Thursday, September 1, 2011

Secret Admirer

Happy September, party people!

If I could marry a song right now, this would be it:

Yup. Excited about life. Why the heck not? Life is pretty good. I've got a bomb apartment, the best roommate ever, amazing friends, a very happy sister, fun dinner parties, a crazy great yoga studio, a job that pays the bills and my LUSH addiction, and a very exciting weekend to look forward to next week. I'm riding the wave.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the ridiculous snore fest that must have resulted from my last blog post. Really though, that was rather stale. I promise to be more captivating. PROMISE.

Well, the entry wasn't completely boring apparently. Because guess what resulted from it? A SECRET ADMIRER.

Not kidding.

Look what I found outside of my door as I returned to my apartment after work tonight:

Yup. You may remember that I casually mentioned in my last post that I had a favorite flower of the week: Dahlias. Well apparently someone besides my mother reads this blog, because someone out there is being cheeky. I am very flattered Secret Admirer, thank you. I also really needed a vase, how did you know?

(I hope I'm not embarrassing you, SA, but really, what did you expect? Homegirl writes a blog).

There was a card nestled between the flowers as well. Though I am completely unsure of who it was that sent them, I don't want to post it just in case the handwriting is completely obvious to someone and then poor SA's identity is revealed. LOOK GUYS. I don't have secret admirers that do stuff like this and I am not sure what the standard procedure is... so bear with me.

The card said:
"Pretty flowers for a pretty girl. (Word on the street is you like these) <3 Your Secret Admirer."

Real smooth, SA. And not to mention, quite the turnover! Wrote it in my blog and three days later, POOF! Outside my door! That's impressive.

Wait a second... it appears that this blog can be used as some sort of magic lamp/genie/portal! Huzzah! Wait. Shhh shh act natural.

Ahem. Hey guys, this week I'm really into stools for my kitchen counter. These are my favorite.

I also really like iPhones. They're my favorite this week.

My other weekly favorite?

You know guys, I just love having weekly favorite things. Thought I'd let you know what my favorites are this week. Things are fun to favorite. Favorite things.

SA, thanks for the flowers, they're pitch perfect.

In other not as exciting news, I am working like a fiend. I am really enjoying being a part of an office work environment. Who knows how long that glamorous glimmer will be there, but for now I find it kind of interesting. I've been thinking about all of the fun parts: Now I can listen to radio shows during the day and perhaps win a meal for 12 for my office! Exciting!

I realized today that people working in an office are only on task about 60% of the time. The other time they are wandering around, going to the bathroom, seeing what they can eat out of the break room, and let's be honest-- 100% of the time they're surfing the internet. I am quite the multitasker and now know my schpeel well enough to answer emails at the same time I am waiting on the line for a customer. It's a good efficient feeling.

I've been having a field day writing things on post-its and sticking them all over my work area. I also have a little place for everything and I have already created this ridiculous organizational procedure for my clients that I secretly revel in. I get into the office at 8 am, work through lunch, leave at 5:30ish, and head to yoga. Look at me go.

Speaking of yoga, I would like to take a brief moment to announce something. Ahem.

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. After years of making do with what nature had given me; numerous dances where I shook where my mother should have given me something; and after countless teasings and being the "butt" of jokes (pun intended)...

I have a derriere.

It's true. Friends (and you know who you are), the day has come. I don't know how it happened, but me thinks it has something to do with all those Warrior 1 & 2's and chair poses I've been up to. Yoga Shelter, I don't know how you did it, but I thank you. I shall carry it with honor. Good thing I love that studio because me and my butt are in a committed relationship to Yoga Shelter now.

Anyways... awkward transition...

Back to me being a working lady. I especially love the women in my office area. Roseanne-Carol (who I shall simply call Roseanne from now on, though her name is neither Roseanne nor Carol, reference: NATASHA) is slowly becoming my favorite person. She's sassy to a fault and I love it. She criticizes everything I or anyone else around her does, but I think that's how she shows us she cares. Mary turned on the radio today which seemed like a great idea at first until Roseanne insisted on harmonizing to every song that came on. Yesterday she sang this song all day long and told me about her days hitchhiking up and down Sunset in the 70s going to "drug parties":

Gotta love Strawberry Alarm Clock. I bet that really is a "Priceless Collection".

I make calls pretty much all day long. They're not cold calls though, so that's good. Basically people get on our website and ask for someone to call and explain the program to them so they can get enrolled. (That's me). Man, I get some characters. A large percentage of people who need our company's assistance are from the South-- meaning I hit a lot of humorous accents and names. I get a TON of answering machines that end up sounding like this:

Goodness. I have to pull it together when I have to leave a message after the beep. Today I also got a woman who simply signed up online so I would call and talk to her. She explained that she in fact did not have any payday loans, but still insisted that I ask her the questions and walk her through the program. She was a bit off her rocker. Another woman last week told me that she was rolling and therefore couldn't talk at that moment.

Welp. At least I'm entertained! It kind of breaks my heart to talk to a lot of these people. They just keep saying, "Thank you Natasha. I can't tell you how much you have helped me", etc etc. It's sweet really. Or they just don't listen very well and then at the end of my explanation say, "...So, uh should I... can I take out another payday loan?"

NO. Stop taking out payday loans for Chrissake.

In other news, my dear sister Jamie just returned from two weeks in Costa Rica. I have missed her terribly. She of course had an amazing time. Us wise girls would travel all year long if we could. We're skyping ASAP. As for me, I have another 9 hour work day tomorrow followed by lotsa Bang love at night. If you're in LA and still haven't been to see a Bang show, come. It's free and absolutely hilarious.

P.S. Hope you like my little blog profile photo. I thought it made me look pensive and noteworthy. Something people will see and think, "Hmm. She looks legitimate. She must have important things to say". And then they get to the part where I talk about butts.



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