Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jenny the Hutt

I feel like Jabba the Hutt right now. Not physically of course, just in the hypothetical sense. I am in a "Jabba the Hutt" state.

Now that I've written that I have no idea what I meant or where I was going with it. But I have decided to leave it there. Let's analyze it for a second. Jabba doesn't seem like the worst guy out there. I mean, I don't know what other Hutts look like, so it's hard for me to say that Jabba is overly indulgent and that has led to his insane extraterrestrial obesity. Maybe he's a really nice Hutt, the kind of Hutt you would be privileged to be chained to with a gold bikini on. I don't know.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I think what I meant is, "I feel like a blob in my life right now."

Yeah... that must be it.


Moving on.

Look at this.

Really? How am I still unpacking things? This is ridiculous. I feel like I am in a constant state of settling. Settling into a new job, into my room, into my life, etc. I suppose the madness never stops. It keeps me on my toes, for sure.

My mom just left a couple of days ago after a very short visit. She brought up some shelves from Tucson because I was seriously lacking in that department. FINALLY somewhere to put my stuff. Becca and I had a menacing Berlin Wall of boxes that were lining our living room until I heroically braved them on Sunday. It was starting to get ridiculous. Things are looking semi-livable now, minus the two bikes in our living room. Apparently me locking them outside on our courtyard railing was an eyesore to the neighbors (aka my rude landlord who decided to grace us with his presence). Boo!

Apartment life is very fun despite our lack of storage space. Becca and I are constantly baking and cooking up a storm! Here's the pretty lady herself making homemade potato chips!

And here is Jimmy, awkwardly taking a nap with Frasier...

I have no idea how he fell asleep in that position but luckily I snapped a picture before he woke up. Frasier has been a traitor recently and has been sleeping with Jims on the couch almost every night. Rude.

My mom and I had a busy weekend in LA-- the highlight being my nephew, Mason's 4th birthday! It. Was. So. Fun. I am endlessly entertained by children. Especially when they are related to me, which is a completely new concept. I usually watch events from another state but now I have the opportunity to be at all sorts of kid things. Little people who are related to you are kind of the best thing ever.

Little Mason. Seriously.

Here's his sweet jumping castle! And him not very safely laying on the dismount pad...

Here's Makena waiting to take a whack at the pinata.

And now for the best pictures of all...

I couldn't decide which I liked better so you get both.

Sunday night confirmed that working at LUSH is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We had a party to celebrate how great our store has been doing. In fact, we have been making all of our daily goals and have been even getting little bonuses here and there! Awesome. But that's not the exciting part. I'll get to that. But first let me start by saying a little PSA for people who want to have parties.

People having parties: don't make your party a theme party and not mean it. You know why? Because people like me will show up expecting everyone to be dressed accordingly.

I was the only one to wear pajamas to the LUSH "Pajama Party".

Really? Come on guys. I don't want to be the only d-bag who dressed up. I came in matching pajamas with bunny slippers on. Mind you, our store is in a mall, this party wasn't at some private location. Luckily I brought some flipflops to bring my square status down a few notches.

Leave it to the new girl to take things literally. I'm sorry-- I was just following directions. I didn't realize it was a test to see who was cool! Then again what I lacked in social tact I made up for in comfort. So there. I do love my coworkers though. LUSH people are the best kind. We always have so much fun together!

And now for the sweet part... We get FREE STUFF. I was in shock. I walked out of that party armed with all sorts of NEW goodies! (And of course that would happen the day after I made a big purchase... nice). We have all sorts of Christmas and Halloween things coming up and it is SO exciting! I wish I could post a picture of all of my stuff... Alas, I cannot. It's still a big LUSH secret. But oohhhhh NELLY get excited. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas?

In other news, I was cruising down Ventura Blvd yesterday and guess who was driving next to me in their little Jaguar?

I screamed like Lucille from Arrested Development whenever she sees Gene Parmesan.

It was very exciting.

Friday night I FINALLY got my haircut. I've been overdue for a while. I was starting to look like Ozzy Osbourne with my long flat hair just hanging on my head. Finding a hairdresser is a difficult thing. I have been going to the same girl in Tucson for a couple years now, and I was resistant to find another stylist. After checking out a few places and asking some friends, I soon realized that I could not get away with a normal haircut in LA for under $50.

Humph. Rachel and I tried twice to go to the Paul Mitchell school where students cut your hair for dirt cheap prices to no avail. Both times we went they were randomly "busy" or "closed". I took it as a sign and took my hair elsewhere. I found a little salon in the back corner of the Glendale Galleria... CARLTON ACADEMY.

No, it's not what you're thinking. They don't cut your hair like you live in the 90's in Bel Air with your kooky family and oddball ghetto cousin. Though I'm sure sweet dance moves would be welcome. Apparently Carlton is a pretty commonplace high end salon in California like Regis, Toni & Guy, Paul Mitchell, etc. News to me. I walked up, things looked semi-legit, (and let's face it, I was super desperate), and I waited for my hairdresser to come from the back.

She seemed pretty normal, and then she took me back to her little station. I walked past head after head after head... mannequin heads. Complete with FULL HEADS OF HUMAN HAIR AND FREAKY PAINTED ON FACES. "Where are the people?", I thought to myself, as I sat down in the chair and signed WAIVERS. Ffffffffffff. I was the only human in the salon who was getting their hair done.

Yup. Weird. It took a little bit longer than usual because she was taking her time and being as meticulous as possible, which I appreciated. Her teacher had to make all of the first cuts or "guides" and she did the rest. My hair actually turned out pretty awesome. And all for $30. Take that LA. I look fabulous and so do all of those mannequin heads and it cost me less than Tucson.

I'm not going to lie, this post is kind of all over the place. I get that. Sometimes I feel like I am overflowing with stories and ideas and then there are times like now when I feel rather uninteresting.

I'm sure that will turn around this weekend though! I have two very special visitors: my bestest Darwin friend, Bryan is coming up from Tucson! U of A is playing USC this weekend and he's making the trek out to watch the game. I miss him everyday and I am excited to see him and hug his little self. My second visitor is my handsome San Francisco friend Spencer who is also flying to LA to see the Cats! I looked into tickets for myself but after spending a buttload on the Sharks game, I'm a bit sports-event-ed out in the wallet department. But never fear, I shall find a bar and I shall keep my fingers crossed that we can pull out a win...? Whatever happens, I'm expecting a full array of shenanigans this weekend. Just what I like.

Here's to hoping your thoughts are a bit more consolidated than mine. It's probably because all of my thoughts go to consolidating other people's freaking debt. Meh. ......Anyone have a real job for me?

Love and kisses!

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