Wednesday, January 16, 2013

compton booty

The days are happy and bright here! (At least that's how I'm looking at it). We're in the swing of things and getting stuff done. This week I have a huge list to knock down before the craziness of next week begins-- lots to get in order and learn. Though the days are packed with work things-- I've been balancing it out with a lot of warm happy Jenny things, too. 

I got home last night at 8pm after a quick grocery store drive-by for some sweet potatoes, changed into my workout gear (you know, old tank top and dance pants I've had since middle school), and headed to Power Yoga with Ashley. We were expecting a hot yoga class, preferably in the dark, so we could de-stress and stretch out our lazy muscles. What we got was very different.

Our instructor was INSANE-- in the best way! I didn't stop laughing from the moment he walked into the room. His name is Averill and I have never been more entertained and challenged in a fitness class in my life. Here are some of his quotables from the evening:

My little Asian accountant-- Yeah, you! With the glasses! You! So... you definitely haven't taken this class before. 
 Don't look at me, I'm pulling out a murphy. Don't look at me!! (fixing his wedgie?)
Why do you think you guys are here?! Cause you don't have a booty. I don't deal with other kinds of booty. I don't deal with Pasadena booty. Or van doors booty. I only deal with the Compton booty. I-ONLY-DEAL-WITH-THE-COMPTON-BOOTY! (while simultaneously slapping his ass with both hands)  
 (Narrating for us out loud) "I hate you! No you don't! Shut up! You shut up! 
What is he making us do? He's a black leprechaun! No I'm not! Shut up! There's no pot o' gold!
(While walking by me in modified triangle pose) Ahh!! Look at her leg! Her shaky stripper leg! Keep that heel up! You need it!
(While grabbing Ashley's foot during three-legged dog) This little piggy went to Compton... this little piggy went to Compton, too... Aw hell, they all went to Compton!! 
Don't you pass gas on the person behind you! And don't you pass gas on me when you leave this room, I hate it when you do that. 
Oh! Oh! (rolls over, sitting on the mat holding his foot) Don't look at me don't look at me. Let me get this ingrown toenail. If you don't know what it is look it up. Let me do this. LET ME DO THIS

I will never miss a class again.

Besides his crazy antics and ridiculous facial expressions, he was an absolutely incredible instructor. His 70 minute class was chock full of challenging sequences and poses. Ashley and I can hardly walk today. We're working on our Compton booty.

We came home, made some very healthy dinner, watched the incomparable television threesome (Ben & Kate, New Girl, and The Mindy Project) before calling it a night.

Luckily for me, I have the ability to fall asleep within minutes. Literally. Which comes in very handy for me when my days are as packed as they are.  All I need is 7 hours of sleep and a solid weekend and I'm good to go.  My last weekend was just what the doctor ordered: friends, cookies, music, and relaxation (not necessarily in that order). 

These are Ashley's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies--- my favorite cookies at the moment. Maybe I will share the recipe sometime soon... I could eat these for days and I sometimes don't feel bad about it. They're vegan. Which really means nothing health-wise for a cookie, but it does in my head.

Friday night I went and saw Django again-- which was all the better the second time around. Christoph Waltz... the music... the dialogue and twists and turns... 

It definitely wins the Peas & Queues award for Best Film of 2012.

Do yourself a favor and go see it.

Saturday was spent taking my poor little car into the shop ($300 later...), exchanging the last few things from Christmas at the Americana, and then hanging out with Ashley and her visiting friends!

Ashley, Tallie, and Ellory grew up together in Las Vegas. They've been wanting to visit Ashley in her new Los Angeles habitat so they made the drive out for the weekend. Ellory goes to school at Chapman and Tallie is currently studying at Tisch at NYU. They were lovely guests and really brightened up Ashley's week. And mine, too!

We started out at Jackson's concert at WitzEnd in Venice Beach. Jackson is my good friend Daniel's younger brother and he's incredibly talented. He's studying at Berkelee College of Music and puts on a lovely show, complete with a ten-piece band of wind and string instruments. Very Sufjan Stevens, if you're familiar with him. 

Here's one of my favorite songs by him, Fine Tooth Comb. This one is oh so mellow and lovely.

Daniel rocking the percussion and back-up vocals. Siblings are meant to harmonize with each other.
Unless you're my sister. Then, no.
The girls were obviously very taken with the guys. Musical and emotionally-enthused men stir up something fierce with the ladies. Take note.

After hanging with Daniel, Ryan, Will, and Nikolai for a bit, we headed to Miceli's for a yummy Italian fix, complete with singing waiters and hot delicious rolls. MMmm.

We had one last stop before they hit the road-- Bob's gift to the valley-- Porto's

Ashley and I are just a block away from this little Cuban bakery and we're here a lot. Everything is delicious and so reasonably priced. 90 cents for a mashed potato ball? Yes, please!

Our new favorite: the Guacamole and cheese breakfast sandwich. It's ridiculous.

There are some benefits to living in the Valley-- Porto's, parking lots, and affordable rent. I'll take it.

Tonight my dear friend Grace and I are visiting another favorite Valley eatery, Summer Canteen. Their Summer Fried Rice is to die for. Picture this: shrimp, chicken, pineapple, curry powder, raisins, peppers, cashews, egg and onion. Oh my, I'm hungry. 

I took over for Grace this year on the awards, so she's showing me the ropes over some dumpling soup and edamame. 'Twill be a grand evening! Then I'm going to Pilates and making some apple crisp for dessert. Yum yum yum.

Hope your day is bright and happy, too.

Now back to work!



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