Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blurb of a Blog

Greetings, readers. I hope you are well.

I know I am. I am currently nursing a large celebratory glass of red wine, I have a brand new FREE couch in my living room, and I just got a job that allows me to work more than two shifts a week.

Go. ME.

Well, the couch was admittedly not at all my doing. Thank goodness for little friends named Mariko. Mari called me about a week ago offering her grandmother's couch that she could no longer fit into her sassy new elderly living community. Bless her heart. I have had such a problem with finding a couch recently. Couches are pretty personal things and the thought of having someone else's couch that I don't know kind of skeeves me out. Not only did Mariko offer me the couch for free, but she was willing to deliver as well! I don't have any friends out here with trucks (in Arizona it seems everyone and their mom has one), so it was a perfect solution! Budd (Mariko's boyfriend) and Mari drove over from Long Beach and we somehow managed to smoosh it into the elevator. Here we are celebrating our hard work:

Gotta love self timers! The couch is kind of Asian themed with swallows on it. I'm all about putting birds on things.

We celebrated with some pizza, red wine (...I'm a sipper), and watching SNL Digital Shorts. Standard.

This morning I met with Ezra and Lizzie (one of my former sketch class teachers) at Casbah Café in Silver Lake to discuss Bang matters. We're all super jazzed to get things rolling. Bang has such a strong community of fantastic people and we just want to share the love.

As I was leaving I bumped into a college friend, Katie, who mentioned she was headed to work at a call center where people ask for debt help... or something like that. Well I am always looking for a little side money, so I thought I would mention that I am very available if they ever needed help. It couldn't hurt and I am seriously game for anything. And guess what? They do need help. Starting... TOMORROW. Boom. Done. Job. Yes. Making monies. I can answer phones with a cheerful auditory smile! Take that!

All of my other applications to Disney and HBO are just floating randomly in career limbo, I guess. I plan on working there and at LUSH until something *real* comes together. Which... I can feel it... is coming soon. Give me a month.

Becca's brother Johnny is visiting from Florida this week (which is ironic... what did we trade out Johnny's or what?). We took him to iO West to watch Rory's new improv group perform. He's out here looking at a film school specifically for students with Autism and had a really great time auditing one of the classes this morning. How cool that there are opportunities like that-- love it. It's been a lot of fun getting to know him, especially since Becca talks about him so much. He's a go-getter.

Short blurb of a blog, I know. I just felt like writing something. In other news, Jimmy and I have somewhat solidified plans for a San Fran trip over the weekend of September 10. FINALLY. I know you all will want to mark your calendars. Only problem is now I have to reschedule/push back my 5K. Drats. My one goal? To finally get to the Golden Gate Bridge. Of all the times I have been to San Francisco I have never got to see it-- really see it.

Until then, San Fran.

More later. Kisses.

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  1. I'd just loooooooove to take you for a walk on that bridge sometime soon. Please bring a sweatshirt dear.

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