Friday, February 15, 2013

fickle friend friday : sickly sweet smell

Happpy Friday! Though it is FFF today... I do have some updates and stories. So a few of those first...

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's yesterday.

After getting home at a very late hour, Ashley and I walked to Pinnochio's to get some delicious pasta for dinner. Belinda and Sarah came over with a big bouquet of flowers and cheesecake to add to the party. Though we had at first thought that it was going to be a pajamas and movie kind of a night, it turned into a very ladylike conversational dinner party. The stories were abundant and hilarious. A perfect Valentine's evening.

Yum! Photo courtesy of Belinda.

I also made romantic blondies yesterday, too. 

To be honest, by the end of the day my happy positive energy was waning a bit. After long hours at work and sitting in traffic and staying bubbly and optimistic all day-- I was exhausted and wanted to lead the troops to the pity party. Ah, but that is part of life, yes? I did feel mopey for a bit. But then friends and wine were in front of me and all was restored. Take that! I do love Valentines and I don't care who knows it. 

Remember that Budweiser event I told you about on Wednesday? Well it happened.

Ahem. Let's pretend this is where FFF starts...

Budweiser's new Black Crown Label. Surprisingly delicious.

....very random party. Weird celebrities from the early 2000s milling about and raffling off Gibson guitars.
No-- we didn't win. So close.

I was awkwardly dressed like Daria for the event because BEAU didn't tell me it was party attire.
At least I had on heels.

The time has come for me to get a new car.

Yup. My car is officially possessed and my left leg has been clutching up and down the Hollywood Hills for too long. It's time for a reliable, automatic car with some personality and an auxiliary cable. Recently my car started to smoke from the inside with a terrible sickly sweet smell. After some research (see: Google) I have determined that it is something to do with the heater... cortex... or something like that. It's not that dangerous. Hopefully. I'm taking it in tomorrow morning! Okay?

Check out what it does to my window...

No-- that's not steam. Yes, the windows were rolled down all the way. That is a film that builds up from the smoky fumes. I have to wipe it down every time I stop-- and it smears all over the place. It's terrible. Not safe at all-- and the smell is horrible. Hopefully I'll look at some new cars soon...

Here are some of my ideas. I realize I am simply not a sedan girl and never will be-- but small SUVs are semi-ridiculous for my lifestyle right now. Small crossovers with personality it is! (Note that I am not getting brand new ones and not necessarily white...)

Little baby Fiat. 40 mpg. Might be too small. Might not protect me against anything. But boy, ain't it cute?

Scion xA. Small but still has four doors.

...If I could somehow find it in myself to forget those freaking hamsters... the KIA Soul might be an option.
If is the operable word here. It's pretty awesome inside and affordable... minus the Party Rock rodents.

A little more expensive but the Honda Fit is a great little car. Oo la la!

We'll see. I am not a fan of car payments but that might be my only option. But on the bright side NEW CAR. Woo!

If you missed President Obama's state of the union like I did-- this article from my favorite website The Everygirl has a great summary. Check it out.

My new favorite instagram of the week is from Ayasakai. You know-- just a sweet little Asian toddler and his adorable French bulldog. Being friends.

Dangerously cute.

My new favorite song of the week is Awkward from Australian band San Cisco. It's no misnomer-- it truly is awkward.

DANG IT. I've been saving this valentine for a month or so now. Great. Day late. Real cool, Jenny.

Ah! We're leaving the office early! Hallelujah. Off I go....

Lots of happy thoughts to all of you. Thanks for reading.



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