Monday, July 11, 2011

Are you there, Universe? It's me, Jenny

Monday morning.


I have a question: what did everyone think of this last weekend? Did you feel like the world kind of dumped all over you? That things were just kind of... well, off?

Yeah, me too. And I am a pretty positive person who tries to avoid thinking the Universe is "off", but it was. Almost everyone I talked to felt like things were weird. Now of course, being that this is a blog that many people read for some reason, I can't go into detail about most of what happened. Part of it is not my business, and other parts maybe just need to remain "my" business.

For the business that is not mine, I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that there are a lot of good people in the world. There are also a lot of bad people. I am glad to know that all of you are, in my opinion, the good kind. Continue to be that to others and most importantly to yourself. And when bad things happen to you good people, there is truly nothing worse. Don't let it define you or bring you down. And that's what I have to say about that.

For my own personal business, here are my thoughts. I'm a firm believer that I should be writing about things that make me a little nervous to share with everybody, but at some point, that just gets weird when others are involved. Already I have had to self-edit some of my previous blog entries, and I am not a fan of that. Should I change names? Change situations? Cause let's face it, you guys are getting about 65% (rough estimate) of my life out here. What to do, what to do... I'll play it by ear.

So what can I share?

Let's see, where did I leave off?

Ah yes, when we chatted last I was headed to work at LUSH and then to pick up Calvin from the train station. LUSH is amazing. I love working there, you all know that. Do we even need to discuss it anymore? I'm now confident in my PK (Product Knowledge) and I can share an interesting story about almost every product in the store. During this particular shift I double-basketed my sales on two 16-year-old girls... coming in at over $300 for the two of them. I got my name written on the receipts and hung in the back of the break room. No commission, mind you. Just happy and proud receipts and a confidence boost. I'll take it.

Then I picked up Mr. Calvin at the train station!

For those of you who don't know Calvin, we have known each other since about 2nd grade. We were never super close best friends, even in high school when we were in drama class together. Then we hit college and have been the best kind of friends since. Calvin also has been going back and forth from Antigua, Guatemala, teaching in schools, studying, working in coffee shops, and volunteering at prisons. He's a busy and ambitious guy. He had been visiting a friend in San Francisco for a few weeks and then had to fly out of LAX this last Saturday night. Luckily for him he's got a friend in LA now!

Here's Calvin warning others of the effects of hipsters on society:

We were busy people. Wednesday night after our improv class we all went to Pinkberry. Oh my gosh. I just realized I haven't discussed Pinkberry with you at all. This is the culmination of frozen yogurt greatness as we know it. What I like to call a classy frozen treat experience, Pinkberry offers just four flavors with only the most sophisticated of toppings. Here's my current favorite: Salted Caramel--- complete with caramel drizzled on top with fresh sea salt.

Are you kidding me? Delicious. We all have been going there WAY too much. But man, it hurts so good.

I had to work two more shifts at LUSH while Calvin was here. Luckily on Thursday morning Becca, Calvin, and Johnny came in to visit me at work! I gave Becca a fancy LUSH facial and she in return got a ton of fresh goodies. People have been telling her constantly how fantastic she smells. My work here is done. Speaking of smelling good, Calvin got a slice of our Aromarant solid deodorant and get this: I couldn't smell him. Nope. Not at all. No I am not exaggerating. For those of you know Calvin, you can probably recollect his very distinct musk. It's just Calvin. Well with this little baby, you couldn't smell him AT ALL. Weird. Think about it, gentlemen.

Thursday night Becca and I dj'ed iProv for Schwag! It was much more comfortable having her there, instead of lost Johnny and I last week, randomly sliding dials and pushing buttons, hoping that things came together somehow. Again, another hilarious week at Bang. Afterwards we all went to Thai Patio, where I watched everyone eat delicious meals. I was still full from the food truck. Have I mentioned that I love these people? Too much.

Friday was a mellow day, dealing with all the dumpings from the Universe especially on this day. Not fun.

On Saturday Becca and I (with Calvin in tow), went on the search for places to live. West Hollywood is getting a little too real for me these days and it's time for me to move on. And man, did Becca and I ever luck out. We have, literally, the best apartment, ever. A little more on the pricey side (well, compared to the $450 a month I paid in Tucson for a huge mansion) but so worth it. 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, top floor and view of Studio City and Universal Studios, huge closets, ridiculous kitchen space, washer in dryer IN THE UNIT, and get this, a fire place that turns on with a switch. Oh and inset lighting. We're in heaven. And we're dropping off all the contracts and deposits in a little bit in exchange for the keys! Look at us now...

IN OTHER NEWS. I JUST GOT A FREAKING TICKET. Gosh dang't. I ALWAYS move my car in time for the street cleaning. Well, until today apparently. I totally forgot. GAHHHHHHH I'M SUCH A DUMMY. I can see it from my window. And I have literally been up this whole morning doing absolutely nothing. Universe!!! (shakes fist)

Well that sucks. Moving on, I guess. Our apartment is amazing. AND we are generously assigned 2 parking spots in their underground garage, thank you very much. Rude sublet. Becca and I are so excited to move in. We are on the lookout for a refrigerator, though. We randomly don't have one in the apartment. Free section on Craigslist, here we come!

Calvin and I went to Pink's on Saturday, too.

Pink's is this crazy busy hot dog place in LA. Cal and I waited in a 45 minutes line for some pretty delicious, pretty cheap hot dogs. We both got the Chicago dogs-- mine mild and his spicy. They hit the spot.

Then, because we are gluttonous Americans and Calvin only had one more day of celebrating his Americanness before heading back down to Guatemala... we went to Milk.

Milk is basically the epicenter for all things amazing about ice cream. I got the Blondie-- a ridiculous ice cream sundae, complete with blonde brownie on the bottom topped with vanilla and blueberry crumble ice cream, topped with whipped cream and pecan pralines. Priceless.

It was ridiculous and I am obsessed. In fact, Rachel and I went there AGAIN yesterday night. But that's just what we do together: eat buckets of ice cream and whine about life to each other because we like to rejoice in the fact that we are angsty girls. As long as you have someone to do that with and they don't judge you or tell anyone or mention it on their blog, right?

Dropping Calvin off at the airport was weird. But that's kind of how our friendship works these days: intermittent long distance messages back and forth every now and then. Love him.

Saturday night a couple of us went to hang out at Bennett's house. Bennett is another Bang friend, and he can do the most INSANE impression of Harrison Ford. It's hilarious.

Johnny and I laugh so hard we cry. We all stayed up till 5 am, watching videos of Led Zeppelin(?... weird) and playing card games. Because of our late night...

I didn't go to the Griddle. I know. I'm just as upset/confused. But we did go on Friday morning, that counts, right? Nope, I know, it doesn't.

Becca and I are off to drop off our checks and stuff. Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week full of a very affectionate and generous Universe! Kisses, all.

P.s. Look! I have real friends and I haven't been making it up.

(Johnny, Jimmy, Me and Becca)

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  1. Yay! I had so much fun, Jenny! I am so grateful to have wandered into your dorm room freshman year at UA and so very happy we have remained friends through all our sporadic schedules/travels. I am so very happy for what you have found in LA!

    Also. Men. Boys. Guys. Jenny Wise does not lie when she speaks about LUSH. consider me a convert to hygienic products. Though slightly overpriced, everything is worth it and many things last FOREVER. Try the seaweed and sea salt shampoo bar. Just try it.