Monday, August 29, 2011

A Slice of Humble Pie

Monday morning-- catching up with Bang business, Jenny business, and preparing to head in to take care of some LUSH business. Busy busy.

Friday night was a lot of fun. Nikolai and I ended up going to Ol' Faithful: Outback. Come on-- let's not kid ourselves, chain restaurant or not, that place is delicious. Afterwards we got a celebratory bottle of wine (because he ended up getting the job he interviewed for!) and met up with Rachel, Mariko, and Budd at David and Artur's house. We splashed around in the hot tub, made margaritas, took fake romance novel cover pictures, and basically had an amazing time.

We woke up early the next morning and headed out towards our responsible adult lives. I worked at LUSH all weekend which is always fun. I also treated myself to some sweaty yoga and groceries. Let me tell you, there are few things in life that make me happier than a bunch of fresh flowers. My new favorite? Dahlias.

In other news, my shoulders are peeling like crazy after my most recent sunburn. I feel like Goldmember. Check it:

Blech. Jimmy and I are planning on going to the beach next weekend so I have to recover quickly. (I realize that is a long way off to plan a beach trip, but hey, we work 40+ work weeks, we need something to look forward to).

I don't think I ever discussed that, actually. So Leya (my former camp counselor and forever friend) messaged me a couple weeks ago to see if I was available to help out some of her friends. I headed over to the Grove in West Hollywood (which is like a big fancy outdoor mall that always plays Frank Sinatra and has big majestic romantic fountains), and asked people to take a survey for their acting class. They had to look at the two women I was helping, and just based on appearance, circle what adjectives or types they thought they were on a piece of paper.

It was actually kind of fun, though people did feel bad because they were judging them. It's crazy how much appearance affects our initial feelings towards people. I noticed that the surveys were more harsh when a younger person was filling them out. They were both beautiful women, one in her late twenties and the other in her mid 50s so the least judgmental were definitely the older men. Who's surprised?

I had to get 40 surveys for each of them, which took me about 4 hours. It was a lot of sun time. I was burnt to a crisp, hence the peeling. The saddest part is they gave me $40 for helping them... and then I had to pay $14 for parking. And that's WITH a validation.

Why LA?! Why don't you want me to love you?

I got to meet a lot of awesome people while they filled out the surveys though. Of course I was ignored by more than half of them as they thought I was selling something. Oh well. It was a very interesting experience, nonetheless. And as a bonus, guess who I saw walking down the sidewalk, about ten feet away?

Jennifer Garner.

I was literally right next to her when this picture was taken. It was a very surreal experience. I saw a bunch of paparazzi running down the main street in the Grove, but couldn't recognize anyone. Then I saw her daughters and knew them immediately (which is actually pretty weird). She must have something worked out with the paparazzi, because they knew to keep a distance and to stay hidden. She kept motioning for them to move forward and they would listen.

It was very sad to watch, actually. If I had two sweet little girls and we were shopping around on a Friday morning at American Girl Place, this is the last thing I would want. And that's how her life is everyday. Very sad, indeed.

The moral of the story? Living a humble life isn't settling. And I shall take that with me today as I go to my cute little job, eat some leftover homemade eggplant parmigiana I made yesterday, go to Yoga Shelter, and finally watch my Flight of the Conchords dvd from Netflix. Though don't get me wrong--- I still dream big. Till then.


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