Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Remember that time it was the weirdest/busiest week ever?

I do. It's happening right now.

Oi. Things have been CRAZY around here. Crazy can be a good thing, and it is! I'm busy and I love being busy. BUT. I also am very skilled at putting too much on my plate. Consider my plate full.

Let's take a look. I am currently working three jobs.

1) LUSH (15 hours/week)
2) Debt Consolidation Company with Roseanne (40 hours/week)
3) Bang (? hours/week + running box, meetings, promotional things, etc.)

Love them all, really. But put them all together and I have zero free time. I go from one to the other and back again. Then I try and fit in an hour of yoga a day to keep my sanity and my booty.

Here's some exciting news: I was recently asked to be a part of Bang's new ALL FEMALE SKETCH GROUP! Woo! I'm the youngest and certainly least experienced but I am super excited to learn from some pretty sassy and intelligent ladies. We met last night and had an absolute blast. It's so interesting how we all feel similar societal pressures. Women are expected to do so much AND look fantastic. Well these ladies do that well. We're working on some sketches on our own to bring back to the group next week. I am so honored to have been asked to be a part of it. Good things to come, for sure.

Becca and I also have a new roomie: Jimmy! His lease ran out at the beginning of the month (after Johnny deserted him) and he is still looking for a new place. Our couch is serving him well. We kind of love having him here and don't want him to leave. We all get along really well and keep each other laughing, not to mention well-fed. Tonight we gorged ourselves on Kraft mac n' cheese (car shapes, obviously), melon and prosciutto, and homemade whole wheat chocolate chip cookie dough a la Becca. Delicioso!

Let's see, what else... ah yes. Bennett recently finished his movie and I have taken a couple producer duties under my wing--- researching sales agents and distribution companies, etc. I mean, that's what I studied in school so it's all still fresh in my mind. I can throw down terms like "low cultural discount" and talk about his film's international success possibilities and sound really official. I don't mind helping friends and organizational things come pretty easy to me.

I have also burnt myself on a million things recently: making popcorn, curling my hair, you name it. Just a little added bonus on top of everything.

Long story long, I've been a bit overwhelmed. Like I said--- I love being busy and that's when I'm happiest. But it all kind of caught up to me.

Today was pretty disastrous. I worked all day yesterday at LUSH (and got paid time and a half for laboring on Labor Day... BOOYA), then went to the sketch meeting, then hung out with Jimmy and Becca last night, woke up and met Ezra and Lizzie at Casbah Tea for 2 hours, then went to work at the Debt Company, where I was met with pages of calls to make.

By call #14 it hit me. I was talking to Charles in Kentucky when all of a sudden my eyes started to lose focus. I started to sweat and get shaky. By the time I got off the phone I felt like I was on drugs. Call it what you will, getting sick, a panic attack, or just being a big baby, but it wasn't fun, I'll tell you that much. I kind of sat there for a while trying to process what was going on. Roseanne had zero sympathy. She said, "Oh gosh. You look like hell. You're all sweaty and pale. (pause). Here are two more pages of leads".

I stayed for five more hours. I feel very sorry for all of the poor people I called during this time. I'm sure I sounded like an absolute fool. The blind leading the blind, really. Here, let insane hallucinating Jenny help you consolidate the debt from your seven payday loans, crazy hillybilly man.

I just got home not too long ago. Jimmy and Becs have been super sweet about my pathetic self today, making me food and offering to watch a movie with me. Love roommates. I was going to go to yoga but think that I may need to take a break. We're currently all sitting around on our computers commiserating over our very very slow internet. Nikolai gave us his router for wifi but it has only made it worse. #whitewhine.

And then, through all of the insanity in life... my one saving grace... at the end of this week, the glimmering light at the end of the tunnel...

San Francisco.

(sigh). Is it Friday yet? Jimmy's brother, Carlo lives in the city as well as his handsome friend, Spencer. We've got a lot planned. But more of that when I get back. I don't want to spoil the fun.

For now-- all I've got to do is get through this week. Work. Work. Yoga. Work. Pack.

Alright. Phew, now that I've gotten all that angst out of my system... time for me to put on my big girl panties and finish this week with a bang. Jenny style. And then look out San Fran, here I come.


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