with something entertaining. Eventually. 

And really, since it's February, I owe Peas & Queues a little romance. I'm not leaving you this time around, P&Q.

Yes. A Notebook quote dedicated to my blog. I of course mean it ironically, but I'm sure you got that.


Anyways, I'm here. I'm writing. Let's get into things.

I've been doing my best to play catch up with friends and life expectations recently post-SAG Awards. Meeting James and watching The Hobbit (or what I like to call Low Stakes Lord of the Rings Plot Line Featuring Gandalf But Don't Get Excited Legolas Isn't in It Until The Next Installment), making homemade meals, planning my big fancy New York City trip with Rachel, and reuniting with my favorite Scottish friend Jonny over Lebanese food. 

Last night I was even outside of my apartment past 9pm, and it wasn't because I was just getting off work or going to buy ice cream. 

I met Grace last night in Toluca Lake for some late night improv and sketch comedy. People my age-- out and about-- drinking things and chatting it up. I had a ball. Before the show was a great little music set played by the effervescent Bones Muhroni. Their songs are all good-- but Epiphany is my favorite (the first track).

Unfortunately I think some of their music here is a bit overproduced-- I saw the stripped down version and it was really great. Just two guys (two very scruffy and dashing guys, I might add) with their guitars, a harmonica, and some serious beatboxing. Very talented and groupie-worthy.

The comedy show was also entertaining and really got me itching to start performing again. Time for me to put on my big girl pants and find a comedy group to play with out here. In fact... I might have already emailed said group about me guest-performing with them. We'll see what happens. I've got some interesting characters I've been working on (in my head) that might be mildly humorous to others. 

Other things going on:

This serious Superbowl spread-- artichoke dip, homemade wings, maple bacon sweet potato fries, walnut parmesan endives, etc... Yum-o! I should also point out that Peas & Queues is the perfect outlet for photos like this, which should otherwise never be seen by anyone but a loving grandpa who knows how to text message. Pre-game sans makeup and wearing a Raiders shirt when the Niners are playing?... this is just asking for a disapproving Facebook facial sneer. Thanks again, P&Q. Also please note the handmade signs my mother made for the Superbowl party. She's cute.

We had our very own barista at work this week! Look at that espresso machine! This is my new favorite friend from work-- Sarah. We worked together on the Creative Arts Emmys, too. 

Even though this was ages ago-- I had a fabulous time at Disneyland with Alison! It's unfortunate this all got lost in the SAG Awards craze. Alison and her work friends drove up for the weekend for some good ol' fashioned Disney fun.

The ladies. This was my first trip with 'ears'-- a gift from Al!

best friends.

Well it was the happiest place on Earth.You guys... they don't refill popcorn buckets anymore.
Stop suing people and ruining it for everyone!

We also got stranded on Space Mountain and it was... quite an experience. Please note Alison's freaked out face in this video-- she was completely unamused. They came around and pushed our car back along the tracks-- and then we rode it immediately again afterwards. We felt pretty sick... and awesome.

It was such a great day and a perfect re-charge for my overworked brain. I love Alison too much and her friends were a hoot!


A clustercuss of happenings but I'm glad you're a little more caught up. Almost... there's some juicy things I haven't told you yet. Really dramatic stuff. Next week.

I hope you also noticed my first embedded music player and video. Peas & Queues 2013, guys.

Hopefully I'm headed home soon. My fancy roommate made chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot for dinner tonight and I can't wait.

Ta-ta for now!



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