Friday, February 8, 2013

fickle friend friday : foux du fafa

It's Friday and I'm feeling good. My outfit is kind of questionable today but my hair is clean. Project Runway was on last night, the PA's just loaded my car with four crates of leftover FIJI water from the show, and this weekend is going to be bananas.

On the schedule (tentatively):

Zumba. Cleaning house. Lemon bars. Johnny's birthday (feat. obligatory laser tag). Rose Bowl Flea Market. Movies. And popcorn. 

This is going to be good.

Yes, this is my new favorite gif. Get used to it.

Friends! It's time for Fickle Friend Friday! My favorite! Foux Du Fafa!


What I'm listening to this week: Alicia Key's album, Girl on Fire. Particularly Listen To Your Heart. I've been listening to this song on repeat in my car. A perfect chill driving song but a real challenge to my car's bass. I end up sounding unintentionally and rather uncomfortably gangster. Yolo, guys.

If I could be photographed by Annie Leibovitz, I would die happy. I'd probably just give up then and there.

Cate Blachett for Vogue.

I had a very special moment this last week-- the kind every woman waits to have. I found the perfect red lipstick. For me. You know how I know? It doesn't bleed down my face like a clown and I actually got compliments on it. Several, in fact. I'm really figuring this life thing out.

L'Oreal Wet Shine Stain in Endless Red, like whoa.
This came in my People swag bag from the Awards' Gala.

This breakfast nook overlooking a cityscape... bananas.

When I'm done moving around and settle into a city-- I will get an English Bulldog. Until that time, FFF is a good outlet. I think it's appropriate to expect more of these kinds of photos from me.

This wedding photo. Trés Mèliés, no?

(And just because I can't resist, here's A Trip to the Moon if you've never seen it!)

Kate Spade's instagram has been teasing followers with their Fall line for New York Fashion Week. These flats are perfect for a NYC excursion. (Well maybe not my February trip. Obviously not very weather appropriate at the moment...)

Favorite words of wisdom:

...and on that note--
watch as I de-clutter my apartment this weekend!

This next animation is a must-watch. A very creative love story just in time for V-Day! This short was featured before Wreck It Ralph in theaters-- which you need to see if you haven't. Go fullscreen and turn up the volume with reckless abandon. It's good. (I am also so proud to say that I know one of the animators from Bang. He's just as cool as you would think.) 

I'm picking up some deep-dish pizza tonight from Hollywood Pies! Their Yelp page is blowing up so I'm hoping for the best. They claim to taste just like Chicago... but I'll be the judge of that. 

Hope you have something warm and cheesy to look forward to tonight, too. Yup. 

Happy weekend!



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