Wednesday, January 9, 2013

can't stop won't stop

Today is a great day. Though my computer difficulties are spilling over from yesterday, I have decided to run with it. Word doesn't want to work today? So be it. There's always tomorrow. Time to get everything else done on my long list...

Like telling you about my weekend. 

It was the the best of times, it was the yummiest of times-- starting with a visit to Susan Feniger's delectable restaurant, Street right off of Highland and Melrose.

The handsome valet man took this pic.

My mother's favorite thing is eating food tapas-style. A little bite of this, a little nibble of that-- less commitment and more food options. I'm all about it.

Very excited about the Chicken & Bacon Waffle Croquette. It was tiny and fancy and delicious!

Saturday morning was spent taking apart my closet. (--aren't weekends just made for projects like this?) In the midst of my move to the new apartment, things were inevitably shoved into every nook and cranny behind my clothes. I re-organized, loaded up things to get rid of, and drove over my extraneous items to Goodwill. It's nice to start the new year with a fresh start and a slightly less disheveled closet.

While cleaning up around the house Frasier cleaned up his little sister. Or is this the cover of a kitty romance novel? You decide.

Don't worry, he only likes boy kitties.

Saturday night Ashley, Nikolai, Ryan, their friend Cameron and I went to Lóteria Grill in Studio City for some banter and downhome nachos. Delish.

Can you tell they're all actors?

Sunday morning I Zumba-ed some of the nachos away at the gym. Then I wandered over to meet my friends at my new favorite place, Tony's Darts Away to watch the Seahawks beat the Redskins.

I love the Seattle Seahawks for one reason: Marshawn Lynch.

Spencer introduced me to Marshawn last year and I've been laughing ever since. Here are three short videos to show you exactly why:

1) Marshawn taking the medic cart for a spin at the end of a Cal game

2) Beast Mode

3) Marshawn dominating Mario style.

Right? He's crazy. Aaron told me that during that last run there was actual seismic activity recorded at the time... which I'm sure Marshawn takes credit for. Also, when he does something good, the coach gives him Skittles.

This is not a joke.

And the crowd does now, too.

Sorry sorry sorry-- back to my weekend.

But now that you're a Marshawn fan, aren't you glad they won? (Tough RGIII, that was pretty gnarly.)

Me, Johnny, Lauren, Aaron, Ashley, James, and Nikolai sat around for hours, watching the game, enjoying ourselves and playing silly card games.

And eating, of course!

Ashley and I split this. Not the beer though, she's still a bebe.

Aaron also put on his Sunday best for the day.

Yes those are pajama pants. He assumed it was okay because he had to make the drive back to Arizona after the game. Acceptable? You decide.
And then... what would my weekend be without a trip to IKEA?

Actually to be honest, I went twice this weekend. But let's just pretend I didn't. Can't stop won't stop.

Sunday night was spent lounging on the couch, watching Silver Linings Playbook. I'm not really sure how I felt about it. I like to surround myself with happy things so it was a tough watch-- all of the mental illness, etc. Luckily the movie threw me a freaking bone with the ending. So it was enjoyable overall. Wonderful performances by everyone-- Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. Superb. (Can't wait to see them at the end of the month! Woo!)

My job really is a dream and they take such great care of us. 

There was a big meeting in the office today and I got the leftovers. Score.

Besides the scrumptious food scraps, everyday in the office our PAs have a different yummy theme:

Mondays are waffles...

Tuesday is fancy wine and cheese...

Jen. Let her at 'em!

Wednesday is bagel day (I was good and had a smoothie and one singular pumpkin pancake at home), Thursday is ice cream social, and Friday is happy hour. How glorious is that? I have to be careful navigating the deliciousness. A few missteps and I'll be out of shape for show day. Round is a shape though, right?

Lucky for me it's still January and my gym motivation is going strong. That and my sweet roommate motivates me too! She left me these post-it notes for me to find on my way out the door for my early early gym sesh.

So sweet.

Anyways, back to work. I needed a break. I was busy working all last night and today on a very intricate project --and then-- I went to save. And Word decided to die and pretend like the document never existed. The tech savvy in the office and myself are completely stumped and we can't find it.

So you know, that's cool. Just letting it roll off my back, guys.

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday. 



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